Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Socialism: THE Tyranny Of Conformity

As a libertarian Conservative, if I were asked by someone to summarise in a sentence what socialism is and why I am opposed to it, I would confidently say, “socialism is the tyranny of conformity”. During the course of my education and interest in both history and politics (particularly the 1930s and the Second World War), I discovered that all forms of socialism share the same cancerous genetic code. All strains of left-wing ideology share (to various degrees) the same basic animalistic desire to impose a near universal conformity (with the notable exception of the socialist hierarchies themselves) upon humanity and have contempt for individuality and independent thinking. Why is this? Once someone begins to think for themselves instead of accepting the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the socialist elites without question, these said elites feel threatened by this sign of independence because it provides an alternative source of authority that challenges these ruling elites' legitimacy to hold and exercise power. To maintain their power to control the people, the socialist elites feel compelled by their nature to suppress and/or destroy any institution, person and symbol that rejects the status quo.
Individuality and independence of any kind are perquisites of liberty, which are the polar opposites of the imposed conformity promoted and pursued by socialists, from ‘social democrats’ to ‘democratic socialists’ to communists to fascists (do not be fooled by lies that fascism is the right-wing ideological counterpart of communism – particularly Stalinism, as Stalinism is really just another form of fascism). It is from this tyranny of conformity that all other forms of tyranny stem. Socialism is a hypocritical, inconsistent mongrel philosophy of lies and shameful euphemisms; with which words such as ‘progressive’ and ‘final solution’ take on coded double meanings to dupe and misinform humanity. In other words, to be socialist is to be anti-social!


where is my kidneys? said...

Wow, I must've been mistaken all my years as a socialist.

See, I always thought that for a true socialist utopia to come about, we need to stop seeing difference and individuality as an obstacle. Sexism, racism, nationalism, religion, I believed, were divisions borne of capitalism, and that a workers movement can only triumph when we stop caring about stupid arbitrary differences.

Now you state that the crux of socialism is conformity. How can sameness be a virtue unless we see difference as a sin?

Can it be that the examples of socialism you're looking at have failed because they've fallen into the old thinking that we can only unify those who think, act and look alike? Are we talking more about state capitalism here than socialism? Should I be separating my concept of Marxism from the word Socialism?

Are you implying that individuality is celebrated under capitalism? Because much of my choice as an individual is suppressed as a disenfranchised worker - I can't alter my appearance however I want to, I can't keep the hours I prefer, I spend most of my life in a job purely for money and nothing to do with contributing to the community (other than taxes) or doing anything I'm interested in.

I chose socialism because it represented greater individual and collective freedom.

C4' said...

What nonsense! Socialism is as representative of individuality and freedom as Pol Pot is of religious toleration.

Ulyanov said...

Wow, I must've been mistaken all my years as a socialist.

You would merely be one of millions.

Socialism is merely a convenient stick for the lazy to beat the productiove with.

The socialist mantras of "common ownership of the means of production" and "redistribution of wealth" are merely ways to interest lazy voters into voting for a party who will line their pockets with other people's money.

Now that socialism can be seen to be a failure across the world, its former supporters are now "going green" and using green taxes to bludgeon those that they despise. Most of these taxes are so poorly thought out as to be useless, but they are good for taxing the productive, energetic members of society.

Jimmy said...

"Most of these taxes are so poorly thought out as to be useless, but they are good for taxing the productive, energetic members of society."

Who acctually produces everything in society? No, not bosses but workers. In fact, if you look back at history, things have acctually been more productive when workers do things without bosses, when they take control of their factories and workplaces, when workers have set up democratic councils and ran things among themselves.

In the Russian Revolution for example, workers set up Soviets. Contrary to popular belief, the soviets during the actual revolution and not in the Stalinist counter-revolutionary dictatorship were not extensions of the Bolshevik government but were democratic workers councils.

Similar examples can be seen in Chile 1972, France 1968 and Iran 1979, where workers set up workers' councils called Shoras. The reason all these near-revolutions eventually failed was because 1. the trade union bureaucracy and the communist parties of that time often had different interests to the workers, advocating reformism and destroying any hope of revolution and 2. The workers' organizations were simply not militant enough to challenge state power, and eventually caved in to reformism. The most militant workers were silenced and socialism was co-opted by state capitalism.

Have you heard of socialism from below? Socialism can not be imposed from above by a bureaucracy, reformism or through bourgeois parliamentary "democracy". It can only be happen when workers themselves take control of the means of production.

This means China, Cuba, the USSR (post-1917 revolution, the revolution itself is a different matter) and Vietnam are not Socialist societies in any sense of the word. They were state capitalist bureaucracies. They were still driven by the idea of competition and accumulation of capital for accumulation's sake.

However, no one in the right mind spontaneously goes out onto the street saying "VIVA LA REVOLUCION!". No. It doesn't work that way. Workers go on strike and take control when their material conditions become so unbearable that it is necessary to fight for reforms. However, it is through these strikes and occupations that workers realise their collective ability as a class to fight against not only their bosses, but also the state and the entire system.

There has not been a SINGLE true socialist society in history that has lasted for more than a few months, but we can learn lessons from history.

Also read up on the Marxist theory of Alienation. and commodity fetishism for an explanation of why bourgeois "liberty" is bullshit.