Friday, May 11, 2007

Quotes of the Day 11.5.2007

"If you hear the phrase "Social Justice" and you feel the urge to lay about the speaker with a claw-hammer, you're right-wing. If you think you know what the phrase "Social Justice" means, and use it to explain your philosophy you're a lefty (and should be killed with a claw-hammer).
Who said political semantics was tricky." - Jackart
"Yes, it seems to me just a feelgood term for wealth redistribution.
"Justice" has a quite clear meaning as impartial treatment before the law or, by extension, a set of rules. A just football referee for example would be one whose decision on whether a player had handled the ball would be uninfluenced by whether that player was Wayne Rooney or Joe Hacker of Scunthorpe. What he should not do is to arrange his decisions to ensure that Joe Hacker gets his "fair" share of goals.
This corruption of language has unfortunately infected the Conservative Party. For example, Iain Duncan Smith, who is generally reckoned to be towards the right of the party, runs something called the "Institute for Social Justice".
Who was it who once said that the word "social" has the strange property that it automatically reverses the meaning of any word it precedes." - johnse18 in response

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