Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quotes of the Day 9.5.2007: We Hate That Feminazi & Homonazi Antonia Bance

"Antonia.... enough to turn anybody into a rabid MRA (Men's Rights Activist)..."
""There is certainly a case to be made for men's issues - and even Antonia accepts that."
No she doesn't (or only to the extent that she thinks that men have 'issues' which need to be resolved to the satisfaction of women). She is a misandristic bigot: check out her previous postings (and comment responses) tagged 'fathers' rights'." - Blog 4 Justice on Iain Dale's Diary


Nikolai said...

There is an almost complete absence of positive suggestions coming from the convservative party, whose only apparent selling point is: "We are not Labour"

Your blog illustrates this problem in microcosm, it reads like the pre-digested ramblings of the Daily Telegraph, To read your narrative is to believe the `conservative mind' contains a myriad of trivial gripes and no overall direction.

Here's the news:

Relying on a protest vote against Labour is not evidence that the Conservatives are fit to rule. Britian will not benefit from a load of whingers running the country.

Let's see some positive suggestions about how to improve life for people in this country, if you are capable of providing them.

C4' said...

Here is my programme, commie:

1) Bring back the death penalty for paedophilles

2) Privatise the police and the BBC

3) Close the Channel Tunnel and increase defence spending

4) Cut taxes to simulate weath creation

5) Reform the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly

6) Cut state spending as most of it is wasted anyway

7) Repeal anti-libertarian New Labour legislation

8) Return more powers to local governments

9) Criminalise 'positive discrimination'

hailey said...

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Hailey William