Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well Bugger Me!

It seems that Iain Dale is a bit fed up with all of the foul language in the comments sections of his blog. While I do not approve of censorship, I can understand why he wants to have a crackdown on swearing.
Most of you must have noticed that has been an increased use of curses on this blog recently, such as the word 'cunt'. This is down to both the 'bad' influence of my friend and fellow blogger Shotgun and my rather vain attempts to win a Bloody Devil award from The Devil's Kitchen.

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Shotgun said...

ROFLM (fucking) AO!!

I called Dale a total cunt a while back and haven't dirtied my keyboard by going back there in a long time either, since he cherry picked which of my posts to delete and which to let through; it seemed he liked some with swearing, presumably based on the content and context.

My beef wasn't that he deleted my posts, it is afterall his site, not blog, and he has that right. My actual beef was that he didn't have any consistent policy, and seemed to be taking orders from on high. When he started going on about being an A lister, he would wield the delete button ruthlessly, and then when no-one was looking he wouldn't, or again when the context was to his liking.

I personally started thinking he was very good, but ended thinking he was nothing but a party hack pansy and cunt, and not a blogger at all.