Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fisking Terry Kelly Part Two

Here are some more pearls of shit from the Rab C. Nesbit of Scottish politics:
"They need a Castro to clean out the thugs and crooks the same as he did in Cuba" - El Tel on 'reforming' U.S. politics
I cannot top what rumbold wrote in reply:
"And to get rid of those pesky election things, and that freedom of the press malarky."
El Tel responded with this:
"rumbold - have you forgotten about 'good ole boy Jeb' in Florida ? I've been over this before but, not with you."
rumbold hits back with another vicious right hook:
"So Castro's behaviour is okay because you think that Jeb Bush does the same? Interesting that you would look to the Bushes to set your political standards. I have a deep dislike of Jeb Bush, and an even greater dislike of Castro."
Despite the pummelling he's taking, the fat bastard retorts with this claim:
"Fidel makes the American Presidents look like pygmies - I know many people who have visited Cuba and your analysis is a prejudiced insult to them. Ill informed bias is not argument.
America's place in the world was damaged a long time ago, the thugs and crooks who are in charge now are just carrying on the tradition."
There are three points I'd like you to note about that last statement:
  1. Notice how the self-proclaimed champion against discrimination uses a derogatory term 'pygmies' to attack the incumbents of the U.S. presidency.
  2. Terry claims to have know of "many people who have visited Cuba and your analysis is a prejudiced insult to them." While this maybe true, how can Terry be so sure of his own analysis without travelling to Cuba himself? By his own yardstick, isn't the good councillor himself guilty of peddling an argument based on "Ill informed bias"?
  3. Notice how Terry attacks America's whole basis for existence as an independent sovereign state. No doubt that Terry wants the U.S. under the thumb of Scottish oppression as has been experienced by England since The Lord Gord Stalin Brown took over the Treasury on May 2, 1997.

"I believe that Cuba is a more democratic country than America where Bush rules with less than 25 % of the vote."

LOL! Yes, a one party state where you can be imprisoned, tortured and killed for criticising the government and it's leader is a paragon of virtue to the leading nation in the free world.

"Bush stole the election and America needs a strong, honest decent socialist leader, someone like Fidel Castro would fit the bill."

I wouldn't trust Castro if he was a used-car salesman. Castro, like ALL socialists, is only out to acquire power for himself and the rest is just window dressing.

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Fidothedog said...

He is way beyond even a parody of himself. Oh and he is still a jew hating little prick.