Friday, March 30, 2007

The Ultimate Warrior Speaks

This man is a genius. A true warrior for truth and justice in the world.

Gordon Brown Terrorises Ukrainians

I found this story in today's Western Mail newspaper:
"A company in Ukraine has found a new way of collecting debts from unpaid heating bills - using pictures of Stalin.
Posters of the Soviet dictator were put up around the city of Donetsk with the warning: "Comrades! This is not the cinema, this is real life. Anyone who does not pay their heating bill will be punished."
"It was the nearest we could get to intimidating people without sending around the heavy mob and it has worked," said an official from state-run Donetsk Heating."
No doubt this tactic will be exported to Britain as soon as Gordon Brown is safely installed as Prime Minister.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Next WWE World Heavyweight Champion

The Undertaker will go 15-0 at Wrestle Mania 23. Bank On It!

Some People Never Learn

Although I believe that Adolf Blair had Diana Princess of Wales murdered for political and egotistical reasons, the media certainly played their part in the causing the death of Prince William's mother. Now the media is hell-bent on sending William's 'special friend' Kate Middleton to an early death by hounding her at every possible moment. Yes, she is a public figure and as such does not have the luxury of a private life, but that is no excuse to stalk her for photographs and a huge financial sum from a newspaper, especially if it could put her life in an unreasonable danger. Also if Ms. Middleton did go the way Diana, Gordon Stalin would no doubt jump at the chance of using such a development to suppress the freedom of press in New Labour's continue quest to destroy our libertarian heritage.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Donald The Dunce

One of Conservative Mind's favourite frisking targets, Labour spin doctor Don Paskini has written the following flawed statement on Herr Cllr Antonia Bance's blog:
Actually it is Master Paskini who does not understand the meaning of the word 'redistribution'. The word means theft, whether it be from rich to poor and poor to rich.

Zimbabwe arrests Tsvangirai ahead of summit

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe police stormed the main opposition party headquarters and arrested its leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday as African leaders gathered in Tanzania to debate Zimbabwe's escalating political crisis.
Tsvangirai, who opposition officials say was badly beaten after an earlier police crackdown this month, was among a number of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) officials held when heavily armed riot police entered the party's Harare offices, the MDC said.
The arrests brought immediate condemnation from Britain, the former colonial power, and from the European Union.
The MDC said Tsvangirai had been due to hold a news conference "on the escalating and systemic campaign of violence and intimidation" by President Robert Mugabe's government.
The raid looked likely to increase pressure on African leaders to use a special Tanzania summit beginning on Wednesday to censure Mugabe, who has faced a firestorm of criticism for violently cracking down on opponents of his 27-year rule.
Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett was among the first to criticise the latest arrests, saying the government appeared determined to intimidate.
"I strongly urge Mugabe and the Zimbabwean regime to heed the calls made by so many of the international community and their African neighbours to stop the oppression of the Zimbabwean people and respect their human rights," she said in a statement.
European Union president Germany said it was "deeply concerned" at the arrests and demanded access to Tsvangirai and other detained opposition politicians.
The special two-day Tanzania summit will be a test for the 14-member Southern African Development Community (SADC), accused in some quarters of not flexing its muscle against Mugabe's government.
Despite the latest crackdown, political analysts said Mugabe's regional colleagues were unlikely to follow Western calls for a tougher line -- at least publicly.
"Whatever spin the government will try to put on this, this is an emergency summit on Zimbabwe and it basically means that Zimbabwe has become an issue in Africa too," said Eldred Masunungure, a political science professor at Harare's University of Zimbabwe.
"But I don't think there is going to be the kind of public condemnation that some Western countries are calling for, and I am sure Mugabe will be happy with that," he told Reuters.
Mugabe himself was attending a meeting of his ruling ZANU-PF party's politburo, which local media has speculated could discuss whether to back his bid for an extended presidential term despite the country's gathering problems.
Mugabe, 83, has suggesting moving presidential elections back to 2010 -- giving him two extra years in office -- or simply standing as the ZANU-PF candidate for another six year term if polls are held as scheduled next year.
He was due to leave for the Dar es Salaam meeting later on Wednesday.
Zimbabwe's political turmoil comes as the country faces its worst economic crisis in decades, a meltdown that is increasingly spilling over its borders and affecting the region.
Millions of Zimbabweans have already fled the world's highest inflation rate -- 1,700 percent -- plus a jobless rate above 80 percent and food shortages.
Mugabe blames the problems on Western sabotage, saying Zimbabwe is being punished for his policy of seizing white-owned land to give to landless blacks to address imbalances left by British colonialism.
Zimbabwe officials, who often accuse the MDC of being puppets of Western powers, have recently stepped up accusations of violence against the party's supporters, charging them with a string of bomb attacks on police stations, shops and trains.
"These criminal acts...have descended into orchestrated and organised acts of terrorism," police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena said in a statement published in state media on Wednesday.

Things I Can't Stand

1. Drivers beeping their car horns at random people, then calling them "wankers".
2. Inconsiderate idiots who park their vehicles at bus stops.
3. Queuing.
4. Being kept waiting.
5. Being ignored when you want or need something.

Blogging On Borrowed Time

The council libraries in my locality are now using a new Internet filter on there severs which is blocking most of my favourites sites and blogs, including this one. So if new content does not on Conservative Mind from now on, you will now know why.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who Is Toshiaki Kawada?

He's dangerous and he fights for tomorrow!

Toshiaki Kawada Sings

Kawada-san will kick your head in, then sooth your soul.

Vince McMahon Loses The Plot Yet Again

"Believe it or not, Vince McMahon is under the impression that the fans in Detroit will turn on Undertaker at Wrestlemania and show their allegiance to Batista. This has got many people backstage confused, as they feel if anyone in the match will be turned on, it will be Batista."
There is absolutely no way that 99% of the fans will support Batista over the legendary Deadman. Bank On It!

Cllr Piper Consorted With Terrorists

It seems that Bob Piper has always been soft on terrorism! I can't say that I'm surprised by this considering Labour's track record of supporting criminality.

Quotes of the Day 27.3.2007: The Jesse Ventura Edition

"I ain't got time to bleed"
"When people attack me, I attack back."
"The Constitution guarantees our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's all. It doesn't guarantee our right to charity."
"I believe patriotism comes from the heart. Patriotism is voluntary. It is a feeling of loyalty and allegiance that is the result of knowledge and belief. A patriot shows their patriotism through their actions, by their choice [such as voting, attending community meetings and speaking out when needed]. No law will make a citizen a patriot."

The Professional Wrestling Circus: A Breeding Ground for Conservatism

Jesse Ventura
On April Fools Day, the biggest event of the professional wrestling calendar, Wrestle Mania 23, takes place in Detroit. As such, this is the opportune time to look at an industry that is so political, it is considered more political than the world of party politics itself.
Professional wrestling is a dog-eat-dog world that is so cutthroat that there are no trade unions in the industry. The results and some elements of the matches maybe predetermined and choreographed, but the infighting behind the scenes between the wrestlers and the promoters and among the wrestlers themselves is more real than you can imagine. The off-screen feuding, backstabbing and power plays are far more vicious and bloodthirsty than both the on-screen battles and the most bitter grudges in party politics. The wrestling promoters are all corrupt without exception, while nepotism among both the promoters and wrestlers has been running rife since the existence of this dysfunctional circus.
However, despite these problems and others such as rampant drug abuse caused be frequent and relentless injuries, poor pay for 90% of wrestlers in the business and a short life expectancy, the public and Conservative party can learn a lot of positive virtues from this misunderstood industry. Even the laziest wrestler works harder than the average employee does by putting their bodies through such tremendous punishment, that if it occurred in most other working environments, it would cause a public scandal. The wrestlers are expected to be multifaceted performers that are as proficient at acting, public relations and even psychology as they are at what is in effect a form of manual labour. As such, many wrestlers develop into libertarians so fervent in their beliefs, that even Baroness Thatcher would be proud of them and see their trade as a character-building and self-reliant example to the rest of us.
Some of these wrestlers have even made or are in the process of making a successful transition from the wrestling world to the rather calmer environment of party politics. The classic example of this was the surprise 1998 gubernatorial victory of the infamous wrestling icon Jesse “The Body” Ventura in Minnesota. Governor Ventura enjoyed a popular term in office before he decided to stand down in 2003 to prepare the ground for a presidential campaign next year. No doubt, the political influence of retired professional wrestlers will gradually grow during the future within the United States and their conservatism could be as vital for the future of free-market capitalist society as actor Ronald Reagan was in winning the Cold War for the West.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Quote of the Day 26.3.2007

"Ian Paisley acting a rabid dog no doubt?" - axe-murderer John Hirst

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Question: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Iran?


The Gormless One Is Still Breeding

Socialist clown Gormless George Galloway is to become a father for the second time this May. If the poor child is a boy, he will not doubt be called either Saddam, Uday, Che, Fidel, Iosef, Hugo or maybe even Terry. Will someone please call the Child Protection Agency?!?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Iran seizes 15 British Navy personnel

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) - Iranian forces seized 15 British Royal Navy personnel who had searched a merchant ship on Friday, the Ministry of Defence said, triggering a diplomatic crisis at a time of heightened tensions over Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
The ministry said the incident took place in Iraqi waters, where it routinely boards merchant vessels with U.N. permission to search them. The Foreign Office summoned Iran's ambassador and demanded the immediate, safe release of the personnel.
The incident took place a day after Iran launched a week of naval war games along its coast, including the narrow northern reaches of the Gulf which control access to the vast oil reserves of Iraq, Iran and Kuwait.
The United Nations Security Council is expected to vote on Saturday on a resolution to impose new sanctions against Iran over its refusal to halt uranium enrichment.
Oil prices rose by about a percent to above $62 a barrel after the incident.
"...This morning 15 British naval personnel, engaged in routine boarding operations of merchant shipping in Iraqi territorial waters ... were seized by Iranian naval vessels," the Defence Ministry said in a statement.
"The boarding party had completed a successful inspection of a merchant ship when they and their two boats were surrounded and escorted by Iranian vessels into Iranian territorial waters," it said.
Iranian officials could not immediately be reached for comment. The embassy in London was closed for a holiday.
"Hopefully there has been a mistake that has been made and we will see early clarification and an early release of my people," Commodore Nick Lambert, commander of the British fleet in the area, said in a television interview aboard HMS Cornwall.
"There was no fighting, no engagement of weapons, anything like that, it was entirely peaceful. We have been assured from the scant communication we have had with the Iranians at a tactical level that the 15 people are safely in their hands."
An Iraqi fisherman in Basra told Reuters he had seen the incident in the Shatt al-Arab waterway that marks the southern stretch of Iraq's border with Iran. There was no sign of any violence, said the fisherman, who asked not to be named.
He said Western military personnel on two small boats had boarded a ship the Siban area of the waterway, near the al-Faw peninsula that leads into the northern Gulf. At least two Iranian vessels appeared on the scene and detained them.
British Royal Navy personnel include both sailors and marines, who make up boarding parties for ship searches as part of a mission that also includes U.S. and Australian forces. Washington said no U.S. military personnel were involved.
The incident was similar to one in 2004 in which eight British servicemen spent three nights in the hands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards before being released unharmed.
In that incident, the Iranians accused them of crossing into Iranian waters, which Britain disputed.
Unlike the United States, Britain has diplomatic relations with Iran. But London backs Washington's strong calls for sanctions against Iran unless it abandons nuclear plans which the Western countries believe are aimed at producing weapons.
The two countries also accuse Iran of fomenting violence in Iraq. Iran insists its nuclear plans are peaceful and denies it supports militia in Iraq.

Quote of the Day 23.3.2007

"Any excuse to pry, pontificate and fine is grist to the mill of the enviroment fascists. We have the most intrusive state since Oliver Cromwell and it is time we gave it the boot" - Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chris Benoit To Chelski?

Quotes of the Day 22.3.2007

Here are a couple of crackers from.... yes, you've guessed it, the Gormless One, George Galloway on his MySpace page.
"Without blowing my own trumpet too loudly...."
Really?!? You are certainly full of surprises aren't you.... and what's this????
"I’m a passionate football fan, Manchester United – I actually scored a goal at Old Trafford!"
Can anyone credible actually confirm this claim, or is Gallas having another one of his Jeffery Archer moments again?

Forgive Freddie Flintoff

With all the hoo-ha about Andrew Flintoff's antics at the Cricket World Cup, one could be forgiven for thinking that he had murdered someone in cold blood or committed adultery rather than gone a foolish booze-bender. What Flintoff did was wrong and he has been punished (perhaps too harshly for my liking) by the England management, but it does not warrant some of the front-page newspaper coverage he has been getting recently as it was only a minor indiscretion in the wider scheme of things that make up our existence.
On the issue of forgiveness, I have been finally able to forgive some of those who have wronged me in the past, so if I could do that, then how about everyone else doing the same for Flintoff?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bobby Lashley - The Next Bill Goldberg

A tribute music video to this real American hero and ECW World Champion to the song "Scared" by Three Days Grace.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Outted" By Cllr Piper

According to good old Bobby Piper, the blogger Shotgun and I might be having a homosexual relationship with each other. That's news to me, as it would be for Mr. Shotgun! It seems that Prague Tory was right about the Sandwell councillor resorting wild accusations and undignified insults.

Oliver Kamm Frisks Tam Dalyell

This is one of the reasons why Mr. Kamm is my favourite lefty!

Quote of the Day 20.3.2007

"Instead of liquidating the Kulaks he liquidates our pension funds." - no longer anonymous about Gordon "Koba Stalin" Brown on Iain Dale's Diary

Right to ban school veils condemned

New Government guidelines spelling out the right of headteachers to ban pupils from wearing religious dress such as the Islamic veil are "simply shocking", a British Muslim leader said.
Education Secretary Alan Johnson has drawn up the updated guidance after a 12-year-old girl lost a legal battle to wear the full-face niqab in class in her Buckinghamshire school last month.
A spokesman for the Department for Education and Skills stressed that the Government was not imposing a blanket ban on veils at schools, and any decision on uniform policy was a matter for individual headteachers.
But Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said he felt "dismayed" at the guidelines.
He said: "Successive ministers dealing with education issues have failed to give proper guidance when requested by human rights campaigners about schools' obligations regarding religious dress, including the head scarf, and other service delivery under human rights laws and norms.
To now proceed to issue guidance against Muslim communities is simply shocking."
The new guidelines issued on Tuesday will also warn schools they must not force parents to buy over-priced uniforms for their children.
The DFES spokesman said that headteachers have always been in a position to set their school's uniform policy, and this remains the case under the new guidelines.
The new document states that schools should consult widely with parents, governors and the local community on uniform policy relating to religious dress.
Where possible, they should try to tolerate a wide range of religious and cultural items of clothing. But they may ban certain garments, such as the full-face veil, if it is felt that they impede safety, security or the ability to learn.
The DFES is not ordering or advising headteachers to ban the veil, but is confirming that they have the ability to do so if they wish, so long as they carry out proper consultation, the spokesman said. Headteachers will be told they will face action from the Office of Fair Trading if they impose unfair uniform policies on families.
There is an Islamic Human Rights Commission? That has got to be a joke! If this Commission really values human rights, then why does it not speak out the harassment and persecution against Christians, Hindus and Jews in the Islamic world by the mad mullahs and insane imams sponsored by governments such as the royal family of Saudi Arabia? When this Commission speaks out in the defence of non-Muslims' human rights, then I will pay more attention to the Commission complaints about the human rights of Muslims being violated.

UK inflation rate rises to 4.6%

Inflation in the UK accelerated in February, raising the possibility of further interest rate rises.
On the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) measure, inflation in February was 2.8%, up from 2.7% the month before.
The figure - pushed up by increases in air passenger duty and thus air fares - remains well above the Bank of England's 2.0% target for the CPI.
There was a bigger rise in the Retail Prices Index (RPI), which rose to 4.6% from January's figure of 4.2%.
"Today's figures are a timely reminder that the Bank of England's tightening work is probably not yet finished," said Rob Carnell, economist at ING.
Cheaper computer games
The Office for National Statistics, which compiles the figures, says the rising transport costs were partially offset by falling petrol prices.
Other downward effects included falling prices for computer games, which were rising in February 2006.
The main upward effect on the RPI was the housing costs that are excluded from the CPI.
The RPI includes mortgage interest payments, and is used in many wage negotiations.
February's figure is the highest RPI since August 1991, although there has been little sign of inflation in pay deals so far.
If the CPI goes above 3%, Bank of England governor Mervyn King has to write a letter to the government explaining why it has happened.

What A Bad Loser!

Eurovision loser Justin Hawkins says Saturday's contest was a "stitch-up" and has branded the British public "either racist or stupid" for choosing Scooch.
The former frontman for glam rock band The Darkness partnered black singer Beverlei Brown on his entry They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To.
Viewers of BBC One's Making Your Mind Up show saw him storm off stage when the pair were voted off.
Hip-hop act Big Brovaz also lost out to Scooch.
On his MySpace blog, Hawkins raged: "The United Kingdom must be either racist or stupid not to have voted for Big Brovaz or Beverlei Brown (she looked and sounded fantastic).
"It's like when multi-award winning, multi-million selling Lemar lost to David '3 stars at Burger King' Sneddon in Fame Academy all those years ago.
"Nothing ever changes.
"The whole thing whiffed of a stitch-up, particularly when you consider that our supporters had their banners confiscated by security, whilst Scooch fans were filmed proudly waving theirs.
"When Big Brovas were eliminated, my heart sank and I thought, 'the dream is over'. I was right."
While I will defend Mr. Hawkins' right to express an opinion and share his doubts about the tastes of a number of people, branding the British public as racist on the basis of the results of a television talent show is itself ridiculous and stupid. Mr. Hawkins' whining strikes me as a case of sour grapes!

Brown branded "Stalinist" as polls slip

LONDON (Reuters) - Chancellor Gordon Brown suffered a double blow on Tuesday with a damaging opinion poll and a scathing attack by a former colleague who accused him of "Stalinist ruthlessness" and cynicism.
On the eve of Brown's 11th budget, a poll showed that if, as expected, Brown replaces Tony Blair as prime minister, Conservatives would beat him convincingly.
The ICM poll for the Guardian showed that if Brown led Labour into an election battle against the Conservatives' David Cameron and Menzies Campbell of the Liberal Democrats, 43 percent would back the Conservatives against 28 percent for Labour -- a 15-point gap.
Brown also faced accusations that his behaviour during 10 years at the Treasury has been "Stalinist" and he has treated cabinet colleagues with "more or less complete contempt".
In an interview with the Financial Times, Brown's former top civil servant, Lord Turnbull, described how the man widely expected to be the next prime minister had a "very cynical view of mankind and his colleagues".
"He cannot allow them any serious discussion about priorities. His view is that it is just not worth it and 'they will get what I decide'. And that is a very insulting process," Turnbull told the paper.
Turnbull worked for Brown at the Treasury for four years before becoming the head of the civil service as Cabinet Secretary from 2002 to 2005.
"Do those ends justify the means?" Turnbull added. "It has enhanced Treasury control, but at the expense of any government cohesion and any assessment of strategy. You can choose whether you are impressed or depressed by that, but you cannot help admire the sheer Stalinist ruthlessness of it all."
The ICM poll showed that if an election was called tomorrow, 41 percent of people surveyed said they would vote for the Conservatives, up 1 percentage point from last month.
Labour was unchanged at 31 percent, while the Liberal Democrats slipped 1 percentage point to 18 percent.
Blair, who has led Labour to three general election wins, is expected to step down in June or July after a decade in power.
ICM interviewed 1,011 adults between March 16 and 18.
I am not at surprised, since Tony Blair models himself off of Adolf Hitler and Stalinism was the Soviet incarnation of fascism.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Quote of the Day 19.3.2007

"To my mind, I do not see Controlling Conservatives as an improvement on NuLabour failure." - the blogger Cicero on the dangers of David Cameron repositioning the Conservatives towards the Left

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cllr Piper Libels Melanie Phillips & Insults Jews & Muslims

Everyone's favourite socialist dinosaur Sandwell councillor Rowdy Bobby Piper has been at it again on his blog with libellous comments about newspaper commentator Melanie Philips, while simultaneously insulting both the Jewish and Islamic communities with his discriminatory bile.
"Hat tip to the excellent new Blockhead Magazine for this link.... Israeli Ambassador to El Salvador discovered drunk and naked apart from his bondage gear. No doubt Melanie Phillips will blame the Muslims."
I guess Piper thought that he was being funny, but instead, all he managed to achieve was to bring his own position into further disrepute.

Quote of the Day 16.3.2007

"The Dark Heretic is someone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle. He is a free thinker, some would say a radical and is definitely outspoken." - Dark Heretic

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quotes of the Day 15.3.2007

"Eco-fascism, like all shades of socialist ideology, is the politics of power through the imposition of universal misery" - C4'
"He shared completely her hatred of socialism and I grew up listening to him bellow. 'But he's a socialist!' as if describing some common criminal" - Carol Thatcher on her father
"It is an absolutely barbaric way of taking people's lives; it really is absolutely awful. Secondly, of course, there is always the possibility of making a mistake and I think, too, from a conscience point of view juries who are terrified of making a mistake will tend to find someone accused of murder "Not Guilty"." - Sir Denis Thatcher on capital punishment
"The unions were ruining our country - always on strike, which was a failure of nationalized industries - a monopoly they had. The dockers, of course, were a bloody menace. You shipped your goods down to London and the dockers wouldn't touch them. They were capable of holding the country to ransom and did.
The restrictive practices on ships was awful. When Atlas was doing ship repairing and de-greasing heat exchange equipment, unless our chaps were all members of the union they wouldn't even take your kit aboard. Our chaps had to learn to work alongside them and there were certain things they wouldn't let us do at all. You might have to connect your vaporizer up a flange and you couldn't touch it until one of their chaps turned up and did it. It only took three minutes.
One of them went to lunch and I remember our fellow connected the flange. When the union member came back he said, 'Who connected that?'
'I did' said our chap. 'I can't hang around all day waiting for you.'
So the dockers all downed tools and walked off the bloody ship. They wouldn't come backuntil the flange was disconnected. That's the sort of thing we were up against." - Sir Denis Thatcher on the trade unions

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quote of the Day 14.3.2007

"After all as I've pointed out before, he still stayed with his mammy at the age of 33 and only ever had men friends, 12 of them, he said he loved the one called John, as in loved like a brother I suppose, not unlike Tam o Shanter and Souter Johnnie, at least I think that's what he meant, didn't he ?" - the self-proclaimed Roman Catholic Terry "The Homophobe" Kelly on his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quotes of the Day 13.3.2007

"IF Home Secretary John Reid's new 'send-a-text' scheme is intended to rid the country of unwelcome freeloaders who have overstayed their welcome, then he ought to send one to 10 Downing Street." - Peter Charles from Sheffield in yesterday's Daily Express newspaper
"Do you have BA(Hons) on your chequebook as well?" - holy fool about yours truly
"It is not racist to tell the truth!" - C4'

North Korea nuke talks heat up

The UN nuclear watchdog head has arrived in North Korea and said he is hopeful progress can be made on closing its atomic facilities.
Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency have not visited North Korea since the hermit state expelled them in late 2002 as a disarmament deal fell apart.
The impoverished nation agreed to admit the watchdog as part of a new accord reached in February this year.
The IAEA will play a key role in verifying whether it meets a commitment to shut down the Yongbyon reactor at the heart of its nuclear programme.
"I hope we should be able to make some progress," IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei told reporters before leaving Beijing.
He hoped his agency could "work closer with the DPRK after many years of estrangement", referring to the North by its official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Under the February deal, cut at six-party talks in Beijing that group the two Koreas, the US, China, Japan and Russia, North Korea agreed to shut Yongbyon by mid-April in return for an infusion of energy aid and security assurances.
"This is an important part of the six-party talks' implementing of the initial steps," Mr ElBaradei said of his trip.
"I think obviously these initial steps will be important, significant in fact, in moving the six-party talks forward."
One US official expressed confidence that North Korea would make good on its pledge to shut down Yongbyon.
"It can be done in a short period of time (and) we're reasonably confident they will take that step," the official said.
But others said it was still too soon to make predictions.
"My understanding is that some of what we have seen in recent weeks is maintenance and the like, but we'll have a better idea after ElBaradei visits this week," a second US official said.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just Say No!

Vote For Anyone But Kelly!

Plaid Cymru & Nazi Germany

I have just sent the following letter to the Western Mail newspaper about Plaid Cymru:
SIR - While I applaud Mr. Syd Morgan's letter of Monday, 12 March 2007 about Labour sectarianism, his political party are no better, living as it does in a glasshouse.
One shouldn't forget that Plaid Cymru sent an official delegation to meet Adolf Hitler in Germany during the summer of 1940 to secure his support for a Vichy-style Welsh state in exchange for supporting a Nazi invasion of the rest of Britain. Whatever one's views about Welsh nationalism, Plaid's actions at a time when Britain was fighting for survival was an act of treachery against the Welsh people. Had Hitler given Plaid his blessing for their proposal, Plaid would have certainly deported Welsh Jews to foreign death camps.
Labour may be the most sectarian party in Wales today, but considering their actions during 1940 and their continuing antagonism towards the English, surely Plaid are the most racist party in Wales.
Yours sincerely
C4' BA (Hons.)

The Yellow Peril

The cat is now out of the bag! At the Liberal Democrats’ spring conference, Sir Menzies Campbell expressed his preference for the formation of Lab-Lib coalition after the next general election to keep David Cameron’s Conservatives in the wilderness of opposition. Ming, like the rest of the Left is terrified by the results of the most recent opinion polls that show that the Conservatives would enjoy a working majority in the House of Commons after the next general election. If the actual election results mirrored these polls, then it would scupper the Liberal Democrats’ long-cherished hopes of holding the balance of power in parliament and entering into a coalition government so that they can implement their core policy of deciding the composition of the Commons based on proportional representation, the scourge of European politics.
In most countries that use proportional representation and have more than two major political parties, this electoral system has produced a limitless supply of weak and ineffective governments where the smaller parties are granted the de facto right to blackmail the parties that have won the popular vote if the latter wish to enjoy a parliamentary majority and government office. The introduction of proportional representation at Westminster would have one of two adverse effects on political accountability and how political power is exercised.
The first of these consequences would be to concentrate greater perpetual political power into the hands of unelected and increasing unaccountable civil servants while the politicians squabble their way into a stalemate over their conflicting, contradictory aims and methodology. The second and more likely scenario would be the institution of an all-but-permanent and hegemonic anti-Tory Left-wing Lab-Lib coalition. Such a circumstance would mirror that of Swedish politics where the Social Democrats have governed Sweden virtually non-stop since the end of the Second World War. All proportional representation would do is to all-but-permanently entrench the Liberal Democrats on the government benches as the parliamentary kingmakers. As such therefore, proportional representation is as a big a threat to the fabric of our society as terrorism and closer European integration. So much for democracy!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Quote of the Day 9.3.2007

"You can't buck reality!" - C4'

Cllr Terry Kelly - Property Tycoon

Kelly: Welcome to my latest dacha comrades!
Porky Pig puts his foot in it again with this remark to the blogger Shotgun, who attempted to pay a visit on the man himself at home:
So much for being a socialist then!

Patrick Mercer Is A Martyr For Common Sense; David Cameron & Iain Dale Are Boneheads

During the 1980s, the Blessed Margaret Thatcher once commented that "you can't buck the market". I would like to go further and state that no one can buck reality. Is racism a fact of life? Yes, it is! Does that mean that any sane person is prepared to tolerate or approve of racism? Absolutely not!
What Patrick Mercer said was the truth. He did not say that he welcomed or tolerated racism. Yet the politically correct brigade of the BBC and their friends tried to twist his words into something else in order to damage the Conservatives on ideological grounds. What makes me angrier however is the way Mr. Mercer has been treated by his own colleagues, particular by both David Cameron and Iain Dale. I have read Mr. Mercer's remarks and I support him 100%. If "Dave" had paid more attention to the nature of Mr. Mercer common sense comments and worried less about appeasing Polly Toynbee and her drones, then he would see that his political ambitions have not been damaged. The fact that Cameron caved into his fears about how the Left would try to spin this non-event into a second Holocaust shows that he is not ready to become Prime Minister until he stops worrying about what left-leaning elements think of him.
What saddens me more is Iain Dale's thoughts on this matter. I have lost some respect for this usually perspective man after he came out in favour of Mr. Mercer's dismissal on the grounds of "political realities". If you are reading this Mr. Dale, yes I do appreciate that certain political realities have to be respected, but let me put this opinion to you. Mr. Mercer's comments did not warrant his sacking; they certainly would not have cost the Conservatives the next general election nor done any real long-term damage to both the party or Mr. Cameron's leadership. Yes, the Left would have made a storm in a teacup about Mr. Mercer's remarks, but it would not have made his position untenable and would have been forgotten about within a few months. The fact that some weeks earlier you came out in defence of a school teacher suspended for saying that most suicide bombers are Muslims makes you a bloody hypocrite. Those reasons I have just given you demonstrate just why you are yet not a Member of Parliament and why Mr. Mercer sits as one.
I am VERY disappointed in you, Mr. Dale!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Cannibal Infant

Earlier this afternoon, one of my fellow co-workers brought her infant grandson into the shop for a chat with the Manager. When the child saw yours truly, he looked as if he wanted to eat me. He was grinning at me while drool went down his chin. I do not know whether to laugh, be worried or both!

A Message For Dave "Unity" Lambert

Don't hunt what you can't kill!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Terry Kelly Facts Part Two

"May I have a puff of your cigar-like manhood Comrade Castro?"
6. Terry Kelly ate all pies…. twice, much to the annoyance of Gormless George Galloway.
7. Contrary to popular belief, Terry Kelly does indeed have a brain, but it is still only the size of a pea.
8. Terry Kelly ate his adoptive parents when he was 10-years-old.
9. Terry Kelly’s ambition in life is to give Fidel Castro a blowjob.
10. Before he goes to sleep at night, Terry Kelly checks both his wardrobe and under his bed for Margaret Thatcher.
11. Terry Kelly was the stand-in ‘actor’ for Jabba The Hut in an out cut of the original film negative of Star Wars.
12. George Lucas was repulsed by Terry Kelly’s appearance; he decided to redesign Jabba to look like Kenneth Baker instead.
13. Terry Kelly has never had a bath in his life.
14. Terry Kelly does not walk, he slivers.
15. Terry Kelly is a socialist…. except on weekends.
16. Just before he died, Pope John-Paul II converted to Anglican church after he learned that Terry Kelly was a Catholic.

Quote of the Day 7.3.2007

"The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves." - Plato, 427 - 347 BCE

Wills And Kate To Tie The Knot - Claim

A group of MPs has been told that Kate Middleton and Prince William are certain to marry. The claim was made by a veteran tabloid photographer, who said it was based on conversations with the prince.
Sun snapper Arthur Edwards was talking to MPs about the self-regulation of the press.
He said he felt sorry for Miss Middleton when he saw footage of the way she was treated by packs of paparazzi photographers.
"When I saw the pack break and they all surrounded her I felt awful about that and it does remind me of what happened to Princess Diana and I hope we don't make that same mistake again," he said.
"I think we should pull back a bit and start to look at this girl's life.
"She's a private citizen, she needs a bit of space, she's in love with Prince William - I'm sure of that and I'm sure one day they'll get married and I've talked to William about this."
He added: "I have talked to him about that and he's made it clear... he wants to get married."
Mr Edwards said the royals had been "open season" for The Sun in the 1980s but his job was very different now.
"When celebrities appear in newspapers I just think a lot of it is brought on themselves - they call the papers, get in there and, by and large, they enjoy it," he said.
"It helps them sell their music and their films."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The 300th Post

To celebrate, here is another video of one of my favourite professional wrestlers, Bill Goldberg.

Another JBL Tribute

The soundtrack is "You're A God" by Vertical Horizon.

Despite his claims, JBL is NOT a wrestling god, but he is very entertaining on the microphone.

Quote of the Day 6.3.2007

"It's Eeyore versus Tigger" - Reported response of Sir John Major when asked what he thought a contest between Gordon Brown and David Cameron would be like; as printed on page 23 in today's Western Mail newspaper

Coming Soon From The Creators Of Borat...

In Association With Fidel Castro & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
A Theo Spark Film
And George Galloway
Cultural Learnings Of Communism For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Scotland
BBFC Rating: 18
The film Lord Goldsmith and the Standards Commission of Scotland tried to ban
"A cunt classic" - Shotgun

Home Office split plan 'danger'

Home Secretary John Reid's plans to split the Home Office in two could damage the UK's security, a think tank has warned.
Demos said Britain already risked being "overwhelmed" by the threat of terrorism, domestic unrest and the drugs trade because of a fragmented approach. And it suggested the solution was a national security "vision" - under the direct control of the Prime Minister.
Mr Reid wants to divide the mammoth Whitehall department he said was not "fit for purpose" into a Ministry of Justice and a Security Department.
The proposal is under discussion by Cabinet colleagues, but Tuesday's report warned it could worsen an already "overly fragmented approach to security". It blamed the lack of an overall plan for "infighting between departments, mixed messages from politicians and the duplication of resources".
The report, written by Demos lead security researcher Charlie Edwards, concluded: "Managing national security without a strategy is like running an orchestra without a musical score: a recipe for an ill-co-ordinated and out-of-tune response.
"A national security strategy is not a panacea for joined-up government and there are limitations to strategy: a strategy by no means renders national security invulnerable to threats. Nor does a strategy eradicate all risks.
"It would, however, enable the Government to communicate clearly concerning its ability and inability to safeguard national security. While there is no doubt that the Government understands the size and nature of these threats and hazards, the lack of an overarching strategy that places all these challenges into context with one another is lacking.
"In the absence of a clear framework, it has become increasingly difficult to prioritise policy at national level for the future, as the focus remains on managing the short term, often causing further problems down the road. Too often, the British Government has relied on individual departments and agencies - as well as occasional good luck - to win the fight, but such a piecemeal approach to security can only end in tragedy.
"Creating a national security strategy will not be an easy process, but it is the first step in understanding how the Government should respond to the dynamic and changing threats and hazards to the UK today and in the future."
The report suggested Parliament should debate the strategy and be updated annually on its implementation as well as scrutinising it through a select committee. And it said a single counter-terrorism budget and a separate fund for policy development could be needed.

Cameron spells out vision of Europe

Conservative leader David Cameron is set to spell out his vision of the future European Union - one that "does things that matter".
His message to the party is that he has no intention of leading a Tory retreat from the EU.
And his message to the public is that he will back the national interest and push for decisions people want in the EU on climate change and CO2 emissions, strengthening a competitive economy, cutting red tape and tackling poverty.
Mr Cameron's defining speech on the EU comes in Brussels at the first conference of the Movement for European Reform, which he launched last year with the Tory's sister party in the Czech Republic, the ODS.
Mr Cameron will call for a new EU approach, replacing integration and institutional navel-gazing with more co-operation between nation states.
His speech this afternoon to an audience of European politicians, academics and business leaders attacks Labour's stance on Europe, accusing the Government of indecision on the becalmed constitution, and "posturing" on EU policy.
Mr Cameron will say: "There are two ways that a British politician can speak in Europe. One way is to posture for the TV cameras back home and boast of your determination to stand up for the national interest. And then, later - inevitably - to agree to whatever proposal is on the table.
The Tory leader says his approach to EU negotiations generally will be different.
"I believe that the best way to pursue your national interest is not to posture - but to persuade. I will be polite, but solid and consistent. I will work to create a flexible Europe by building alliances with those who share our interests and our ideas," he says.
Europe minister Geoff Hoon said Mr Cameron was copying Labour's EU reform programme, saying: "I'm not quite sure which horse Mr Cameron is riding at the moment: is he eurosceptic or is he changing horses to become more sympathetic to the Government's EU programme?"

Monday, March 05, 2007

Click Click Boom: A Goldberg Music Video

"Click Click Boom" is sung by the group Saliva.

R.I.P. Alex "Recess Monkey" Hilton?

Apparently, Mr. Hilton was kidnapped from his home in the early hours of this morning; black bagged and bundled into a waiting car by an elderly man. Mr. Hilton has not been seen since that incident and the police have issued a photo fit of the kidnapper to the media (see below).

Quote of the Day 4.3.2007

"Christianity is freedom" - Bobby Ball of Cannon & Ball fame
To say that Christianity is freedom is a very powerful message to those of a libertarian persusion. Compare this statement to that of Islam, which despite its claims that Allah gave humanity free will, openly preaches submission. It is not just the lunatic clerics that go on about submitting ourselves to Allah, as this message is a key part of the genetic code of Islam itself. Even the word Islam itself means submission. How can Muslims believe in free will when Islam tells them to submit to Allah and deny ourselves our right to autonomy, whether it is for good or ill?
Some might make the same claim of Christianity, but there is a cruical difference. God and Jesus do not want us to become mindless robots who have exchanged our liberty for slavery as is demanded by Islam. God and Jesus want us to always use our free will to enjoy a better life in this world as well as the afterlife so that we can develop a strong and enduring relationship with the Holy Trinity based on mutual trust and affection. You cannot have such a relationship based on such a rigid master/slave dynamic where the slave obeys the master out of fear instead of love as is the case with Islam. That is why I am a Christian and not a Muslim.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Music Video Tribute To John Bradshaw Layfield's World Wrestling Entertainment Championship Reign

The song is called "Engage" and is performed by the group Edgewater

Quotes of the Day 3.3.2007

"If your not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain." - Winston Churchill
"some say, when he sneezes he does so emitting pure acid... and that he has the ability to destroy entire cities with just his mind... all we know... is he's C4." - Dave Barry about yours truly

Friday, March 02, 2007

Councillor Kelly Wants Iran And President Ahmadinejad To Wipe Out Israel

Earlier today, I asked the John Prescott of blogging, Councillor Terry Kelly what was his personal opinion of Iranian President and Hitler-wannabe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Cllr Kelly replied with the following statement:
Yes, that is right - read it again, just to be clear in your own minds.
"I know that he shares my dislike and distrust of Israel and America and he shares my views about Palestine."
It seems that Cllr Kelly wants Ahmadinejad to create a new Palestinian state through a genocidal war of aggression against the state of Israel and murder another six million Jews. I have always thought Cllr Kelly to be an imbecile, but it seems that I have underestimated Scotland's answer to Porky Pig big time. Cllr Kelly is an imbecile AND dangerous! In his own pathetic way, Cllr Kelly is representative of a boarder militant left-wing network of racists, totalitarian twats, hyperactive politically correct killjoys and corrupt hypocrites such as the Muslim Council of Britain, Gormless George Galloway, Fuzz Helen Watters and Polly Toynbee. If these lunatics had their way, Britain would have become a Soviet satellite state with an inefficient third-world Marxist economy and socio-political repression.
Thank the Almighty that the Blessed Margaret Thatcher stood up for the freedom-loving majority of the British people and repeatedly raped these fucking cunts into (temporary) submission. Although she had the body of a weak and feeble woman, she had the balls of a rutting male rhinoceros as those Looney-leftie harlots found out to their cost. We desperately need another well-endowed freedom-fighter to rape the likes of Kelly and his fellow bitches at the moment.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to adopt from Vietnam

"I wanna join their gang!"

Quote of the Day 2.3.2007

"No nation has ever taxed its way to prosperity." - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney at this week's Conservative Political Action Conference

It is always nice to be appreciated!

"I'd like to thank my manager, my wife for making me the blogger I am today by being on the menopause, to my children of course without which I may be a more rounder and calmer DK for his inspiration since becoming a MR E for being also a source of inspiration, Istanbultory, Praguetory, C4, Reactionary Snob, Bretters, Angry Steve, the Hitch and all the rest of the back room team...but most of all I'd like to thank that cunt Cuntcillor Terry Kelly for being such a real and genuine cunt, and in the short time I have come to know him as a cunt he has excelled as a total cunt..thankyou you cunt." - Shotgun, posting on The Devil Kitchen