Saturday, May 19, 2007

Quotes of the Day 19.5.2007

"They should name a rubbish tip in his honour!" - barnacle_bill about Tom Watson on Iain Dale's Diary

"This is utterly disgraceful. At a time when politicians are rated by the public way way below other jobs (double-glazing salesmen? fine fellows, at least they're not politicians) to do something so obviously self-serving is appalling." - jafo about Members of Parliament exempting them from the Freedom of Information Act

"This shameful and disgraceful Bill can only damage the reputation of Parliament and of the political class who are effectively saying they should be above the law which applies to the rest of us. At a time when Politicians are perhaps held in less regard than estate agents or second-hand car salesmen, they have the effrontery to tell the public who pay their salaries and expenses that they are determined to make themselves unaccountable.

Get writing to a sympathetic Peer."
The Huntsman

"I'd like to sack all of the greedy, slimey, self serving fat cats with their snouts sunk so deep in the public purse that they voted for this corrupt evasion of democratic accountablity.

This is the sort of corruption I expect in a Communist regime, not a democratic state.

So much for Cameron's claim that he'd restore greater accountability and democracy then. He's Blair's heir alright, no doubt about that."
- anonymous

"So we get ID cards and they get an exemption form the FOI.

There's a rude word for that.

I suspect the ones who didn't vote supported the idea as well."
- Rachel

"If I were the press, I start investigating every single one who voted for this stinking bill - it is a disgrace and one wonders what those who voted for it have to hide. The first thing I would do is find out which MPs employ a relative, then I would find out who is using public money i.e. House of Commons stationery to answer their fan mail for the non-politcal books they write, then I'd get started on the ones who you don't see for dust from Thursday afternoon on but somehow made it in to vote today.

As for the MPs who didn't come in many have long standing constituency engagements and surgeries that can't be changed but I suspect that many of them were totally unprepared for the utter perfidy of their fellow MPs. A disgrace, pure and simple."
- anonymous

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