Saturday, May 05, 2007

Quote of the Day 5.5.2007: If In Doubt, Always Blame Blair!

"First-past-the-post was simple, and human beings counting paper ballot papers were visible, tangible, and yielded a clear result within hours which could be corroborated with recounts if necessary. We now have elections which deploy three separate ballot papers - list, constituency, and single transferable vote - some requiring a cross, and others requiring numbers and ranked preferences. They take days instead of hours to count, and as computers crash and counting machines jam, there is no easy way to perform recounts, and absolutely no assurance that every vote cast will be included.
The United Kingdom, which has a proud history of parliamentary democracy, now has an electoral system worthy of a banana republic. It is immoral and corrupt. With the on-going concern over postal-vote fraud, Britain’s democratic process has fallen into disrepute, with demands for reviews and assurances of judicial inquiry. A system that was intended to maximise the turnout and ensure that no one's vote was wasted had, ironically, completely the opposite effect.
What on earth was wrong with the system we had?" - His Grace Archbishop Cranmer

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