Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Dream Future Tory Cabinet

Here is an interesting task for all my fellow Tory bloggers to undertake; what individuals would comprise of your dream future Conservative cabinet? The only rules are that you can have only two lords sit in the cabinet (not including the Lord Chancellor and the Leader of the Lords) and that no lord may serve as Prime Minister, the Leader of the Commons and Chief Whip.
My Dream Future Tory Cabinet
The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Offices are to be abolished and their functions subsumed in the Office of the Leader of the Commons.
Prime Minister: William Hague
Deputy Prime Minister & First Secretary of State: Derek Laud
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Boris Johnson
Foreign Secretary: David Davis
Home Secretary: David T. C. Davies
Lord Chancellor: Lord [Michael] Howard
Leader of the Commons: Dr. Liam Fox
Leader of the Lords: Baroness [Christine] Hamilton
Trade Secretary: George Osborne
Defence Secretary: Theo Spark
Health Secretary: Cheryl Gillan
Work & Pensions Secretary: Teresa May
Environment Secretary: Lord [Nigel] Lawson
Transport Secretary: Chris Grayling
Education Secretary: C4’
Culture, Media & Sport Secretary: Iain Dale
Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster: Serf
Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Man in a Shed
Minister without Portfolio (Party Chairman): David Cameron
Chief Whip (non-Cabinet): Tim Roll-Pickering

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