Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rhys Williams Is An Eco-Nazi

Here is my latest letter to the Western Mail newspaper:
SIR – As a climate change sceptic, I strongly object to my 10-year-old brother being brainwashed by either Al Gore’s scientifically flawed vanity project An Inconvenient Truth or President Bush’s friends in the oil industry. How dare Rhys Williams claim to be outraged by the High Court’s decision to prohibit Mr. Gore’s propaganda from schools without guidance notes to refute the flaws and errors in the climate change industry’s arguments? Is it not Mr. Williams himself who is behaving like Big Brother by demonising the High Court for disagreeing with his opinions?
Any school that shows this extremely dubious film should also be required by law to show Channel 4’s documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle so that children are able to make a more informed verdict of their own about this important subject. Mr. Williams and his supporters would be foolish to patronise those children who might disagree with their opinions.


tyger said...

I happen to be very sceptical of the causes of climate change.

I’m not a scientist, but when I look at history I see countless examples of certainties that turn out to be inaccurate. However, I do believe the planet is warming up, as the facts are incontrovertible, and we can see from our own short time on the planet, that our winters are milder.

It is the causes about which I have my reservations. Clearly, if the Romans ponced about in skirts and grew wine in this country, the country was warmer then too.

I wouldn't be so confident that Al Gore has it wrong, but again I do have problems with the climate change fanaticism and certainty that pollutes any reasoned discourse.

sales said...

I do believe that the media is trying to programme us to think it is getting warmer, when in fact the earth has been cooling over the last couple of years.

Mr Gore is lining his pockets and will be lining his pockets when the carbon tax is put in place. Mr Gore is a crook who is trying to con the western world into an Orwellian scientific dictatorship with him and his cronies in control.