Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quote of the Day 22.12.2007

"While searching for pictures of Gail Sheridan I discovered the oxymoronically named Socialist Unity. Irony heaped on irony in that within the first couple of posts I found a piece outlining the reasons George Galloway is a right wing class traitor." - Right For Scotland
The Gormless One is a lot of things, but he is not a right winger (on the political football field at any rate).

Adolf Blair Converts To Catholicism

LONDON (Reuters) - Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, now the Middle East peace envoy, has converted from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism, the head of Britain's Catholics said on Saturday.
Blair, whose wife and children are Catholic, was received into full communion with the Catholic Church by Cardinal Cormac Muphy-O'Connor on Friday.
"I am very glad to welcome Tony Blair into the Catholic Church," Murphy-O'Connor said in a statement.
"For a long time he has been a regular worshipper at mass with his family and in recent months he has been following a programme of formation to prepare for his reception into full communion.
Blair's conversion has long been expected. He had a private meeting with Pope Benedict at the Vatican in June and has been receiving spiritual preparation for the conversion from Mark O'Toole, Murphy-O'Connor's private secretary.
The Nazi Antichrist scumbag continues to build his fascist Satanic empire

Senile Mandela Praises Corrupt Womaniser Zuma As ANC Leader

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's former president Nelson Mandela has praised Jacob Zuma, the newly elected leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), as a man who could unify the divided party.
In a message of congratulations, Mandela said: "Our experience of Comrade Zuma is of a person and leader who is inclusive in his approach, a unifier and one who values reconciliation and collective leadership."
"We have no doubt that he will bring those well-known characteristics to his task of leading our organization," he was quoted as saying by the Saturday Star newspaper.
Mandela urged the divided ANC to rally behind Zuma.
Zuma ousted President Thabo Mbeki as party leader after their intense rivalry divided the party, which has ruled South Africa since the end of apartheid in 1994.
Before the election, Mandela who decided not to endorse one candidate or to attend the conference, said divisions within the party race were saddening.
He said it was inevitable the results of the elections would be interpreted by some "as an overwhelming victory for one camp or faction over another".
Mandela's spokeswoman on Friday dismissed rumours that former president's health has taken a turn for the worse.
Zelda la Grange said her office had been flooded with inquiries.
"rumours have again surfaced about Mr. Mandela's well-being. Mr. Mandela is in the former Transkei (his hometown in the Eastern Cape Province) where he is enjoying the festive season with his family," SAPA quoted her as saying.
"He is due back in Johannesburg only towards the end of January."
With any luck that commie cunt Zuma will finally be jailed next year. As for "Boxer" Mandela, someone needs to put him out of his misery and send him to the glue factory. His support for Zuma only damages his reputation as an honourable man.

Cunt of the Year

There were many contenders for this 'award'. There were the usual suspects such as Blair, Brown, Prescott, Harman, Toynbee, Terry Kelly, Bob Piper, Cameron, Osborne, Boris Johnson, Jade Goody, John Reid, Nick Griffin, Al Gore, Kim Jong-Il, Hu Jintao, Antonia Bance and Jo Salmon. There were also some new contenders to the fray such Neil Harding, Ban Ki-Moon, Joseph Zuma, Chris Paul, Jackie Smith, Alister Darling, Kevin Rudd and even Iain Dale. However, there was one man whose unique talent for cuntery stood head and shoulders above all the other jackarses on the planet. 2007's Cunt of the Year title goes to that treacherous Eco-Nazi, Europhilie, Islamofascist appeasing and Blairite knob jockey David Miliband aka Batshit aka Milicunt aka Mini-Blair.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Quote of the Day 21.2.2007

"Mr [Nick "Calamity"] Clegg has come out as an Atheist, and, it is preferable to engage with an honest, self-confessed atheist than a duplicitious, hypocritical egomaniac who professes to be Christian." - His Grace Archbishop Cranmer

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Islamic Rage Boy Sings "Infidels" (Jingle Bells)

Merry Christmas Folks!

Diana letter said husband was plotting to kill her

LONDON (Reuters) - An infamous letter written by Princess Diana in which she warned that her ex-husband Prince Charles was planning to kill her has been published for the first time.
In the letter, written to her butler Paul Burrell 10 months before her death in a Paris car crash in 1997, Diana said: "This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous -- my husband is planning an accident in my car".
Details of the letter first emerged in 2004 but have only been made public now at the inquest into the deaths of Diana and her lover Dodi al-Fayed, who was also killed in the crash.
It can be seen on df
Dodi's father Mohamed al-Fayed, owner of Harrods, says Diana and his son were killed by British security services on the orders of Prince Philip, Charles' father.
Fayed alleges the killing was ordered because the royal family did not want the mother of the future king having a child with his son. He says Diana's body was embalmed to cover up evidence she was expecting a baby.
Diana's note to Burrell is seen by conspiracy theorists as evidence that her death was not an accident as the authorities have ruled.
Major investigations by British and French police have both concluded that the couple died because their chauffeur Henri Paul was drunk and driving too fast.
In the letter, Diana writes that the alleged murder plot would involve "brake failure and serious head injury".
This would allow Charles to marry Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the former nanny of couple's sons Princes William and Harry, the note continued, adding "Camilla is nothing but a decoy."
In fact, Charles married his long-term lover Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005.
Earlier this week, the inquest heard from Diana's close confidante Lucia Flecha de Lima, wife to the then Brazilian ambassador in London, who rejected suggestions the princess feared Charles was planning a car accident.
"I still don't believe she was fearing for her life, especially from Prince Charles, the future king of your country" she said.
Diana had more reason to fear that malevolent egotistical Nazi tyrant Tony Blair than her spineless wimp of an ex-husband and his foreign father.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Terry Kelly Being Driven Into An Earlier Grave?

"[C]ertain people working with Terry Kelly continue to be very worried by the weight he is carrying. Some have commented that he must be putting his health in serious danger. At this rate the Lib Dem group could go into the next council elections as the second largest party and the Tories as the official opposition."
Could comfort eating caused by a combination of scandals surrounding his boss Wendy Alexander and his colleague Tommy Williams, daughter Rayleen's defeat at the polls earlier this year and over a year of abuse from other Terry Watchers and myself be driving the infamous 'heavyweight' of Scottish local government politics to an early grave?

Friday, December 14, 2007

An Ode To Comrade Gordon McStalin Brown

An acoustic arrangement or "Just Like You" by Three Days Grace

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Loath David Beckham

I've just sent this letter to the Western Mail newspaper:
SIR – Keith Towler undermined his own argument when he cited David Beckham as a suitable role model for children ahead of eminently more qualified, homegrown heroes such as Joe Calzage and Ryan Giggs. The former is a vain, over-paid and over-rated under-achiever who not only revels in his own ignorance, but also has still not denied that he has been unfaithful to his equally loathsome wife.
The latter two are not only talented and often underrated; they are also hard grafters who have earned their honours and riches through dedication and personal sacrifice despite persistent recurring injuries. Their private lives are also to be commended for rarely being the subject of controversy.
Calzage and Giggs are welcome throwbacks to the noble, honourable sporting heroes of old, whereas Beckham, along with Tony Blair, David Cameron and Jade Goody, is a personification of the triumph of style over substance in today’s Britain.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BREAKING NEWS?: Has Terry Kelly Resigned As Wendy Alexander's Election Agent

Cllr Terry Kelly
According to El Tel, he is no longer or has never been Wendy Alexander's election agent. This means that either he lied about being her agent from the start or far more like, El Tel has seen the writing on the wall for Wendy and decided to abandon ship to his own skin by resigning. Whether it is a smart move and/or cowardly act on his part, our hero hasn't exactly covered himself in glory during this ignominious episode for Scottish politics.

Teflon Terry?

Sometimes I get the feeling that my fellow Terry Watchers and I may have underestimated the mental abilities of our fat friend. While his supposedly 'smarter' associates are under investigation by the fuzz for there finances, El Tel is still siting pretty. Could it be that our hero is lulling us into a false sense of security by only pretending to be totally crass and utterly retarded? Have we fallen into the trap of underestimating an evil genius?!?

Gerrard latest Liverpool player to be burgled

LONDON (Reuters) - Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard suffered a burglary at his home while he was playing in a Champions League game in France on Tuesday night, a police source said.
He is the latest Liverpool player to be burgled while playing a match for his club.
Gerrard's wife Alex Curran was in the house at the time.
Merseyside Police would not confirm it was Gerrard's house, but said they were investigating a confrontational burglary in Formby, Merseyside.
"Officers were called to a house at about 9:30 p.m. last night following a call from a female resident that four men had broken into the house and stolen items of jewellery," a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
Curran and another woman, who was in the house at the time, were shaken by the incident, but were not injured.
The men, who were unarmed, wore hoods and balaclavas, the spokeswoman added. It is not clear how they broke in.
Gerrard, who captains Liverpool, was helping his team to a 4-0 victory against Olympique Marseille, a win which secured the club's passage into the last 16 of the Champions League.
Earlier this year, the home of Liverpool's goalkeeper Pepe Reina was burgled as he helped the club reach last season's Champions League final.
Team mates Jerzy Dudek, Daniel Agger, Peter Crouch and Florent Sinama-Pongolle, as well as Everton's Andy van der Meyde, were all burgled last year.
Last month, striker Dirk Kuyt suffered a break in at his luxury home in Woolton while he was on international duty with the Dutch team.
(Reporting by Avril Ormsby; Editing by Tim Castle)
LOL! I HATE Liverpool F.C!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Terry

Cllr Terry Kelly
I know it's a bit late (I've been away on business), but I would just like to wish my pet socialist Councillor Terry Kelly a happy 59th birthday. Whatever his faults (and there are many), one thing can be mentioned in his favour, without him the world would be a less humourous (though smarter) place to live in everyday.

Gormless George Galloway Is A Liar

If you are reading this George, I dare you to sue me. I beat you once and I'll beat you again.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Paramount Reveals The Villians For The Next Star Trek Movie

The Euroborg

The Clarity Of George Galloway

This says it all really

The Terry Kelly Paradox

If Gordon Brown is "a gut socialist" as tubby claims then how come the Lord Gord has proven himself to be a gutless coward over the past 13 years by refusing to challenge Adolf Blair for the Labour leadership and thus the premiership itself and postponing the next general election?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Nintendo Wii grasses up cheating wife

A US soldier discovered his missus had been playing away at home after spotting a suspicious "Mii" on his Nintendo Wii, the Evening Standard reports.
The man, known only as Tony, returned from a year in Iraq to reports from chums that his wife had been cheating on him. He'd had the Wii for company while on service in Iraq, but had mailed it back to the States prior to his return.
His other half claimed she'd only kissed the suspect, a professional bowler, once, but the Wii said otherwise. Tony emailed a Nintendo messageboard admitting he'd was "confused about his wife's denials of any indiscretion".
However, he continued: "All that changed when I plug in my Nintendo Wii for some Wii Sports. I flip through the Wii menu and visit the Mii channel so I can peruse the many friends that I have created with the guys that I played with in Iraq. As I go through the characters I see there is a Mii that I have not created."
Tony concluded: "I went into the Wii message board and click on the calendar option. Through this menu I was able to identify the many nights my wife's Mii and this other Mii character played Wii bowling."
And for good measure, the offending Mii was apparently "strikingly similar" to the bowling philanderer.
The end result? "Tony has separated from his wife and filed for divorce," the Standard notes.

I've Seen The Future

The future is bright, but not for Wendy and her Terry's Chocolate Orange

Which Is More Intelligent?

Please post your answers in the comments section

The She-Terry

The ever-brilliant Right For Scotland has drawn my attention to another Scottish Labour Councillor with a brain capacity that an imbecile would have good reason to mock. Today's favourite pond life blog belongs to Edinburgh Councillor Kezia Dugdale. Cllr Dugdale has a hell of a task on her hands trying to replace Cllr Terry Kelly in my affections as my favourite dumb animal, but according to RfS, she is well qualified in the field of professional idiocy that Cllr Kelly effortlessly excels in with his socialist sermons.
P.S. On the subject of RfS, I'm really enjoying the way he has ripped into Scottish Labour and it's leader/El Tel and McStalin's glove puppet Wendy Alexander recently. Go read his stuff asap!

George Galloway Gets Tourettes Part Two

"I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability."

George Galloway Gets Tourettes


Sex Education: Olympic-Style

I love Kurt Angle!

Quote of the Day 3.12.2007

"From a personal point of view, I loathe thought fascism, and that is what David Cameron - and, of course, Mercer's critics on the Left - was exercising.
Mercer commented on something he had observed during his years in the military. There are slackers of every description in just about every area of human life. Mercer noted that often slackers in the Army, who are black, themselves play the race card by claiming to be victimised when they're just lazy. Whites use different excuses for laziness.
If Mr Mercer were indeed that over-used, all-controlling word "racist", would so many black men who had served under him come forward so quickly to his defence?
Cameron mishandled that and played right into the hands of Blair & Cie." - verity on Iain Dale's Diary

Now The PC Cunts Want To Butcher The National Anthem In The Name Of Left-Wing "Progress"

Some of the words of the national anthem are not "inclusive" and might need replacing, the ex-minister leading a citizenship review for Gordon Brown has suggested.
Former attorney general Lord Goldsmith said there was a problem with later verses of God Save the Queen and that some people were arguing for a change.
"There's some problem with part of it absolutely," he told Sky News.
"Part of it is not actually that inclusive but that's if you go onto the later verses. Some people have suggested we might think about whether there are different words that might be put in place which would be more inclusive."
Lord Goldsmith, who quit the Government when Tony Blair left office in June, said strong feelings about national symbols had to be taken into account.
Welsh Labour MP Ian Lucas is leading a campaign to include the principality's Red Dragon in the Union Flag to represent its "true place in the Union".
Asked if he backed the proposal, Lord Goldsmith said: "Well I think the Union Jack is understood and there's enough there but it's absolutely right, if there's a strong view about all these different symbols of nationality then they are things that we ought to know about."
He also spoke about the search for the British "statement of values" being sought by the Prime Minister - although he said some reports it should be as short as five words were optimistic.
In a package of constitutional reforms published in July, Mr Brown called for a citizen's summit to draw up a British statement of values, which would be "a living statement of rights and responsibilities for the British people"
The document - which is expected to be significantly longer than the proposed motto - would feed into a possible new British Bill of Rights.

EVIL Bitch

Harriet Harperson

Great News From The Fifth Reich

"IT'S NOT FAIR!!! I want a recount and my mommy!!!"

He's Back And Burning As Bright As Ever

Kenta Kobashi - The Cure For Cancer

One of the greatest professional wrestlers ever Kenta Kobashi made his return to the ring yesterday after being out of action for over eighteen months due to the effects of his operation in the summer of 2006 for cancer of the kidney.


Friday, November 30, 2007

Quote of the Day 30.11.2007

This Woman Is A Fascist!

"I'm a feminazi!"

Those of you who have not yet read the notorious Rose Hill, Oxfordshire Councillor Antonia Bance's blog should do so immediately in order to witness how hypocritical and intolerant the Hard Left are in this country. Cllr Bance proclaims to be a democrat who listens to the concerns of others, yet seems to think that "Freedom of speech doesn't mean a right to speak". Anyone who exposes her fascist hypocrisy on her blog gets their comments either censored or deleted. As bad as he is at withholding people's comments from publication, not even the infamous Cllr Terry Kelly is as blatant at trying to shutdown debate and personal criticism as Cllr Bance.

Cllr Bance believes in that only those that share her views should be allowed to express themselves, that men are to vigorously persecuted by the all-power tin-god called the 'State' and that this artificial creature has a right to oppress people in the pursuit of a fantasy land that will never come to be in this realm of reality that we all live in everyday.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Curse Of Terry

Has anyone else noticed that whenever everyone's favourite great white dope Terry Kelly predicts a football or rugby team to win a match, that team mysteriously goes on to lose?!? Is El Tel the Scottish Lembit Opik?!?!?

Terry Kelly Facts Part Three

  • Terry Kelly was dubbed "The Great White Dope" after he agreed to box Muhammad Ali. Ali KO'd Terry in Round 14.
  • Heroin was nicknamed "dope" in honour of Terry Kelly

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A National Disgrace!!!

In the name of God, Alistair Darling should go and go now!!!
Words do not convey the seething rage I'm in at the moment over the Nulab scum and the civil service lapdogs losing confidential personal and financial information about 25 million people (including my 10-year-old brother) in the bloody post. I'm also in a foul mood over the cruel and callous 'birth plan' of a local authority who plan to legal abduction a 22-year-old expectant mother's unborn child on the basis of the mother self-harming herself as a child.
Between these two episodes and my attempts to get to grips with my duties and responsibilities at my current work placement, I've fried my brain! Rest assured though, someone is going to get a piece of my mind in the very near future because I am sick to death of living in this Godforsaken country (or should that be 'cuntry') because of the left-wing cunts who are supposed to be running it (or more like fucking it up on purpose because they can).

Monday, November 19, 2007

Has Alex Hilton Got A Death Wish?!?

You would have thought that after wrongly claiming that St. Margaret had died that Labour blogger Alex "Recess Monkey" Hilton would have shut up and kept a very low profile; sadly this is not the case. Monkey Boy Hilton has now taking up the pastime of stalking and making false allegations Conservative MP Nadine Dorris' daughters on Facebook.
Here's a little piece of advice for you Monkey Boy, stop looking for trouble otherwise someone that you've upset with your little antics will one day chew you up and spit you back out like a discarded piece of chewing gum. Got the message now you creepy little liar and cuntfaced monkey shithead?

The Queen marks 60 years of marriage

LONDON (Reuters) - The Queen, the first reigning monarch to celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary, marked the milestone on Monday with a service of thanksgiving alongside Prince Philip.
The royal octogenarians, whose family have been buffeted by a string of scandals, divorces and tragedy, retraced their steps up the aisle of Westminster Abbey to hail 60 years of marriage.
The family's German relations were not invited to their 1947 wedding because of strong anti-German feeling after World War Two. This time they were on the guest list.
The 2,000-strong congregation included playwright Tom Stoppard and opera singer Joan Sutherland, as well as four other couples also celebrating diamond wedding anniversaries.
The service was staged the day before the actual anniversary -- November 20. On Tuesday, the royal couple will mark the day by flying to the Mediterranean island of Malta where Prince Philip was serving as a naval officer at the time of their marriage.
The wedding of the Queen, who had been in love with Philip since she was a child, offered a rare burst of colour and pageantry in an austere post-war world of rationing and shortages in Britain.
On her wedding day, the 21-year-old princess wore an ivory silk Norman Hartnell gown decorated with 10,000 seed pearls.
In sharp contrast to their own marriage, three of the royal couple's four children have divorced.
Prince Andrew said in an interview last week that his own divorce from Sarah Ferguson had disappointed his parents who firmly believe in the "old-fashioned idea" that marriage is a partnership for life.
The 81-year-old monarch and her 86-year-old husband were greeted at the doors of Westminster Abbey by a fanfare of trumpets. Five choristers who sang at their wedding as schoolboys carried candles in the anniversary procession.
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spiritual head of the world's 77 million Anglicans, praised the royal marriage as a faithful and creative partnership lived "in the full light of publicity."
"We are probably more aware than ever these days of the pressures this brings and the costs it involves," he said.
"Before we complain too loudly about a world of disposable relationships and short-term policies, a world of fracturing and insecure international bonds and the decline of trust, we should remember today that we have cause for thanksgiving."
Among those who gave readings was Oscar-winning actress Judi Dench, who recited a poem by Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, and Prince William.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

John "Bradshaw" Layfield - A Class Act

A fight broke out backstage last night in Wichita, Kansas after SmackDown! was taped. After the show was over, JBL gathered a number of WWE superstars together, including John Morrison, The Miz, MVP, CM Punk, and Matt Hardy.
JBL berated Miz and Morrison for their color commentary work on ECW. JBL was furious that the two made Punk look bad with their commentary. They were heels and were supposed to criticize Punk in a heel way, but JBL felt they went too far with it. JBL then yelled at them for their ring work during their match with MVP & Matt Hardy. JBL told Miz & Morrizon to apologize to Punk, MVP & Hardy for making all 3 of them look bad.
The Miz apologized, but Morrison told JBL “F*** you, it's none of your business”. He then said he would appoligize to Punk, Hardy & MVP, but not because JBL told him to.
The confronation went back and forth until Morrison shoved JBL. Several agents broke up the dispute before it got further than a shove.
Bravo to JBL for standing up for three of WWE's brightest hopes. Morrison on the other hand is an arrogant cunt.

It's True! It's Damn True!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wanna Firebomb That Cunt Blair?

If like others and myself, you hate that Nazi cunt and Britain's ex-Fuhrer Tony "Adolf" Blair and wish to do him harm for turning this country into a fascist state, feel free to send your petrol bomb, powdered Anthrax and other explosive parcels to the following address:
The Office of Tony Blair
P.O. Box 60519
W2 7JU
United Kingdom
DISCLAIMER: This blog and I cannot endorse the firebombing of or sending of Anthrax and other explosive devices or miniature WMDs to Herr Blair for legal reasons and cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who decide to do the world a favour by harming or killing that Nazi cunt, his freeloader wife and their cretinous stooges. If you do decide to terminate Blair using these or other methods though, may you be blessed with good fortune in your mission.

I'm Banning The C-Word From This Blog

No, not 'cunt', but 'Christmas'. I can't stand it!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Someone Hand Me My Gun?

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women
SYDNEY (AFP) - Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday.
Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported.
One disgruntled Santa told the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho ho" because it could frighten children and was too close to "ho", a US slang term for prostitute.
"Gimme a break," said Julie Gale, who runs the campaign against sexualising children called Kids Free 2B Kids.
"We are talking about little kids who do not understand that "ho, ho, ho" has any other connotation and nor should they," she told the Telegraph.
"Leave Santa alone."
A local spokesman for the US-based Westaff recruitment firm said it was "misleading" to say the company had banned Santa's traditional greeting and it was being left up to the discretion of the individual Santa himself.
Death to the PC brigade!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We Still Miss You Eddie

Quote of the Day 13.12.2007

"I do NOT tolerate political-correctness and moral relativity when I discuss ideas that actually have to do with making life work; in my opinion, these are the two gravest dangers mankind faces today. There is a radical over-sensitivity today to the use of certain words and what "concepts" those words actually mean and represent. I don't pay attention to that sensitivity. I believe words mean things and I don't compromise what their meanings are. I do not pull my verbal, worded punches when I opine on ideas and issues." - "Ultimate" Warrior

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chris Huhne To Be The Next Liberal Democrats Leader

Blunkett attacks pupil fines plan

Former Education Secretary David Blunkett has ridiculed proposals to fine teenagers who fail to stay in education or training until the age of 18.
A new Education and Skills Bill, confirmed in the Queen's Speech on Tuesday, will require children to stay in education until the age of 18.
Teenagers who refuse to stay on face spot fines of £50 or court fines of £200. Parents could also be fined.
"I'm against the idea... that deeply damaged young men and women could somehow be fined and it would make them go into education or training. I think it's cloud-cuckoo land," Mr Blunkett told BBC Radio 4's Any Questions.
Mr Blunkett, who was education secretary from 1997 to 2001, said he agreed that education or training should continue to the age of 18 but said fines for those who do not comply would be misguided.
He said it was important to work with young teenagers who truant because they feel alienated and offer them one day a week in college or work.
Those aged 16 and 17 should be offered the chance to volunteer and engage in projects which have "nothing to do with traditional college courses", he added.
For once, I have to agree with the blind pervert. Besides, it will most likely be the parents of these children who will end up paying their children's fines for them.

Quote of the Day 10.11.2007

"Sometimes I think Mrs Thatcher is a nice kind sort of woman. Then the next day I see her on television and she frightens me rigid. She has got eyes like a psychotic killer, but a voice like a gentle person. It is a bit confusing." - Adrian Mole (or was it Johann Hari or Paul Burgin?!?)
Sounds like my kind of politican; she is one of us! Bobby Lashley take note; this is how a soft-spoken person intimidates others.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quote of the Day 8.11.2007

"He would laugh at a burning orphanage" - the ever-tasteful Cllr Terry Kelly about the right-wing Scottish blogger Right For Scotland

Strange But True

In spite of his growing infamy and prior dealings with the Standards Commission for Scotland, the notorious Cllr Terry Kelly has yet to be mentioned in the "Rotten Boroughs" section of Ian Hislop's satirical rag Private Eye.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Terry Kelly - The Perverts' Friend


The current Facebook profile photograph of an acquaintance of mine (who just happens to hate my guts) reminds me of the former ECW World Champion Bobby "Bathturd" Lashley's entrance pose. Normally, I wouldn't bother posting about something as trival as people posing in front of cameras, but for some months, Bobby Lashley has reminded of this acquaintance in three ways. Firstly, there are both soft spoken individuals. Secondly, they both lack a personality (no doubt because of their soft spoken natures), and finally, for reasons that elude me completely, I mark out like a schoolgirl for these two. I call this the Batista Effect, after another prowrestler called Dave Batista.
The Batista Effect is when you admire, care about, cheer for and love someone or something in spite of their obvious flaws. It is well known that Batista can't cut a decent interview to save his life, nor is his even a good wrestler, yet people still go ape shit for this guy because he possesses some kind of intangible character trait that enables you to look past his many failings. Batista has it, so does Hulk Hogan, but John Cena doesn't. Lashley and my acquaintance definitely have it, which why I can look past Lashley's lisping mic skills and my acquaintance's mean-spirited bitching about people she doesn't like behind their backs.
Perhaps Lashley and my acquaintance are distant family relations?

Baa Baa David Lammy

David Lammy MP, Minister for Skills
Baa Baa David Lammy, have you any skills?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full,
Two for the Clunking Fist and one for his drones,
But none for the people who live across the land

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Something David Lammy & I Have In Common

Terry Kelly - The Early Years

Have you ever wanted to know what everyone's favourite socialist got up to before he became a local councillor? Well now you can!

How Was It For You Darling?

The feedback that I have received for Thursday night has been very positive thus far. Edwina Currie is a fan of mine (despite telling me that I look like a funeral director). Friends and acquaintances have also been very complementary. However, I would be genuinely interested in the opinions of this blog's readers as well, so if you have to make a comment about yours truly on Question Time, whether it be good or bad, please feel free to express yourselves.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: C4' On BBC One's Question Time Tomorrow Night

Yours truly will have the opportunity to grill the Minister for Skills David Lammy MP, Edwina Currie, Leanne Wood AM and the former Metropolitan Police Commander Brian Paddick.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shameless Labour's Lies About English Devolution

The Labour party have some bloody nerve claiming that Sir Malcolm Rifkind's proposal for an English Grand Committee to prevent Scottish and Welsh MPs at Westminster voting on measures concerning only England would make Scottish and Welsh MPs second class members of Parliament and lead to the break up of the United Kingdom.
Firstly of all, English MPs are already second class members of the House because they can vote on measures specially concerning only Scotland and Wales because these powers have already been devolved to MSPs and AMs in Hollyrood and Cardiff Bay, yet Scottish MPs such as Gordon McStalin himself are presently allowed to vote on issues that solely concern England.
Finally and most importantly of all, if the Union does break-up, it will not be because David Cameron might adopt Rifkind's proposal if he won the next General Election because the dissolution horse has already bolted from the stable back in 1997. Who was responsible for that? Yes, McStalin, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Separatists. If these interests were so concerned about the future of the U.K. they should have given more careful consideration of their original proposals for Celtic devolution.
Far from causing the break-up of the U.K., the Rifkind plan is only a symptom of the botched job the left did with the original devolution process. The original devolution proposals were never about devolving power to the peoples of Scotland and Wales, they were about preventing future Conservative governments in Westminster from exercise executive and legislative power in Labour's Celtic heartlands, while also blunting the appeal of the equally left-wing separatists at the ballot box. Far from causing the break-up of the U.K., the Rifkind plan might actually save the Union by both addressing English grievances of Labour's Celtic overlordship while creating a truly federal United Kingdom in line with the devolution models of other Anglosphere nations in North America and the South-West Pacific.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Daily Brute

Another day, another great libertarian blog burst onto the scene. Today's blog of choice is The Daily Brute by The Creator. Whether The Creator actually is God is debatable, but there can no doubt about his ability to expose socialists for the shameless shysters that they truly are with regular and vigorous doses of insults and common sense. Even the People's Retard Terry Kelly gets a thorough roasting with some satisfyingly rude remarks such as "Pig-shit ignorant" and "irredeemably thick".
The Daily Brute is a quality read and a worthy addition to any blogroll.

Friday, October 26, 2007

MP's Expenses 2006/7 [A Very Long & Boring Post]

The full list, from highest figure to lowest, of expenses and allowances claimed by MPs in the year 2006/7.
Malik, Shahid £185,421
Byrne, Liam £178,116
Ryan, Joan £173,691
Norris, Dan £172,733
Farron, Tim £172,327
Doran, Frank £171,836
MacNeil, Angus £169,971
Levitt, Tom £168,660
Salmond, Alex £166,814
Mundell, David £166,598
Joyce, Eric £164,180
Gwynne, Andrew £164,110
Devine, Jim £163,402
McDonagh, Siobhain £163,226
Hesford, Stephen £162,850
Johnson, Diana R £162,584
Milburn, Alan £160,888
Taylor, Matthew £160,831
Gardiner, Barry £160,464
Rogerson, Dan £160,440
George, Andrew £160,379
Flello, Robert £159,548
Sarwar, Mohammad £159,341
Taylor, Dari £159,178
Willis, Phil £159,147
Reed, Jamie £159,088
Bruce, Malcolm £158,580
Robertson, Angus £158,151
Grogan, John £158,013
Connarty, Michael £157,769
Donohoe, Brian H. £157,663
Butler, Dawn £157,311
Carmichael, Alistair £157,184
Alexander, Danny £157,153
Balls, Ed £157,076
Woolas, Phil £157,062
Wright, Iain £156,975
Atkins, Charlotte £156,908
Gilroy, Linda £156,846
Clark, Katy £156,767
Moran, Margaret £156,652
Munn, Meg £156,462
Anderson, Janet £155,610
Kumar, Ashok £155,572
McCarthy, Kerry £155,487
Holmes, Paul £155,429
Hamilton, Fabian £155,346
Hodgson, Sharon £155,222
Irranca-Davies, Huw £155,115
Begg, Anne £154,230
Griffiths, Nigel £154,182
Bayley, Hugh £154,061
Rosindell, Andrew £153,901
Younger-Ross, Richard £153,888
Harris, Tom £153,862
Ellman, Louise £153,637
Campbell, Alan £153,621
McKenna, Rosemary £153,608
Brown, Russell £153,561
Rowen, Paul £153,338
Cummings, John £153,319
Blears, Hazel £153,225
Mountford, Kali £153,034
Roy, Frank £152,997
Spink, Bob £152,938
Smith, Jacqui £152,683
Wallace, Ben £152,251
Wood, Mike £151,941
McFall, John £151,852
Pritchard, Mark £151,724
Mulholland, Greg £151,647
Dodds, Nigel £151,412
Watson, Tom £151,388
Anderson, David £151,353
Moore, Michael 51,295
Sheridan, Jim £151,272
Banks, Gordon £151,260
Hughes, Beverley £151,130
Lamb, Norman £150,908
Borrow, David S £150,856
Austin, Ian £150,722
Cooper, Yvette £150,658
Healey, John £150,551
Smith, Angela C. £150,549
Meale, Alan £150,338
Donaldson, Jeffrey M. £150,215
Hall, Mike £150,170
Godsiff, Roger £150,059
Jones, Kevan £149,713
Turner, Neil £149,337
Heppell, John £149,302
Williams, Hywel £149,278
Cryer, Ann £149,195
Robertson, Laurence £149,188
Farrelly, Paul £149,167
Wilshire, David £149,153
McGovern, Jim £149,098
Bacon, Richard £148,985
Goldsworthy, Julia £148,978
Steen, Anthony 148,885
Simpson, Alan £148,850
Smith, Geraldine £148,849
Goodman, Helen £148,847
O'Brien, Stephen £148,831
Pope, Greg £148,800
Allen, Graham £148,741
Davidson, Ian £148,678
Mahmood, Khalid £148,666
McLoughlin, Patrick £148,662
Betts, Clive £148,545
Yeo, Tim £148,496
Sanders, Adrian £148,476
Burden, Richard £148,447
Ruane, Chris £148,336
Vaz, Keith £148,235
Jones, Helen £148,151
Sutcliffe, Gerry £148,111
Purnell, James £148,064
Davies, Philip £148,060
Harris, Evan £147,916
Brown, Nicholas £147,797
Rennie, Willie £147,685
Hunter, Mark £147,653
Riordan, Mrs Linda £147,613
Robertson, John £147,599
MacShane, Denis £147,572
Herbert, Mr Nick £147,449
Maclean, David £147,417
Smith, Sir Robert £147,388
Leech, John £147,342
Griffith, Nia £147,298
Barlow, Celia £147,187
Cousins, Jim £147,154
Wishart, Pete £147,142
Murphy, Jim £147,121
Letwin, Oliver £147,084
Etherington, Bill £146,915
Ward, Claire £146,809
Jones, Lynne £146,793
Baird, Vera £146,772
Laws, David £146,770
McGuire, Anne £146,705
Miller, Andrew £146,621
Wareing, Robert N. £146,319
Hodge, Margaret £146,301
Clelland, David £146,282
Henderson, Doug £146,269
Chapman, Ben £146,202
Osborne, George £146,158
Smith, Andrew £146,125
Paterson, Owen £146,105
Clegg, Nick £146,022
Murphy, Denis £146,020
Vis, Rudi £145,986
Kirkbride, Julie £145,957
Price, Adam £145,929
Moffatt, Laura £145,846
Burgon, Colin £145,819
McAvoy, Thomas £145,770
Harvey, Nick £145,767
McDonnell, Alasdair £145,728
Soulsby, Sir Peter £145,687
Plaskitt, James £145,657
Taylor, David £145,598
Ussher, Kitty £145,562
Hoyle, Lindsay £145,515
Simon, Sion £145,444
Seabeck, Alison £145,390
McCafferty, Chris £145,345
Mann, John £145,273
Hope, Phil £145,239
Lazarowicz, Mark £145,184
Dismore, Andrew £145,146
Crausby, David £145,034
Blackman, Liz £145,000
Merron, Gillian £144,914
Cawsey, Ian £144,913
Palmer, Nick £144,790
Mercer, Patrick £144,667
Francis, Hywel £144,597
Barrett, John £144,427
Cooper, Rosie £144,358
Keetch, Paul £144,341
Snelgrove, Anne £144,330
Goodwill, Robert £144,282
Streeter, Gary £144,275
Clarke, Tom £144,246
O'Hara, Edward £144,241
Waltho, Lynda £144,230
Stewart, Ian £144,222
Sheerman, Barry £144,181
Webb, Steve £144,175
Campbell, Ronnie £144,156
Heald, Oliver £144,115
Engel, Natascha £144,099
Mitchell, Andrew £143,965
Blizzard, Bob £143,888
Robinson, Peter £143,856
Duddridge, James £143,809
Lewis, Ivan £143,719
Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey £143,498
Coffey, Ann £143,439
Naysmith, Doug £143,415
Cameron, David £143,385
David, Wayne £143,326
Singh, Marsha £143,295
Cox, Geoffrey £143,262
Browne, Jeremy £143,176
Clarke, Charles £143,137
Blunkett, David £143,111
Stuart, Graham £143,071
Primarolo, Dawn £143,034
Curtis-Thomas, Claire £143,016
Mole, Chris £143,003
Llwyd, Elfyn £142,999
Kemp, Fraser £142,899
Wright, Anthony £142,847
Campbell, Sir Menzies £142,810
Russell, Christine £142,785
Lilley, Peter £142,754
Barron, Kevin £142,703
Gidley, Sandra £142,643
Hosie, Stewart £142,628
Reed, Andy £142,544
Baker, Norman £142,504
Willetts, David £142,491
Todd, Mark £142,405
Kilfoyle, Peter £142,401
Touhig, Don £142,385
Heyes, David £142,365
Garnier, Edward £142,346
Fox, Liam £142,339
Baron, John £142,300
Battle, John £142,298
Mitchell, Austin £142,287
Penning, Mike £142,237
Hayes, John £142,163
Dhanda, Parmjit £142,118
Willott, Jenny £142,080
Hain, Peter £142,012
Grayling, Chris £141,997
Foster, Michael £141,990
McCartney, Ian £141,883
McGuinness, Martin £141,790
Duncan, Alan £141,771
Truswell, Paul £141,740
Newmark, Brooks £141,673
Lloyd, Tony £141,651
Trickett, Jon £141,647
Starkey, Phyllis £141,541
Moon, Madeleine £141,517
Foster, Don £141,447
Oaten, Mark £141,435
Swinson, Jo £141,392
Browning, Angela £141,381
Thornberry, Emily £141,358
Gillan, Cheryl £141,349
Ancram, Michael £141,297
Simpson, Keith £141,234
Atkinson, Peter £140,949
Mudie, George £140,930
Conway, Derek £140,916
Burt, Lorely £140,904
Bryant, Chris £140,863
Durkan, Mark £140,859
Swire, Hugo £140,786
Burt, Alistair £140,778
Davies, Quentin £140,733
Bone, Peter £140,705
Weir, Mike £140,681
Rammell, Bill £140,556
Chaytor, David £140,548
Jenkin, Bernard £140,494
Crabb, Stephen £140,462
Dorries, Nadine £140,383
Denham, John £140,375
Loughton, Tim £140,352
McCabe, Stephen £140,352
Gray, James £140,290
Cormack, Sir Patrick £140,245
Love, Andy £140,213
Hanson, David £140,206
Walley, Joan £140,133
Flynn, Paul £140,014
Wills, Michael £139,986
Lancaster, Mark £139,928
Wyatt, Derek £139,838
Keeble, Sally £139,735
Kawczynski, Daniel £139,693
Simmonds, Mark £139,664
Gibb, Nick £139,611
Hepburn, Stephen £139,587
McGrady, Eddie £139,459
Berry, Roger £139,412
Wilson, Sammy £139,371
Creagh, Mary £139,275
Tyrie, Andrew £139,270
Paice, James £139,191
McIsaac, Shona £139,169
McCarthy-Fry, Sarah £139,158
Eagle, Maria £139,067
Hoban, Mark £138,906
Huhne, Chris £138,831
Carswell, Douglas £138,805
Tapsell, Sir Peter £138,752
Humble, Joan £138,728
Arbuthnot, James £138,677
Hendry, Charles £138,655
Holloway, Adam £138,649
Challen, Colin £138,579
Shaw, Jonathan £138,441
Chope, Christopher £138,436
Kidney, David £138,399
Taylor, Ian £138,270
Foster, Michael Jabez £138,223
Harper, Mark £138,214
Williams, Mark £138,114
Caborn, Richard £138,014
Moss, Malcolm £137,983
Knight, Jim £137,970
Horwood, Martin £137,882
Illsley, Eric £137,791
Amess, David £137,781
Strang, Gavin £137,769
Michael, Alun £137,764
Gove, Michael £137,733
Bailey, Adrian £137,658
Selous, Andrew £137,655
Hewitt, Patricia £137,537
Wiggin, Bill £137,472
Kennedy, Jane £137,438
Hutton, John £137,381
Browne, Des £137,346
Miller, Maria £137,318
Gapes, Mike £137,220
Penrose, John £137,195
Williams, Stephen £137,109
Blunt, Crispin £137,071
Ruffley, David £136,963
Havard, Dai £136,866
Darling, Alistair £136,854
McFadden, Pat £136,834
Winterton, Rosie £136,803
Cohen, Harry £136,679
Hermon, Lady Sylvia £136,651
Jack, Michael £136,591
James, Sian C. £136,547
Vaizey, Edward £136,501
Paisley, Ian £136,498
Moffat, Anne £136,483
Morley, Elliot £136,478
Viggers, Peter £136,414
Clwyd, Ann £136,395
Wright, Jeremy £136,344
Hague, William £136,335
Russell, Bob £136,185
Beith, Alan £136,172
Keeley, Barbara £136,118
Field, Frank £136,092
Evans, Nigel £136,090
Flint, Caroline £136,005
Green, Damian £135,933
Meacher, Michael £135,806
Kennedy, Charles £135,769
O'Brien, Mike £135,754
Lansley, Andrew £135,706
Barker, Gregory £135,669
Brazier, Julian £135,629
Brady, Graham £135,612
Keen, Ann £135,599
Waterson, Nigel £135,541
Brown, Gordon £135,525
Fraser, Christopher £135,481
Djanogly, Jonathan £135,480
Tami, Mark £135,414
Benton, Joe £135,394
Smith, Angela E. £135,038
Keen, Alan £135,009
Murrison, Andrew £134,980
Blackman-Woods, Roberta £134,948
Gibson, Ian £134,876
Stuart, Gisela £134,870
Gildernew, Michelle £134,779
Robinson, Iris £134,592
Thurso, John £134,592
Walker, Charles £134,427
Liddell-Grainger, Ian £134,421
Short, Claire £134,408
Howarth, Gerald £134,336
Opik, Lembit £134,316
Gale, Roger £134,308
Laing, Eleanor £134,308
Johnson, Boris £134,306
Hemming, John £134,220
Pearson, Ian £134,202
Luff, Peter £134,071
Lepper, David £134,070
Heath, David £134,056
Soames, Nicholas £133,994
Clark, Paul £133,901
Davis, David £133,899
Tredinnick, David £133,743
Woodward, Shaun £133,729
Greenway, John £133,652
Reid, John £133,613
Morden, Jessica £133,592
Breed, Colin £133,501
Ottaway, Richard £133,430
Laxton, Bob £133,385
Hamilton, David £133,384
Bellingham, Henry £133,353
Byers, Stephen £133,341
Follett, Barbara £133,300
Binley, Brian £133,250
Clark, Greg £133,122
Stoate, Howard £133,062
Reid, Alan £133,049
Spelman, Caroline £132,855
Adams, Gerry £132,829
Prentice, Gordon £132,752
Walter, Robert £132,729
Williams, Roger £132,581
Brennan, Kevin £132,520
Austin, John £132,497
Whitehead, Alan £132,476
Southworth, Helen £132,427
Tipping, Paddy £132,209
Main, Anne £132,145
Morgan, Julie £132,127
Turner, Desmond £132,025
Mates, Michael £132,002
Murphy, Conor £131,921
Campbell, Gregory £131,436
Howells, Kim £131,412
Alexander, Douglas £131,383
McKechin, Ann £131,351
Martlew, Eric £131,242
Mactaggart, Fiona £131,162
Featherstone, Lynne £131,123
Bradshaw, Ben £131,118
Coaker, Vernon £131,091
Khan, Sadiq £131,047
Miliband, Edward £131,024
Hall, Patrick £130,916
Drew, David £130,782
MacKinlay, Andrew £130,645
Bell, Sir Stuart £130,395
Milton, Anne £130,354
Watkinson, Angela £130,266
MacDougall, John £130,150
Fisher, Mark £129,960
Cruddas, Jon £129,956
Goggins, Paul £129,774
Murphy, Paul £129,744
Ainger, Nick £129,677
Marshall, David £129,653
Doherty, Pat £129,556
Olner, Bill £129,504
Jones, Martyn £129,503
Lait, Jacqui £129,442
Lidington, David £129,442
Ladyman, Stephen £129,436
Turner, Andrew £129,404
Cash, William £129,400
Butterfill, Sir John £129,379
Burnham, Andy £129,289
Kaufman, Sir Gerald £129,166
Jackson, Glenda £129,111
Clappison, James £129,038
Syms, Robert £129,034
Slaughter, Andrew £128,907
Stunell, Andrew £128,663
Mackay, Andrew £128,599
Hancock, Mike £128,579
Ainsworth, Bob £128,564
Lewis, Julian £128,545
Corbyn, Jeremy £128,434
Prisk, Mark £128,376
Linton, Martin £128,363
Thomas, Gareth £128,172
Jones, David £127,979
Dobbin, Jim £127,927
Knight, Greg £127,867
Francois, Mark £127,843
Eagle, Angela £127,684
McCrea, William £127,604
Marris, Rob £127,583
Pickles, Eric £127,496
Dean, Janet £127,444
Cunningham, Tony £127,437
Mallaber, Judy £127,410
Marsden, Gordon £127,406
Cook, Frank £127,215
Howarth, George £127,073
Davey, Edward £126,983
Wright, Tony £126,875
Cairns, David £126,852
George, Bruce £126,769
Williams, Betty £126,564
Spring, Richard £126,522
Purchase, Ken £126,502
Leigh, Edward £126,494
Young, Sir George £126,458
Hunt, Jeremy £126,449
Burns, Simon £126,280
Miliband, David £126,115
Rooney, Terry £126,000
Dunwoody, Gwyneth £125,670
Salter, Martin £125,515
Brooke, Annette £125,392
Caton, Martin £125,182
Ellwood, Tobias £124,884
Buck, Karen £124,750
Prescott, John £124,696
Brake, Tom £124,384
Hendrick, Mark £124,285
Brown, Lyn £124,246
Beckett, Margaret £124,171
McDonnell, John £123,921
Hoon, Geoff £123,834
Stringer, Graham £123,829
Osborne, Sandra £123,731
Ainsworth, Peter £123,351
Bercow, John £123,269
Villiers, Theresa £123,222
Hood, Jimmy £123,173
Wilson, Rob £123,129
Hughes, Simon £123,125
Goodman, Paul £123,069
Prosser, Gwyn £122,903
Owen, Albert £122,864
Straw, Jack £122,520
Maude, Francis £122,334
Cable, Vincent £122,242
McNulty, Tony £121,984
Fabricant, Michael £121,973
Heathcoat-Amory, David £121,924
Pugh, John £121,915
Wright, David £121,886
Malins, Humfrey £121,706
McIntosh, Anne £121,686
Jenkins, Brian £121,471
Baldry, Tony £121,398
Twigg, Derek £121,381
Kelly, Ruth £121,206
Lucas, Ian £120,976
Hogg, Douglas £120,909
Lord, Sir Michael £120,814
Armstrong, Hilary £120,740
Gauke, David £120,700
Jackson, Stewart £120,589
Simpson, David £120,557
Howard, Michael £120,204
Scott, Lee £119,889
Marshall-Andrews, Robert £119,830
Grieve, Dominic £119,809
Beresford, Sir Paul £119,690
Burrowes, David £119,640
Heal, Sylvia £119,274
Efford, Clive £119,063
Pound, Stephen £118,952
Dowd, Jim £118,829
Wicks, Malcolm £118,700
Hammond, Stephen £118,501
Smith, John £118,496
Ruddock, Joan £118,425
Burstow, Paul £118,118
Hammond, Philip £118,089
Kramer, Susan £117,837
Field, Mark £117,780
Curry, David £117,752
Whittingdale, John £117,741
Harman, Harriet £117,452
Shapps, Grant £116,968
Winterton, Ann £116,786
Fallon, Michael £116,635
Dunne, Philip £116,480
Teather, Sarah £116,312
Jowell, Tessa £116,149
Vara, Shailesh £115,905
Lammy, David £115,836
Maples, John £115,520
Mullin, Chris £115,356
Abbott, Diane £115,032
Prentice, Bridget£114,997
Timms, Stephen £114,928
Clarke, Kenneth £114,806
Horam, John £114,285
Boswell, Tim£113,917
Watts, Dave £113,887
Key, Robert £113,643
Robertson, Hugh £113,597
Davies, David T. C. £113,376
Hillier, Meg £113,170
May, Theresa £113,048
Raynsford, Nick £113,020
Gummer, John £112,870
Cunningham, Jim £112,615
Haselhurst, Sir Alan £112,401
Pelling, Andrew £112,215
Rifkind, Sir Malcolm £112,122
Widdecombe, Ann £111,242
Johnson, Alan £111,021
Spicer, Sir Michael £110,930
Dobson, Frank £110,439
Fitzpatrick, Jim £110,307
Hopkins, Kelvin £110,264
Hill, Keith £109,817
Spellar, John £109,013
Hoey, Kate £108,805
Galloway, George £107,610
Gerrard, Neil £106,986
Iddon, Brian £106,819
Robathan, Andrew £106,613
Benn, Hilary £105,987
Redwood, John £105,928
Shepherd, Richard £105,293
Hurd, Nick 105,176
Bottomley, Peter £104,785
Ingram, Adam £104,667
Duncan Smith, Iain £104,339
Ennis, Jeff £104,243
Winnick, David £103,639
Clapham, Michael £102,510
Robinson, Geoffrey £102,457
Benyon, Richard £102,445
Taylor, Richard £102,225
Neill, Bob £102,155
Hands, Greg £101,383
Greening, Justine £101,345
Dorrell, Stephen £100,543
Brokenshire, James £100,210
Evennett, David £99,337
Howarth, David £98,709
Blair, Tony £97,084
Winterton, Sir Nicholas £95,949
Davies, Dai £94,940
Afriyie, Adam £94,884
Stanley, Sir John £94,856
Randall, John £93,238
Williams, Alan £92,986
Swayne, Desmond £91,737
Martin, Michael J. £82,286
Skinner, Dennis £67,891
Hollobone, Philip £44,551
How on earth were those IRA terrorist cunts Adams and McGuinness able to claim almost £275,000 between themselves when they refuse to pledge alliegence to the Queen and thus barred from sitting in the House of Commons chamber and rarely travel outside of Ulster on Parliamentary business? Those two make Tony Blair and George Galloway look like paragons of thrift and vitue in comparisson!