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Your Top 20 Political Blogs

In September Harriman House will publish the 2007 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK. It will contain articles on blogging by some of Britain's leading bloggers, together with a directory of UK political blogs, and a series of Top 20s and Top 10s.
Instead of picking the Top 100 UK political blogs as he did last year, Herr Dale would like fellow bloggers and blog readers to send him their Top 20 UK Political Blogs by email. He will then compile the Top 100 from those that you send in. Just order them from 1 to 20. Your top blog gets 20 points and your twentieth gets 1 point.
The deadline for submitting your Top 20 to Herr Dale is August 15th. Please email your list to iain@iaindale.com and type Top 20 in the subejct line. You don't have to send 20, but try to do 10 as a minimum.
Once all the entries are in a lucky dip draw will take place and the winner will be sent £100 worth of political DVDs!
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Jihad: The Musical


BSkyB buys Amstrad for £125 million

LONDON (AFP) - British satellite broadcaster BSkyB on Tuesday said it had agreed to buy consumer electronics group Amstrad, which is headed by entrepreneur and founder Sir Alan Sugar.
BSkyB, which buys around one third of its set-top boxes from Amstrad, said it has agreed to pay about 125 million pounds for the group.
Amstrad designs, develops and sells standard and high definition set-top boxes to BSkyB, whose customers use to watch and record pay-TV.
"Sky and Amstrad have had a long and positive relationship," BSkyB chief executive James Murdoch said in a joint statement.
"The acquisition accelerates supply chain improvement and will help us to drive innovation and efficiency for the benefit of our customers," he added.
Pay-TV giant BSkyB said the deal should enhance earnings this year, and would boost its design and development arm at a time when the group is looking to increase its amount of subscribers.
"Amstrad has worked closely with Sky for many years and I cannot imagine a better home for the Amstrad business and its talented people," Amstrad chairman and chief executive Sir Alan Sugar said in the statement.
The 150 pence-per-share takover offer was almost 24 percent higher than the closing Amstrad share price on Monday, and valued Sugar's 27.9 percent stake at about 34.88 million pounds.
The takeover proposal still requires the approval of the company's remaining shareholders.
Sugar -- who founded Amstrad in 1968 -- is best known among Britain's younger generation for his starring role on reality television show The Apprentice, which sees contestants compete for a top job at his group.

Ex-BNP Member Jailed

A former British National Party election candidate has been jailed for two and a half years after he admitted stockpiling explosive chemicals.
Robert Cottage had pleaded guilty in February to possessing the chemicals, for what he believes will be a future civil war in Britain.
Cottage denied plotting to cause an explosion.
During a swoop, police discovered 21 types of chemicals which, when mixed together, could have formed explosives.
They also recovered a 300-page computer document called the Anarchy Cookbook which detailed how to make different types of bombs.

Quote of the Day 31.7.2007

"God, for want of a better word, is Good. He loves DC but shuns Gordon Brown, who obviously tells lies and is certainly not quite our sort of person.
So, on election day, (coming soon to a school or community centre near you) God will blind the minds of Labour voters, and make them forget it's voting day. Then, a lot of people in very nice cars, say Polos and Golfs, will transport Cameroonies to the polling station, with the promise of a stiff G&T and membership of the Groucho (or a line of the finest charlie) if they vote "the right way"
C4 - it's a work of Genius. Only God could have thought that one up.
I can just see Labour voters staggering around the next morning moaning and being incontinent with despair.
(Is David Davis in the loop on this one?)" Wrinkled Weasel - on Iain Dale's Diary

Monday, July 30, 2007

Terry Kelly: Unofficial Al-Qaeda Emir In Scotland

"Derka Derka, Muhammad Jihad!"
Shortly before he announced that he was off on his jollies to some unknown and God-forsaken place at the taxpayers' expense (though not his beloved Cuba apparently), I asked the infamous Renfrewshire Labour Councillor Terry Kelly for his opinion on the remarks made by the Palestinian terrorist group Fatah's London 'envoy' Manuel Hassassian on 18 Doughty Street.
For those of you who did not watch or forgot about Hassassian's appearance, he claimed that:
  1. Rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon are justified, even when innocent civilians are killed by them;
  2. The famous footage of Palestinians dancing for joy on the streets on 9/11 was faked by the Israelis;
  3. While the Taleban may have been a little excessive in their modus operandi, at least they kept order.
El Tel's reaction to these remarks were entirely predictable.

"Rocket attacks ? I don't know what he said but I doubt that anyone wants to see innocents killed. However I support the efforts of the Palestinians to strike back at their oppressors."

Has El Tel been so busy ripping-off English taxpayers, that he has not had the time to read or watch the news about the troubles in the Middle East or do his own research on this matter that he does not know about the countless statements made by Islamofascist lunatic terrorists all around the world who want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and finish off what Adolf Hitler started (not that they would ever admit to Ha-Shoah being a real historical atrocity in any case) with the those evil 'joooooooos'?!? I doubt it! It seems El Tel has a rather selective memory of world history (not to mention a blind spot for Jew-haters).

"This begs the question of course about whether you regard Israel as justified in killing innocent Palestinian's, much more efficiently as well, and far more of them."

So Israel is more guilty of crimes against humanity than the Palestinians, solely on the basis of efficiency and quantity? Obviously El Tel subscribes to the old maxim of one of his old socialist heroes, 'Uncle Joe' Stalin that 'one death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths is a statistic'. Murder is still murder regardless of who you are, whoever is killed, the efficiency or quantity of the killings and just as evil. 'he who kills another kills the world entire' - unless you're not Jewish in the eyes of El Tel, which is ironic considering the quote I have used in this sentence comes from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Can you feel the hypocrisy oozing from the every word of the man who claims to 'oppose Racism, Sexism, Sectarianism, Nationalism and any kind of discrimination'?

"9/11 celebrations ? I don't recall that 'famous' footage but I wouldn't be surprised at some Palestinians jumping for joy nor would I be surprised at the Israelis faking the film."

[Sarcasm]Yes Terry, I'm sure that the Israelis were able to arrange those scenes at such short notice.[/Sarcasm].

Seriously though, El Tel's remarks do raise the question of whether he is one of the minority of fascist Jew-haters that believe that 9/11 attacks were carried out by a worldwide Zionist Mafia with the collusion of the neocons in Washington D.C. who run the federal government. If so, then Terry Kelly maybe far more sinister than his oaf-ish persona suggests - is he the Idi "Last King of Scotland" Amin of Renfrewshire?

"Again this begs a question, do you think that the Palestinians were the only joyful dancers when that happened ? If you do you ought to get out more and you should start here in Britain."

This is perhaps the only truthful statement Comrade Kelly has made so far, since he himself was probably one of them - after a fashion if the fat baboon can even dance at all.

Those who took pleasure in 9/11 attacks probably only number about 2.6% of the entire world's population. Those 2.6% are more commonly termed as the 'lunatic fringe', and by his writings, it seems that Cllr Kelly is one of them. For an elected British official to condone acts of terrorism and mass-murder against both Israel and the United States of America is disgraceful, disturbing, disgusting, horrifying and an insult to the victims of such attacks and their families. Terry Kelly should be ashamed of himself!

"Taleban ? Absolutely, what's the odd amputation for stealing a loaf or a woman stoned to death for being raped when order is being kept, Italians still get nostalgic for well run railways and you could always leave your door open under the Reich couldn't you."

What a pathetic and puerile attempt at sarcasm from a man/blob who probably doesn't even know the meaning of that word. Still, it is always reassuring to know that the missing link between the animal and vegetable kingdoms affectionately dubbed "Cuntcillor Kelly" by the ever-entertaining swear blogger Shotgun feels that he can may light of the suffering of others (see Terry, THAT was sarcastic - well, except for the bit about Shotgun).

Remember folks, this is a creature that holds an elected position in local government who YOU pay for out of your own pockets. Terry Kelly has a history of racist, homophobic bullying against those who are not members of the Labour party or foreign socialist. This is a man who has also already been twice disciplined for misconduct in a public office for calling an SNP councillor a "village idiot" (oh, the irony of that remark) and threatening members of the electorate with violence by no less than the Standards Commission for Scotland.

This sad thing about this whole episode is that this cretinous moron was re-elected to his post YET AGAIN by the people of Renfrewshire on May 3 of THIS YEAR (although this was probably solely on the basis of the fact that El Tel was wearing a red rosette on polling day, rather than any innate ability or merit on his part). Are the Scottish electorate bigger fools than Terry Kelly?!?

Surely now though, there is enough evidence available in the public domain to get this arsehole legally removed from office, ala the then-Governor Gray Davis of California in 2003?


Security hearings called "Kafkaesque"

LONDON (Reuters) - Terrorism suspects held under virtual house arrest in Britain suffer "Kafkaesque" treatment in special courts that review secret evidence against them, a committee of legislators said on Monday.
The committee's report said "no right-minded person" would think the suspects had a fair hearing when they often had no idea of the case against them.
It likened the system to the Star Chamber, a secretive and oppressive English court abolished in 1641.
"This is a process that is offensive both to the basic principles of natural justice as we know it and to British ideas of fair play," said Andrew Dinsmore, chairman of the Joint Committee on Human Rights.
The law allows suspects who cannot be prosecuted in the courts to be held under a loose form of house arrest known as a "control order". These are scrutinised in special tribunals.
The orders are used in cases where authorities have collected evidence using techniques such as phone taps that are not admissible in the courts.
They can also be used when foreign nationals suspected of terrorism cannot be deported because of the risk of torture in their home country.
Suspects are represented by lawyers who are given security clearance to see secret evidence from the intelligence services. The lawyers are not allowed to discuss the case with the suspect.
The committee said this put a suspect at the "enormous disadvantage of not knowing what is alleged against him".
"After listening to the evidence of the Special Advocates, we found it hard not to reach for well-worn descriptions of it as Kafkaesque or like the Star Chamber," the committee said.
The lawmakers said the standard of proof required in the hearings was low. The courts tend to "defer very readily" to assessments made by the security services.
The committee also poured cold water on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's proposal to give police more time to question suspects before they must charge them.
His predecessor Tony Blair suffered his first defeat in the House of Commons two years ago when he attempted to extend the limit in the wake of the July 7, 2005, London bombings that killed 52 commuters.
Brown said this week that the limit needed to be extended because plots were growing increasingly complicated.
The committee said there was no proof that detectives needed extra time to gather evidence before charges were brought.
"As far as we've heard, there has not yet been a case where 28 days was inadequate," Dinsmore said.
A Home Office (interior ministry) spokesman said the department welcomed the report and would consider the findings.
"The system of control orders balances the need to protect sensitive material, while according the individual a substantial amount of procedural justice," he said.
I told you all so back in 1996. I knew that Blair was an evil Nazi control freak as far back as eleven-years-ago, but did anyone heed my dire warnings? NO! I was dismissed as a crank and fantasist, but now the shoe is on the other foot and I have been vindicated by history. The British people bought into a lie and are now having eat some humble pie.

MPs reject terror limit change

Terror suspects should not be held without charge beyond the current limit of 28 days, MPs and peers have said.
The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) rejected increasing pre-trial detention without proof that the current period is inadequate.
"A power with such a significant impact on liberty as the proposed power to detain without charge for more than 28 days should, in our view, be justified by clear evidence that the need for such a power already exists, not by precautionary arguments that such a need may arise at some time in the future," its report warned.
The JCHR recommended stronger judicial safeguards and a full adversarial hearing when deciding if further pre-charge detention is needed.
Last week, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said there would be consultation over doubling the current limit to 56 days. The issue triggered Tony Blair's first Commons defeat in 2005 when he tried to extend the limit to 90.
Andrew Dismore, the committee's Labour chairman, demanded: "Where is the supporting evidence to extend the detention period? As far as we've heard there has not yet been a case where 28-days was inadequate."
The JCHR also said it favours the use of intercept evidence in court which it believes will help bring more prosecutions against terrorists.
And it urged ministers to consider innovations such as post-charge questioning in a bid to reduce the need to extend detention.
A Home Office spokesman said: "The Prime Minister has announced that the Government will consult on the issue of pre-charge detention as there is a growing weight of opinion that it may be necessary to extend the 28-day limit.
"The Government will be discussing this with colleagues and hopes to achieve a consensus before coming to a decision."
I am glad to know that both MPs and peers are firmly opposed to McStalin turning Britain into a national gulag for Muslims and opponents the Nulab tyranny.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quote of the Day 28.7.2007

"Every politician wants power, otherwise they would not stand for election. That is a self-evident truth. A minarchist libertarian may stand for election to reduce the power of the government but, ultimately, he stands in order to gain the power by which he may enact his views. So, all politicians desire power, quod erat demonstrandum." - The Devil's Kitchen on how power corrupts

US Presidential candidates seek Thatcher's blessing

Republican presidential candidates are flocking to see Britain's icon of conservatism, Margaret Thatcher, in the hope that her blessing could help to secure them the presidency.
Rudy Giuliani, the Republican front runner, will become the latest 2008 candidate to kiss the former prime minister's hand when he travels to London in September to deliver the inaugural Margaret Thatcher memorial lecture to the Atlantic Bridge think tank.
He follows in the footsteps of Fred Thompson, poised to announce his presidential run and already running second in the polls, and Mitt Romney, ahead in the crucial early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.
Mr Thompson, a former senator and Hollywood actor, dropped in on her in London last month, saying he wanted "to remind her of America's affection for her and pay our respects". Mr Romney took the opportunity to burnish his conservative credentials with a Lady Thatcher audience last autumn.
It is Mr Giuliani, however, who is perhaps best placed to capitalise on nostalgia in America for Lady Thatcher and her close friendship with Ronald Reagan, who is still lauded for winning the Cold War and restoring hope and confidence in the country.
As mayor of New York on Sept 11, Mr Giuliani became a national hero for his leadership in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre bombings.
Mr Giuliani, who leads Mr Thompson by about eight percentage points in national polls, has long been an admirer of Winston Churchill, the figure from history most often mentioned in the same breath as Lady Thatcher and President Reagan.
Although distrusted by many religious conservatives, Republicans view national security as the number one priority in post-9/11 America - Mr Giuliani's strongest suit and the issue with which Lady Thatcher is most associated in the American mind.
"Since the passing of Ronald Reagan, Lady Thatcher is the last remaining great icon of the conservative movement," said Nile Gardiner, the director of the Margaret Thatcher Centre for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington.
It is no accident, he added, that it was Republican candidates who were turning to Britain rather than their Democratic counterparts. "All of the leading Republican candidates attach huge importance to the Anglo-American special relationship.
"In contrast, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are obsessed with the notion of being popular in continental Europe despite the fact that France and Germany are highly unlikely ever to stand with America in a war."

God Told Me That Cameron Will Win The Next General Election

Well not exactly! Although I personally dislike "Dave" because of lack of libertarian convictions, it appears that Cameron is the Lord God Almighty's latest blue-eyed boy and who are any of us to argue against the wishes of the supreme being. This revelation came to me during a trivial incident I was involved in yesterday that had all the hallmarks of a divine intervention on behalf of Cameron. With God's apparent patronage in favour of Cameron, I am now convinced that it is in the Lord's grand design that the Conservatives will defeat Gordon McStalin and his hordes of Nazi Fourth Reich Nulab scum at the next general election.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quote of the Day 26.7.2007

"I'm sick and tired of having to pay to keep overpaid BBC apparatchiks in luxury to promote their worldview by forcing us plebs to watch hours of biased multiculti, EU-loving, English-hating, Religion-of-Peace-licking NuLab propaganda." - Freeborn Englishman about the TV License/BBC Poll Tax on Iain Dale's Diary
I could agree more with him. DEATH TO AUNTIE BEEB!!!

Truth of Immortality

Several weeks ago, I came across this wonderful piece of writing called Truth of Immortality, which I have included below:
In the distance the glowing sun sets. It’s light slowly fading over the hills leaving the world in shadow. As the sun sets the sky was tinted red with the blood of men who had died that evening. The earth too was soaked with the blood of the victims of war. That blood would go on to feed the earth and live on carrying the essence of the lives that had been lost. Those men would live on through the leaves of the evergreen forests and onward still with the next generation as the seeds are spread. This is the hidden truth behind the dreams of immortality, for any one man to truly become immortal he must die.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quotes of the Day 25.7.2007: More Cameron Bashing & The Wisdom Of A Gin-Soaked Tory Drunkard

"Iain [Dale]
I think Cameron is now damaged beyond repair. 'A week is a long time ......' On your return you will find a completly differant attitude to Cameron. He has lost it, the support for him has gone.
He has shown to be completly lacking in judgement, He dispises his party members and is now trying to go where the party will not. All he is is a green leftie with a guilt about his wealth and background and privileged upbringing. Despite his lack of tie and call me Dave I find him aloof and arrogant.
He has failed." - Johnny Norfolk on Iain Dale's Diary
"All it takes for the Left to triumph is for good people to say nothing!" - Oliver "Reed" William Owen

A History Lesson On The Similarities Between Nazism In Germany & Stalinism In The Soviet Union

Were there any real similarities between Nazism in Germany and Stalinism in the Soviet Union?
The six-year long Second World War of 1939 to 1945 is the most devastating conflict to date in human history with the estimated loss of over 50 million lives. The most destructive theatre of the war was in Eastern Europe, mainly between two ruthless dictators who sought to assert their aims and ideology on not just each other, but on the wider world as a whole. Despite the mutual hostility between Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany and Iosif Koba Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, there appears to be much common ground between these two, both obvious and otherwise.
The most obvious similarity between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union is the concept of totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is highly centralised system of government that places the welfare and ideology of the state above all else. The state and the governing political party become one entity with one powerful individual figure symbolising this union, who is the focal point of that society. This leader has a huge cult following among his people as a result. A totalitarian regime also has ready access to a huge state apparatus to build and maintain its power and prestige such as a mass-media propaganda machine and a huge police force both visible and almost invisible that is given a free hand to operate above the law in the formal sense of the word. Totalitarian regimes are also highly militarised societies able to command massive armed forces. These armed forces are created through economic policies designed to put these states on a war footing. Based on this criterion, both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are clearly totalitarian societies. Both Hitler and Stalin at the height of their social and political prowess enjoyed virtually unlimited power and adoration at home. Both political leaders virtually destroyed all social, political and military opposition that threatened their power and prestige from other political parties to even their own closet colleagues. Both the Nazis and Communists utilised then-modern forms of mass-media communications that they were able to control such as newspapers, radio, cinema and even television in their largely successful attempts to control and manipulate the hearts and minds of the public. These two governments also had far more in common in other areas than most people realise.
Both regimes totally disregarded the rights of the individual in the pursuit of their agenda. The Nazis were preoccupied with the purity and growth of the volk (the race). Individuals were considered merely cogs in a machine or bricks in a building. Only their obedience and fanatic loyalty mattered. In the Soviet Union under Stalin, individuals were not only seen as being both insignificant, but also as something to be feared. Stalin himself is said to have claimed that “the death of one person is a tragedy; the death of thousands is a statistic”. Anyone who did not comply or fit in with the needs of the race or of the state were either imprisoned and made to labour for the Cause, or just terminated.
Perhaps the most astonishing similarity between Nazism and Stalinism is their relationship with big business. Both Nazism and Stalinism have their roots in left-wing socialist ideology; the Stalinist system emerged from left-wing so-called social-democratic ideology, while Nazism emerged from the Italian Fascism of Benito Mussolini, himself a former Socialist. Both movements also claimed quite openly that they were ‘socialist’ organisations. Stalinism of course was an informal, artificial name given to describe Communist rule during Stalin’s era, while the word Nazi is an acronym of the Party group’s official name, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. The early Nazi movement did have some strong left-wing policies that for a time co-existed with what is traditionally viewed as being policies of the extreme-right. The early Nazis were anti-big business and their original twenty-five-point programme clearly stated that they would act against capitalist business interests. Two of the most ardently left-wing members of the Nazi leadership throughout the 1920s through to just prior to the Nazi ‘revolution’ were the Strasser brothers, Otto and Gregor. The Strassers were violently opposed to the interests of big business and had many supporters within one of their many party professional organisations that the Nazis had set up to broaden their support and the SA. Hitler himself according to some obscure army documents had been a former Communist himself during the 1918 Spartacus Uprising as he had been elected to serve as a member on the local Bavarian army soldiers’ council during the brief tenure of the Retarepublik. Many of the left-wing elements and policies within Nazism gradually began to be deemphasised once Hitler was released from prison after his part in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. With Hitler’s professed aim to achieve power through legal and democratic means, he decided to broaden the appeal of the Nazis by portraying them in a more respectable right-wing political light, by amending, reinterpreting and even ignoring parts of the party’s twenty-five point programme and wearing business suits. This was done to secure the support of right-wing captains of industry and acquire their finance and goodwill to achieve his aims of acquiring political power.
In the Soviet Union, the devastating effects of two wars and two revolutions had led to Lenin implementing the New Economic Policy (NEP) that allowed a limited capitalist economy to operate in order to help the country recover and rebuild its already poor infrastructure. Lenin in particular granted concessions to foreign business interests to improve the nation’s finances on such things as asbestos mining. Once Lenin died and Stalin won the initial leadership struggle with Leon Trotsky during the mid-twenties, he ended the NEP and implemented Five Year Plans for industry and agriculture. Although Stalin ended the NEP, he was still nevertheless eager to encourage greater levels of foreign capital investment into the Soviet Union. In addition, on the eve of the Great Depression in America, numerous American corporations from IBM to AT&T had business interests in the Soviet Union. There was even investment from the British company Metro-Vickers in Soviet power stations. The most notable company though to invest in the Soviet Union was the Ford Motor Company who Stalin cut a lucrative five-year deal with to build a production factory near the Ural Mountains. The alliance between the Soviet Union and foreign business interests were mutually beneficial for different reasons.
American corporations viewed the Soviet Union as an untapped economic market that they could exploit to enhance their profit margins, particularly during the time of economic depression back at home. This attitude is very similar to that most businesses have of Communist China today. Stalin however saw foreign investment in more pragmatic terms. Stalin encouraged foreign investment to help further industrialise the Soviet Union, which was entirely consistent with the aims of his Five Year Plans for industry. Stalin could also use the industrial facilities built by businesses such as Ford to build essentials such as tractors (which Stalin himself consider to be of greater use to him than ten ‘good’ foreign Communists) and more importantly, military vehicles that Stalin needed to improve the country’s defences. Labour was also cheap for the Americans investors as wages were either low or non-existent through the use of slave labour from the Gulags. Once Stalin had what he wanted, he terminated his agreements with these American businesses and used the facilities that they had built to serve the interests of the state. Much of the information about foreign investment in the Soviet Union before the Second World War was largely kept secret by Soviet authorities. Once the Nazis had come to power in Germany, national and foreign businesses also did business with the Nazis such as the Coca-Cola Company and again IBM. The majority of these businesses were encouraged to invest in Germany by the Nazis (as was the case with the Soviet Union) to improve Germany’s economic situation and build up its armed forces. In other words, foreign business investment in both Nazi Germany and the Stalinist USSR was virtually identical, with identical aims – to improve those nations’ economies and serve as another pillar of military armament in highly militarised societies.
There were of course stark contrasts between Nazism and Stalinism that historians have been quick to point out. These historians argue that although Nazism and Stalinism did share certain traits, any similarities were purely coincidental and brought about through differing means. In some regards, this is true. Although both were highly militarised societies, Nazi totalitarianism sought control through means of an offensive war, whereas Stalinism’s greater concern was defending the Soviet Union from foreign aggression and the Soviet Union’s military machinery served a greater defensive purpose than that of Hitler’s war machine. In addition, whereas the Nazis increased their hegemony over Germany and the territories, they occupied or held sway over; Stalinism displayed a less pervasive control over its subjects. The early catastrophes, the fight for survival and expulsion of the Nazi menace from Soviet territory did lead to greater freedom of action between 1941 and 1945. People were given greater leeway to show initiative and Stalin did not interfere as much in military matters as he had done during the early months of the so-call Great Patriotic War, whereas in complete contrast Hitler sought to micromanage every last detail and his orders were to be carried out without question. Once the war ended though, Stalin then began to reassert the control and fear he used over his people during the 1930s.
The single biggest difference though between Nazism and Stalinism was the way in which they treated minority elements within their societies that rejected or did not fit in with their ideologies. Without wanting to go into the intentionalist or functionalist arguments about Nazi policy towards the Jews, Nazism did lead to the most infamous and horrific acts of genocide in human history, because of the prejudice openly displayed and encouraged by the Nazi leadership. Stalin on the other hand did not devise a policy of industrialised genocide against a minority group that we yet know about. Stalin’s preferred method with dealing with minorities and scapegoats was deportation to Siberia, as occurred for both the Tartars and Chechens. While there were still widespread deaths caused by starvation and mass murder, these atrocities never approached genocide in the same sense as that which occurred under Hitler despite the fact that more people did die under Stalin than with the more understandable reviled Hitler. In spite of the apparent differences between the two, the facts show that both regimes legalised criminality and inhumanity on the same mass scale.
Nazism and Stalinism are, as both Hannah Arendt and the author and Daily Express columnist, Frederick Forsyth described, as both being “offspring of socialism” with the same “unfailing characteristics” by which the two “have identified themselves”. Both ideologies had their roots in left-wing political thought and both developed along similar lines of evolution almost exactly simultaneously. Although both might have acted for differing reasons, the methods they employed were almost identical to one another and the result itself was virtually the same. Tens of millions died during a short period under the ideological leaders of these two sibling ideologies. Both exploited right-wing capitalist elements to improve their internal infrastructure and military capabilities. Both ruled through the fear generated by a massive and often secretive police force and the adulation of a single ideal and identity personified by a single individual or icon, apart from possibly some differing motives and methods in dealing with large groups of undesirable elements that did not fit in with what was sanctioned to be the community. Stalinism was National Socialism and Nazism was merely a German equivalent of Stalinism.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MPs' report slams 'no-go' Britain

Town centres are becoming "no-go areas" after dark, with drunken yobs behaving like "an occupying army", MPs have warned.
Edward Leigh, chairman of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee also claimed it costs taxpayers £3.4 billion a year to deal with street disorder in England and Wales.
And he called for "absolutely rigorous" action against a hardcore of offenders who regarded anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos) as "part and parcel of their way of life".
Mr Leigh made the comments at the launch of his committee's report which warned that a small proportion of families and individuals were causing "misery and despair" to communities, particularly in the most deprived areas.
The report criticised the Home Office for its failure to carry out adequate research on which measures work best in tackling and preventing bad behaviour.
The report recorded that communities were "frustrated and concerned" at the courts' failure to act rapidly when Asbos were broken. It called for "rigorous enforcement" of breaches - with jail sentences if necessary.
Mr Leigh said: "After dark, our city and town centres are fast becoming no-go areas, with behaviour there ranging from drunken skylarking and intimidation to out-and-out criminal activity.
"No civilised country should have to put up with what can seem like an occupying army loose in the streets."
I speak from personal experience when I write that every word of this report is true and I am sure the almost all the readers of this blog (with the possible exception of those criminal retards Heath, Lam(e)bert and Piper).

Quote of the Day 24.7.2007

"The rank-and-file membership of the Conservatives are lions being led by the donkeys at CCHQ [Conservative Campaign Headquarters] and [David] Cameron is the biggest ass of the lot." - C4' on Iain Dale's Diary

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hugo Hitler To Expel Foreign Critics From The Fifth Reich

Not even Adolf himself was this ruthless with foreign reporters in his day. Still if Chavez is prepared to deport the foreign opponents of his evil Nazi regime, it is bound to be worse for his domestic enemies - could concentration camps be next on Fuhrer Hugo's agenda in his War On Liberty?

The Revenge Of The Daily Mail Part Two

Credit: Fido The Dog

Another Bollywood Classic

Starring Fido The Dog

Quote of the Day 23.7.2007

"I think Ealing and Southall was probably a very good result for William Hague." - Matt Buck on Iain Dale's Diary
Lets hope so!

C4' Watch?

It seems that yours truly has developed something of a small following among the intellectually-challenged cretins of the Loony Left. I wonder whether the faux-libertarian Aaron "(Paper) Tyger" Heath or the bullying hypocrite Dave "(Dis)Unity" Lambert at the Ministry of "Truth" are going to set up a "C4' Watch" blog ala Terry Watch and their own Guido Fawkes 2.0 blog? It should be worth a good laugh or two (which suits me as I need to stop taking myself so seriously).

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Revenge Of The Daily Mail

Childline prepare for upset Harry Potter fans

Childline are preparing to be inundated with calls from distraught [Harry] Potter fans as the final book goes on sale at midnight tonight.
The phone counselling service has predicted that many young readers will be left feeling distraught if one or more of the key characters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is killed off.
The 24-hour hotline service has even drafted in extra volunteers to cope with the expected demand.
Senior ChildLine supervisor Kate Trench warned the long anticipated death of a key character could upset young readers.
"Death and loss of any kind can make children feel upset, angry and afraid. The story could bring back unhappy memories for children who have lost friends, relatives or pets," she said.
At the stroke of midnight Potter readers will be able to get their hands on the seventh and final instalment of JK Rowling's magical series.
Stores will stay open into the early hours to cope with the Potter frenzy.
Fans from all over Europe have been camping outside Waterstone's in London's Piccadilly for three days to be certain of getting their hands on a copy.
Potter followers will also be keen to pick up a bargain copy at Asda after the supermarket announced it would be selling the book for just £5 in what it describes as "the biggest book launch we've ever seen".
For pity's sake, IT'S ONLY A FICTIONAL BOOK, not a life-and-death struggle against fascism!

The Chris Benoit Saga

Last month, I wrote on this blog that I would post my comments on the deaths of Chris Benoit and his family after their toxicology results were published. They have just been released and after reading the summary, I will finally give you all my take on this situation: God bless Nancy and Daniel, but Chris is a child-killing, wife-murdering piece of scum and a cowardly cunt!

Quote of the Day 20.7.2007

"Even if callmedave were to win at the GE which I doubt, it wil not do the Tories any good because he would be a weak version of Ted Heath! He would Inherit an economy in meltdown and the Unions would cripple his reforms (if he makes any) from the get go! The pursuit of power for the sake of power alone will not solve anything! Surely any true Tory can see that it is far better to wait for the economic meltdown and social unrest that WILL follow and if that means giving Gordon Brown another term then so be it! The electorate has to be shown the FULL price of 10yrs of socialist rule! They have to have their noses rubbed in the mess before the full truth of what Bliar & McBrown has done to the UK is understood. Meanwhile the Tories must throw out all the leftwing/liberals and concentrate on what they are trusted for and that is rightwing principles of the free market and personal freedom from the "soviet" state suffocation of our national identity!
Gordon Brown has made his economic bed now let him lie in it!" - English Democrat on Iain Dale's Diary

Cameron Must GO NOW!

Dave is a devious, duplicitous cretin and the people of Britain and the Conservatives are now starting to reject him, his fuck-bubby Gideon and their evil Nazi neo-Blairite ideology. Surely that vile cunt must realise that the only honourable course of action left open to him now is his overdue resignation as Tory leader? I hope Dave will do the right thing because if he will not go of his own accord, then it is the duty of ALL true-blue Conservatives to force him out. I call upon EVERY Tory blogger (including Iain Dale) to rise up against Cameron and make each and every remaining day of his leadership a living hell for him until he does finally go.


That bloody evil Nazi cunt Blair and his cuntarse cronies have got away with it again! The law is an ASS! How much did they bribe the Crown Prosecution to get themselves off the hook?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brown: Breaking Britain

Quote of the Day 19.7.2007

"Just for the record, I have never taken an illegal drug for fear that I might actually enjoy it if I did. What you have never had, you don't miss." - Iain Dale
Same with yours truly Herr Dale!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Five-Star Film

Starring C4', Tony Blair, Chavo Guerrero Classic & Shilpa Shetty

Labour's "Big Brother" plan for traffic cameras revealed

LONDON (Reuters) - The government is considering plans to allow police permanent access to data from traffic cameras to track the movement of cars, according to a Home Office document released in error.
The "Big Brother" plans emerged after Home Office Minister Tony McNulty announced that real-time data from London's 1,500 congestion charge cameras would be given to Scotland Yard under a temporary lifting of data protection rules.
Under current arrangements, the Metropolitan Police have to ask for data from the number-plate reading cameras on a case-by-case basis.
Background notes inadvertently attached to McNulty's statement on Tuesday revealed Home Office plans to make the exemption from data protection plans permanent and to extend it across the country.
The Liberal Democrats called for a full debate on the issue, saying the London plans were a "Trojan Horse" to allow police to monitor drivers' movements without public scrutiny.
McNulty said the "bulk transfer" of London's car-tracking data was needed to fight the threat to the capital from car bombs.
At the end of June, two fuel-packed cars were discovered in London's West End but the document reveals the proposals to give police the camera data had been under discussion months earlier.
It also shows the plans were resisted by transport ministers who feared it could add to public concerns over proposals for a national scheme for road pricing.
Earlier this year, 1.8 million people signed a Downing Street online petition calling for the road pricing scheme to be scrapped.
The document reveals that then Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander was concerned the plans "might be seen as colouring the debate about road-charging (that material being collected for traffic purposes is being used for other outcomes)".
It also noted that civil rights groups and privacy campaigners "may condemn this as further evidence of an encroaching 'big brother' approach to policing and security".
"Conversely, there may be surprise that the data collected by the congestion charge cameras is not already used for national security purposes and may lead to criticism that the matter is yet to be resolved," the document added.
A Home Office spokesman said no decision had been taken whether automatic car recognition data should be given to police and that a decision would only follow wider consultation.
"The experience of the last few weeks has shown that this is a necessary tool to combat the threat of alleged vehicle-borne terrorism," he added.
The Labour Party: New Fuhrer, same old incompetent Nazi cunts!

Quote of the Day 18.7.2007: Common Sense VS Ecofascism

"Genocide and socialism, like an ugly iron fist in a spiked steel glove." - Chris from the strange stuff blog in response to Eco-Nazi Neil Harding's statement that "The easiest way to reduce carbon emissions is to reduce the population."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Has Terry Kelly Got Alzheimer's?

Quote of the Day 16.7.2007

"Communism/socialism is better at mass murder, death famine and starting war than capitalist democracy. (Though capitalist democracy is better at winning wars).
Socialists hate winners. That's why they hate capitalist societies." - Jackart

The Most MORONIC Statement EVER Made!

Galloway to be suspended from Commons over Iraq

GEORGE GALLOWAY, the MP who campaigned against the Iraq war, is to be suspended from parliament over his links to the United Nations oil-for-food programme in Iraq.
The parliamentary standards watchdog will rule this week that Galloway failed properly to declare his links to a charitable appeal partially funded from money made by selling Iraqi oil under Saddam Hussein, according to a source close to the inquiry. The one-month suspension for Galloway, often referred to as “Gorgeous George”, is one of the most severe given to an MP.
Galloway, who was expelled from Labour, is now an MP for the Respect party. He may also be asked to apologise to the Commons for his behaviour but will launch a robust defence of his conduct. He denies any wrongdoing.
The UN oil-for-food programme was set up to allow Saddam to sell Iraqi oil to buy humanitarian supplies, but he corruptly awarded oil contracts to politicians and businessmen around the world.
In 1998 Galloway founded the Mariam Appeal, which campaigned for the lifting of sanctions on Iraq. The appeal, which paid Galloway’s wife and funded international travel for the MP, received almost £450,000 from Fawaz Zureikat, a Jordanian businessman who was also a trustee of the appeal. It subsequently emerged that more than half of this money came from the proceeds of Iraqi oil sales. An investigation by the American Senate alleged that the Mariam Appeal was used by the Iraqi regime to finance Galloway.
However, the MP strenuously denies that he was complicit in any such arrangement and claims he is the victim of a smear campaign. He says he had no idea that the money donated had come from Iraqi oil sales.
The Mariam Appeal, which raised more than £1.4m, has never filed any accounts and the parliamentary authorities have been unable to account for some of the expenditure.
About bloody time! I hope the Gormless One's next stop is a prison cell.

Boris Johnson Is A Cunt!

Fat Boy Blondie is a womanising, child-killing cretin and his friends "Dave" and Gideon are cunts too!
Speaking of Conservative candidates for Mayor of London, Steven Norris isn't much better than Boris himself.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

McStalin: 'Why was rapist at fund-raiser?'

The Prime Minister has ordered an investigation into the attendance of a convicted rapist at a Labour party fund-raiser.
Gordon Brown has also insisted no money should be accepted from Owen Oyston.
The disgraced tycoon was at Wembley Stadium on Thursday night at a party where guests paid £10,000 for a table.
Oyston was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court for six years in May 1996 for raping a 16-year-old would-be model. He was released after three-and-a-half years.
Labour MP Stephen Pound, who attended the fund raiser, described Oyston's attendance as "downright embarrassing".
He said: "He shouldn't have been there and somebody is going to have to explain why he was. I can only assume that someone didn't recognise him because (Oyston's conviction) was quite a few years ago."
The MP added that Mr Brown would have been "absolutely disgusted" by the revelation and had made clear that money should not be taken from him.
"Say what you like about Gordon Brown, but he has an absolutely flawless and spotless reputation in that area," Mr Pound said.
Martin Bell, the anti-sleaze campaigner and former independent MP, said Mr Brown had acted "pretty fast" but warned that "people's perceptions are important".
A spokesman for Mr Brown said: "Mr Brown did not meet Mr Oyston, nor was he aware of his presence in advance.
"Mr Brown has asked the general secretary of the Labour Party to investigate the circumstances, but he has already instructed him that any donation from Mr Oyston should not be accepted."
Former prime minister Tony Blair was at the event, along with figures from the world of sport such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Newcastle manager Sam Allardyce and other celebrities including Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall.
What a fucking hypocrite McStalin is considering that both he and Adolf Blair having been raping this country for over a decade.

Quote of the Day 14.7.2007

"If Terry [Kelly] can't even stomach the idea of voting for himself and his Labour chums why on earth should anyone else bother?" - Clairwil on our 'hero'

Happy Birthday Iain Dale

Bryan Robson from my favourite team scores with a header against Mr. Dale's favourite team during a match from 1985.

Russia suspends participation in key arms pact

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia suspended its participation in a key pact limiting military forces in Europe on Saturday, amid deteriorating relations with the West on a range of fronts.
The Kremlin said in a statement President Vladimir Putin had signed a decree suspending Russia's role in the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) treaty, due to questions of "national security".
The pact was adopted in 1990 to limit the number of tanks, heavy artillery and combat aircraft deployed and stored between the Atlantic and Russia's Ural mountains.
Russia has accused the West of failing to ratify an amended version signed in 1999 to take into account the new post-Cold War situation. Talks last month with NATO states ended without progress.
A NATO spokesman said on Saturday of the Russian suspension: "If this is confirmed the Secretary General very much regrets this decision. The allies consider this treaty to be an important cornerstone of European security."
The differences over the pact are part of broader tensions between Russia and the West.
Relations are strained by disagreements over U.S. plans for a missile shield in eastern Europe, proposed independence for Serbia's Kosovo province and Moscow's energy policies.
A source of friction over the CFE treaty is NATO's insistence on preserving "flanking arrangements" which ban large concentrations of forces and materiel near some borders.
Russia objects to that provision because it limits Russian troop movements within Russian territory, even though Moscow says its border areas have become more unstable since the Soviet Union broke up in 1991.
Russia also wants cuts in NATO troop levels in outlying regions to reflect the accession to the alliance of eastern European states bordering Russia since 1990.
NATO states have said treaty changes depend on Russia withdrawing troops from the former Soviet republics of Moldova and Georgia, but Russia rejects any link between the two issues.
MI6 need to assassinate that fascist warmonger Putin before he is able to hold the world hostage.

You Know You Have A Mental Illness When....

a) you vote socialist
b) you join a socialist organisation of your own free will
c) you believe socialist propaganda

The 600th Post: A Modern Nursery Rhyme

Hillary Duff was got up the duff at the Paris Hilton,
"Who's the daddy?" asked the press,
"I am" rapped P Diddy, "'cos, I don't fire no blanks!"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Quotes of the Day 13.7.2007: Kill Me NOW!

"The EU started off by making it compulsory for Hitler Stalin and Churchill to be studied to the exclusion of all other national history in earlier centuries. The idea was that this would convince children that the amalgamation of the countries of Europe was essential for peace.In fact it has had the opposite effect in Britain, convincing most children that it is better to keep separate from Europe and all its woes.
This is now EU Policy mark 2. No national history to be taught at all.
My father always told me that Churchill was an extraordinary man. He was based in India in the dark early days of the war, and hearing Churchill's short radio broadcasts convinced him that the fight would be won. He said that Churchill's words at that time lifted his spirits and electrified people." - Tapestry on Iain Dale's Diary
Churchill used his contacts to change regiment and go and serve in the trenches as his own penance for gallipoli. Yes thats right he went to fight at the front after his cock-up.
can you imagine any of todays politicians showing such immense persoanl courage and integrity??" - an anonymous poster, also on Iain Dale's Diary
"Churchill wrote the history of the english speaking world and displayed courage in alll he did.
Brown put his name to a ghost written book called courage.
compare and contrast." - brown and yellow on Iain Dale's Diary

At My Wits' End!

I am really on the edge of doing a Chris Benoit today. I am deeply depressed about and frustrated by the tyranny of the present evil left-wing establishment, whether it be the BBC banning it's journalists from writing newspaper columns, Sir Winston Churchill being airbrushed out of History school lessons to make way for the nation's children to be indoctrinated with the great anti-capitalist Climate Change lie, or the militant Feminazi Labour blogger Antonia Bance's ignorant, violent, insane and disgraceful attack on the voluntary sector.
I am also finding my life extremely futile in it's direction and purpose at present, so much so that I suffered a panic attack at around 2pm this afternoon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Panel says no case for official media regulation

LONDON (Reuters) - The press should continue to be self-regulated despite such lapses as pursuing Prince William's on-off girlfriend and bugging the royal household's phones, a parliamentary committee said on Wednesday.
The notoriously aggressive print media are regulated by a newspaper-funded Press Complaints Commission (PCC) rather than by a government body, which papers say allows members of the public to have complaints heard more quickly and cheaply than in court.
Parliament's culture committee said the commission should continue to supervise the industry, but its role might need further investigation after "less than impressive performance" in restraining tabloid excess.
The comments followed scathing criticism of the media last month from former Prime Minister Tony Blair who called it a "feral beast" that tore people and reputations to shreds.
In its report, the culture committee highlighted two issues -- the harassment of Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton and the royal household phone bugging, for which a reporter for the country's biggest-selling newspaper was jailed.
In March, Middleton, whose house was being mobbed by paparazzi, filed a formal complaint with the PCC after the Daily Mirror printed a picture that she said was taken as a result of harassment.
The complaint was withdrawn after the Mirror apologised.
"The Press Complaints Commission took too long to act to protect Kate Middleton from clear and persistent harassment," the committee's report said.
The committee went on to describe the royal phone bugging by the News of the World as "one of the most serious breaches of the code (of conduct) in recent times".
Clive Goodman, the paper's royal correspondent, was jailed and his editor-in-chief resigned after it emerged that Goodman had eavesdropped on voicemail from royal household mobile phones.
"We are in no doubt that the editor of the News of the World was right that he had no choice but to resign," the report said.
The committee said there was no case yet for statutory regulations or signs of public support for a privacy law.
"Self-regulation by the press is infinitely preferable to the alternative," committee chairman John Whittingdale said.
I fully support the parliamentary committee's decision on this matter.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quote of the Day 10.7.2007

"Capitalism does not work" - Councillor Terry "Moonbat" Kelly
I'll think that Cllr Kelly will find that it is the complete opposite; Capitalism works, socialism doesn't. It's just unfortunate that the fall of Stalinism in 1989-91 bypassed Scotland.

Iain Dale Has Heat With Me

He either didn't enjoy being linked with the former East German Stasi and or the story about about him having his head up Dave Cameron's backside (both of which were intended to be satirical jokes ala Private Eye).
Here is the score Mr. Dale, I trust no one and I don't carry water for other people because I prefer to think for myself. The fact that you are so touchy about my irreverence for authority figures in general (usually for good reason as history has taught us all time and time again) and my willingness to lampoon individuals and groups, whoever they are or what they may do, suggests you either take yourself faaaar too serious or that you might, might actually have something to hide.
I am an equal opportunities discriminator and I will not apologise to anyone for that, but rest assured Mr. Dale, although others and I believe that you might just be a little too sycophantic towards "Dave" the Blair-wannabe for the country's own good, I at least do have a great deal of respect and admiration for you both as a credible professional political pundit and presenter and more importantly, as a human being, even if by my own admission, I don't always show it.
Besides, if you think my comments about you are bad, you should have seen and heard some of unfair and hurtful things I have been subjected to in the past, both to my face and behind my back (particularly by the niece of former West Ham United manager, the late Ted Fenton).