Friday, April 28, 2006

Quote of the Day 28.4.2006

"Remember, being poor is bad, staying that way is stupid." - John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Tebbit is Right!

Although I have not had the opportunity to read his letter to yesterday's edition of the Daily Telegraph, longtime readers of Conservative Mind will know that I totally agree with Norman Tebbit's statement that fascism is a ultra-left-wing ideology.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Have Nintendo finally lost the plot?

The official name for Nintendo next videogames console has been revealed - Wii!
Sadly this is no joke. It sounds like an electronic dilldo, but perhaps it explains a few things like the "Touching is Good" advertisements for the Nintendo DS, while the Wii's remote control-style joypad must therefore represent the player's 'manhood'.
Seriously, whoever came up with the name Wii needs to be made redundant immediately as any hope that Nintendo had of regaining any market share might have gone.

Quotes of the Day 27.4.2006

Here are a couple of crackers from today's editon of the Independent newspaper:
"If politicians get together to rifle our taxes to pay for party expenses at election time they should remember that if it means one penny of my taxes goes to the BNP then I will not only not vote, I will stop work and reduce spending to avoid taxation." - Andrew Pring
"Let Tesco run the NHS." - Peter Charles

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jolie backing for Brown as next PM

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie gave her backing to a Gordon Brown premiership as she heaped praise on the Chancellor for his role in a global education campaign.
The 30-year-old actress spoke of her admiration for Mr Brown's commitment to providing an education for every child in the world and added she hoped he would have the chance to do more in the future.
She was speaking from Namibia, south west Africa, during a conference call with the media to publicise the Global Campaign for Education to meet the Millennium Development Goal of getting every child into school by 2015.
"He (Mr Brown) is somebody that I like very much and I hope he does have the chance to do more and more good things. I think he certainly will if he has the chance, so yes, personally, I would like to see it," Ms Jolie said in a response to a question about whether Mr Brown would make a good Prime Minister.
Earlier, she said she had been thrilled by Mr Brown's announcement of an extra 15 billion dollars (£8.5 billion) over the next ten years towards the goal of universal free education.
She said this move had given "so much momentum" to the campaign.
In response, Mr Brown said pregnant Ms Jolie, who has travelled widely as a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees goodwill ambassador, had shown "inspirational leadership" and wished her well for the birth of her child.
Campaigners estimate there are 100 million children worldwide who do not go to school. An extra 15 million more teachers will be needed to fill this gap in order for class sizes to be brought down to around 40 children per class, according to the campaign.
Meanwhile, Jolie has broken her silence about her high-profile relationship with Brad Pitt, saying even they never discuss it.
The actress, who is expecting the heart-throb's baby, told NBC's Ann Curry her life with him was "one of those funny things that just happens".
It seems that not only is Angelina Jolie a home wrecker and a disgraceful role model, she is also an idiot if she thinks Mr. Recession should be Prime Minister.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Quote of the Day 22.4.2006

"You must show no mercy... ...nor have any belief whatsoever in how others judge you... ...for your greatness will silence them all" - (Ultimate) Warrior (again)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Quotes of the Day 21.4.2006

More insights from Warrior!
"I am not intimidated by individual queers or the queer lifestyle. What bothers me is that many radical, modern queers have a collective agenda to culturally swap 'natural and normal' for what is 'unnatural and abnormal.' I refuse to lie down or bend over and accept this just for the sake of making nice and relieving others, Conservatives too, of their uncomfortableness. My advice to any queer would be this. To be left alone to enjoy and exploit all the secured protections, freedoms and liberties this country allows, which you have every right to, extend equal toleration and courtesy to that which is traditionally natural to the continued existence of man. In other words, unwad your panties! Relax, back off a little bit. Quit trying to rub your lifestyle all over everybody. Just behave like an mature adult, not a pervert, and do what you do in private. Most all heterosexuals would like nothing better than that you are left alone, but being left alone goes both ways. You get out of our face, and we won't be looking to to get into yours. Few of us heterosexuals really give a rat’s ass that you get your jollies in ways we think are perverted, but we don’t appreciate that your true agenda is that you are attempting to reverse the original, and essential to civilization, posture of man. This is much more than the decent respect for your human dignity that reasonable heterosexuals are willing to offer and extend. You’re fooling yourselves if you believe you are pushing straight people 'out' of what is mainstream and further legitimatizing yourselves along the way. All you are really doing is pushing us into a corner. And in every corner there’s a fight those doing the pushing typically can’t handle."
"Homosexuals claiming for decades that they were unjustly alienated from national acceptance and discourse, that their voice was not being heard, now what do modern queers do? They use the same intoleration they fought against as the very knife they stick in my back. Diversity is simply a superficial, pragmatically-used code word for them that has no grounding in anything stable and principled. Diversity, like all their other liberal code words, means something different at any given time depending on what radical, unobjective purpose they need it to serve at any moment."
"One of the surest bets you could make is that every homosexual has called another one “queer.”"
"For any event, I can only prepare so much for what is going to happen. There are always going to be unexpecteds. But instead of finding ways to avoid them, I like to engage them. Liberal ideas don’t work to begin with, and when an unexpected arises the odds are better that I will be able to use it to point their radical nonsense out rather than that I end up with my foot in mouth. If I do, so what? Unlike other speakers with better formal schooling, perhaps more qualified and definitely higher paid, I don’t put any restrictions on the Q&A period. The highly praised Ward Churchill, brilliant tenured professor of communism that he is, had all his questions submitted and screened beforehand. And, he answered 6 questions. I stayed for over two hours. Some of you have suggested that I do this same thing. My immediate response is ‘Why?’ Just to insure I always look smooth as possible? Just so I don’t find myself before confrontation or absent the answer or having to think on my feet? Just to prevent making mistakes or the chance of looking like a fool? To me, that's not a very original and natural idea, and, moreover, it goes against me wanting to get better at what I do. It also reminds me too much like the phony politicians with their perfectly-styled combovers. I'm not afraid reality. Look, I have faults and warts like everyone else. This is what probably surprises people the most when they meet when I am out on one of these speaking engagements -- I don't act like I don't. I don't do phony."
"Let me give you a serious piece of advice when it comes to talking to others about your ideas. Any ideas. If you have to be perfect in presenting what you deeply believe in or have to be assured before you even try that you are speaking to an audience that only agrees with you, you are going to be one of those who never does try. But you will be good at daydreaming about it. Oh, man, you will flawless at that -- and critiquing others."
"If want to ever get better at something, you have to subject yourself to greater challenges than what you can already handle. If you are afraid of failure to the point that you never attempt what it is that you fear, you will always just be damn a failure. You can't be afraid of making mistakes if you want to get better at something. I am not, and I do."
"Plenty of you so-called Conservatives talk a lot about finding compromise with the other side. (Talking specifically about political/philosophical ideologies here.) You believe you are that unique 'voice of reason' that has a magic knack for getting everyone on any side to compromise and be pleasant and happy about it. Frankly, I think you're doing too much arm-chair quarterbacking with milquetoast Conservatives like O'Reilly and other Fox Broadcasts, when no can talk back to you, and that you also probably never have voiced your deeper Conservative views to anyone who disagrees with you, especially a staunch, radical liberal. You do what you have to do to 'make nice' in the real World and so, usually, does the your liberal opponent, because they, like you, are really just uncomfortable with raised voices and confrontation or being seen as a hard-ass. So, you fantasize a lot about the hypnotizing power of your unique 'voice of reason.' Well, it's easy to be the always successful 'voice of reason' in your daydreams. Hell, I never had a daydream where I didn't rule the World and own everything. This is why they are called daydreams. They are usually flawless and typically don't include scenes where reality strolls in and smacks you up side the head. So let me be that smack up side the head."
"Reality is we are living in cultural times where we are beyond finding universal compromise. The ideologies are too far apart. Face it, we are at very decisive crossroads in this country's history. For all the faults -- and there are many -- Conservatives or Republicans have, modern Liberalism is simply anti-American. They want to rid our society of the 'responsibility' that comes along with unalienable right. You can't do this without throwing the unalienable right out at the same time. They know that and it is exactly what they intend to do if ever they get the unobstructed chance. The 21st century battlelines have been drawn: a more originalist interpretation of our Founding documents, or an attempt to scrap them altogether and have a hodgepodge government made of parts Socialism, Marxism, Communism, any 'ism' that has historically failed. Unlike 40-50 years ago, there no longer is a pro-American essence across the board, either in our populous or our government. There is the 'America is a great country and does great things for the whole World' crowd. And there is the 'America is evil and does not do enough to help anybody' crowd. Naturally, those young people who are not paying attention to ideology at this time are potential soldiers for either side. But their decision, once they peek their head inside and have their curiosity piqued, is going to fall down on the side that is most in line with their own cultural tastes, which sets the style of their own personal behavior. I mean you aren't going to have a young kid who was raised by both a responsible father and mother to the know the differences between right and wrong, knows there are consequences for personal conduct, enjoys healthy, independent activity, takes his studies and future seriously, all of a sudden become a radical, anarchist liberal because he was inspired to do so by a liberal activist. Contrariwise, you aren't going to have a young kid who enjoys his dope and drinking, his porno, his video games and participation in any protest just so he can cut class, spontaneously sign on to be a conservative. They will come down on the side that has the best menu to suit their appetites."

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Quote of the Day 20.4.2006

"The truth is the only voice of reason. Ever. It's the voice of reason I'm going to use. If I fail, then I will at least have done so with ITS sword in my hand. Because anyone who has a voice of reason that can find compromise with the blatant lying and hypocrisy fomented by today's other side, has only made himself a compromiser of the truth, nothing else." - (Ultimate) Warrior

China says some UK hospitals harvested human organs

BEIJING (Reuters) - China took a swipe on Thursday at British transplant experts who accused it of removing organs from executed prisoners to sell them, saying some British hospitals had harvested organs of dead patients in the past.
The British Transplantation Society said on Wednesday there was an accumulating body of evidence that suggested organs of executed Chinese prisoners were being removed for transplant and sold without prior consent of the prisoners or their families.
"I want to remind this organisation not to forget that a few years ago this kind of thing happened in Britain: some British hospitals harvested the organs of the dead for other purposes without notifying their families," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a regular news conference.
Qin said he could not understand why the transplantation society raised the issue now.
Human rights groups have criticised the use of organs from executed prisoners in China and hospitals that have allegedly turned to organ sales and transplants to raise funds.
Last month, China said it would ban the sale of human organs and strengthen procedures for transplants by requiring written consent and limiting the number of hospitals carrying out transplant surgery.
Those commies will do anything to avoid the real issues at hand.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quote of the Day 18.4.2006

"Death to Galloway" - Private Eye, Issue 1156

Monday, April 10, 2006

Quote of the Day 10.4.2006

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” - Matthew 5:10-12

Oh the Irony!

Due to news surrounding Sharif Abdel Gawad and the British National Party (BNP) over the weekend. I did some browsing online about the subject when I came across a little nugget by Tony North on the BNP's site about the present Blair regime.
"According to my Oxford Thesaurus, 'fascist(ic)' means "repressive, totalitarian, tyrannical". I must therefore disagree with John Scaling (HE, March 20) as we already have a fascist government. Liberal fascism has been the driving force behind all of the unwelcome changes forced on this country's electorate during the last four decades."
While I agree with this statement, what the author conveniently ignores is the fact that the BNP itself is a fascist oganisation committed to the same programme of liberal totalitarianism. Nick Griffin and Tony Blair are both neo-Nazis hell-bent on the destruction of our traditional civil liberties and civilisation.