Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HATE: A Poem

I do not have much time and enthusiasm for poetry, but I did surprise myself when I wrote this poem a month ago. I hope you all enjoy it!

Each morning that I awake,
I am instantly consumed by all of my swelling HATE,
All of this bubbling HATE gives me such great sorrow,
It seems it will forever cruse and plague me each morrow,
Only with the greatest forbearance,
Will I eventually have my dear sweet vengeance,
My furious revenge will be my foes’ collective fatal fate,
There shall be no mercy on that notable date.
I hope that while I wait,
That none of the intense HATE I carry inside me will be too great,
I pray that I can wait until the cherished date,
When then I can finally unleash all of my pent-up HATE,
On all of those evil liars and nasty fakes,
Who with all of their sadistic and vindictive desires,
Are always on the make,
And always on the take.
On each and every single tormenter,
I will show why both my character and power,
Are always just so much greater,
Before they meet their maker,
And out of fear they scream for somewhere far safer,
When they are sent straight to hell forever,
For they have made me so very bitter,
Their foul conduct has made me a meaner and stronger fighter.
But until the time is finally ripe,
When vengeance will be mine,
I will continue each day to awake,
With all of my veins flowing with unholy HATE,
Yet when the time finally does come,
On some future date that I am not prepared to state,
Then there will be absolutely no cage,
That can contain my very bloody rage!

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