Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quote of the Day 30.6.2007

"Saddam was not religious. He was from a Sunni tribe, but Saddam's only religion was Saddam, and his personal glory was the only higher power he recognized." - Iraqi Air Vice Marshal Georges Hormis Sada on Saddam Hussein
Proof that Saddam Hussein was a man of the same mold as Adolf Hitler, Iosif Koba Stalin, Tony Blair, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot

Recommended Reading: Saddam's Secrets by Georges Sada

For anyone who still has doubt about whether George W. Bush was right to liberate Iraq from the evil Saddam Hussein should read the former Iraqi Air Force General Georges Sada's 2006 book Saddam's Secrets. It is an essential read on Saddam, his son, his regime, his plan to wipe out Israel Nazi-style and his efforts to conceal WMDs.

N. Korea reactor closure date needs 6-way talks -IAEA

BEIJING (Reuters) - The date when North Korea shuts its nuclear reactor now rests on discussions between it and five other countries that signed a disarmament deal, a U.N. nuclear watchdog official said on Saturday after talks in Pyongyang.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) official Olli Heinonen told reporters in Beijing his negotiations in North Korea had clarified how the IAEA will monitor the planned closing of the Yongbyon reactor.
"We have now reached an understanding on how we are going to monitor sealing and shutting down of the Yongbyon facility," IAEA Nuclear Safeguards Director Heinonen told reporters after arriving from Pyongyang after several days of meetings.
But he stressed the timing of the long-negotiated shutdown needed consultation between North Korea and other countries in six-party talks to iron out details.
"The next logical step is that they talk with each other and agree on technical arrangements. The IAEA doesn't have any role on that," Heinonen said.
"I think that they will take the shutdown as soon as they agree with their partners about the timing," he added later.
The six-party talks involving North and South Korea, the United States, Japan, Russia and host China struck a deal in February, under which Pyongyang would receive aid and security steps in return for moving to scrap its nuclear arms programmes.
But the IAEA, as the guardian of international nuclear safeguards, will monitor and verify the disarmament steps.
The deal was stalled for weeks by a dispute over some $25 million (12.44 million pounds) in North Korean funds frozen in a Macau bank under pressure from Washington.
Following the release of the funds, North Korea agreed to implement the deal.
Heinonen said he visited five "major facilities" at the Yongbyon complex, about 100 km (60 miles) from the capital -- the first trip there by an IAEA official since Pyongyang kicked out the Vienna-based agency in December 2002.
The working Yongbyon reactor produces plutonium, which can be processed for nuclear weapons.
A return by agency inspectors would probably involve "quite a few people" so closure could move quickly, Heinonen said.
After expelling nuclear inspectors, the communist state left the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, indicated it had atomic weapons and last year conducted its first nuclear test explosion.
Heinonen indicated his talks in North Korea did not cover its possible return to the IAEA and Non-Proliferation Treaty, saying those issues were "perhaps premature".
He said he would report to the IAEA board of governors, which must approve the agency's plans to return to North Korea.
Meanwhile in South Korea on Saturday, an official said the first shipment of rice aid to North Korea in two years had been sent to North Korea after it pledged to begin implementing the nuclear disarmament deal.
South Korea refused to give the aid last year after the North defied international warnings and test-fired a barrage of missiles in July and deepened tensions with its first nuclear test in October. The last shipment was sent in December 2005.
South Korea has said it was ready to provide the North with 400,000 tones of rice this year. The first shipment of 3,000 tonnes left the port of Gunsan bound for Nampo on the North's west coast, a port official said by telephone.
South Korea is in two-day talks with the North on a separate shipment of heavy fuel oil under the six-party deal.

Gordon Brown & MI6 Are Liars & Terrorists

So the police were apparently able to stop two terrorist explosions in central London. How convenient! Could it be that the reason they were able to do so be because that this whole crisis is nothing more than a sick publicity stunt cooked up by Labour and the security services to generate a public clamour for yet more repressive legislation against our traditional civil liberties. It seems that the Scottish Stalinist Shitbag, like his Nazi predecessor is trying to engineer a Reichstag fire-type event to realise the Blair/Brown dream/nightmare of a totalitarian British state.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Quote of the Day 29.6.2007

"Cameron should kick the failing people out, starting with himself for forcing his MPs (supposedly Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition) to give a standing ovation for a very mediocre PM both sides of the house just wanted to get rid of and Osborne for the "heir of Blair"-statement." - an anonymous poster on Iain Dale's Diary about a probable Shadow Cabinet reshuffle

Am I A Brown Bastard?!?

Lets see:
  • Gordon Brown and I are both blind in one eye.
  • We are both History graduates
  • We both can't drive a vehicle
  • We are both egotistic, vengeful control freaks

Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Thing I Think We Can ALL Agree On

Sarah Brown should be a better consort to this Labour leader than Cherie Blair ever was.

Dear Palestinian Terrorists

Please kill Adolf Blair?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Thoughts On Quentin Davies

Quentin who?

Quote of the Day 27.6.2007

The End Of The Fourth Reich & The Birth Of The Union Of Scottish Socialist Realms

Our Fuhrer, the Antichrist Adolf Blair resigns this afternoon as our master so that he can cause more chaos, death and destruction in the Middle East in according with the prophecies from the Book Of Revelations. He and his Fourth Reich will be replaced by Comrade Doctor John Gordon Macbeth Stalin Brown and his new U.S.S.R of cunts such as Harriet "Johann" Ha(i)ricunt and Alister Boring.
Bring Back Thatcher!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quote of the Day 26.6.2007

"Labour doesn't just tolerate mediocrity, they promote it!" - Prague Tory


I would like to express my shock and horror over the deaths of professional wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their seven-year-old son Daniel. I would like to write more on this very upsetting story, but I will refrain from doing so until the autopsy reports have been released before I make clear my true feeling about Chris.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh God Help Us?

The Nulabs have elected a convicted criminal and pollitically-correct Feminazi as their new Deputy Fuhrer and the only reason her election hasn't caused a mass swing of voters to the Conservatives is because the Tories are led by a tree-hugging pothead and neo-Blairite socialist cuntarse who likes to be called "Dave"!
Pity Harold Saxon isn't real!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

All Hail Harold Saxon!

He would be a better Prime Minister than that Scottish cunt Gordon "Macbeth" Brown at any rate.

U.S. expects N.Korea reactor shut in weeks

TOKYO (Reuters) - The United States expects North Korea to shut down the reactor at the heart of its atomic arms development within about three weeks, top U.S. nuclear envoy Christopher Hill said on Saturday.
Progress on disabling Pyongyang's nuclear programme may be expedited by the transfer to a North Korean account of $25 million (12.5 million pounds) in cash that had been frozen in Macau at Washington's behest. Russian news agencies quoted Finance Ministry officials as saying on Saturday the transaction had been completed.
Hill, who made a brief trip to the isolated East Asian state this week, also said the next round of six-party talks on scrapping Pyongyang's nuclear programme would take place after the shutdown began, most likely in the early part of July.
Shutdown of the Yongbyon reactor would take place after North Korea had reached agreement with the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on monitoring the operation, Hill told reporters in Tokyo.
"Well, we expect Yongbyon to be shut down after there is an agreement between the DPRK and the IAEA on how to monitor this shutdown," Hill said after talks with his Japanese counterpart, Kenichiro Sasae.
"We do expect this to take place soon, and within probably three weeks, I don't want to be pinned down on precisely the day."
North Korea said on Saturday it would begin implementing the nuclear disarmament deal it agreed with top regional powers on February 13 as soon as it recovered funds long frozen in Macau.
Pyongyang committed itself to closing down Yongbyon, the source of its weapons-grade plutonium, in the February deal with the United States, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia, in exchange for energy aid.
Progress was stalled by a row over the release of some $25 million of Pyongyang's funds blocked in Macau.
Interfax news agency reported a Finance Ministry official as saying on Saturday that the full amount had been transferred into a North Korean account at Khabarovsk-based Dalkombank in Russia.
An IAEA delegation is due in North Korea on Tuesday to help draw up plans for the reactor shutdown.
Hill said that in North Korea he had raised the issue of Japanese citizens kidnapped decades ago by Pyongyang, a highly emotive issue that prompted Tokyo refuse to provide aid under the February 13 accord until it saw progress.
The U.S. diplomat said he had received no new answers on the fate of the abductees, seized to help train North Korean spies, but added: "I think any time you can meet DPRK officials and raise the abduction issue, it's good."
Easing Tokyo's stance on Pyongyang could be tough for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ahead of an election expected in July.
A North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman quoted by state media said that, during Hill's visit, both sides had agreed to consider resuming the six-party talks in the first half of July.
Hill said he did not know if the next round of six-way talks would take place after the Yongbyon shutdown was under way or only once it was fully completed.
"I think we would expect it to happen soon after the shutdown begins," he said, but cautioned that closing the nuclear facility was just the start of the process.
"Shutting down the reactor does not solve all our problems," he said. "There is a lot of work to do, I think."

Council tax 'doubled' in ten years

Council tax has risen by almost three times the rate of inflation over the past decade.
Research from Halifax found that the average household council tax bill has almost doubled over the course of 10 years and is currently 91% higher than when Tony Blair came to power.
Over the same period average earnings have increased by 51%, while retail price inflation has risen by just 31%.
The typical UK household now has to stump up £1,078 to pay the annual charge to their billing authority, compared to £564 in the 1997/98 financial year.
Residents of Monmouthshire have seen the biggest percentage increase during the decade, with council tax hikes amounting to 184%. It is followed by Powys and Westminster, where council tax per household rose by 150% and 149% respectively over the period.
More than half of all districts have experienced at least a doubling in council tax bills since 1997, figures show.
Richmond-upon-Thames has the dubious honour of topping the list of districts with the highest average council tax. The typical household in the leafy London borough will have to pay £1,665 this year, compared to £807 a decade ago.
In contrast, residents in Wandsworth face an average bill of £641 in the 2007/08 financial year, up from £388 in 1997/98.
The South East is revealed as the most expensive region in terms of council tax per household, with Wales being the cheapest.
Researchers looked at the average council tax in all 408 of the billing authorities in Great Britain as part of the study.

Quote of the Day 23.6.2007

"By the late twentieth century, politics had degenerated into a promisocracy, whereby the politician who made the most ludicrously optimistic promises was voted into power and thereafter hated by everyone for his or her complete inability to deliver the heaven on earth he or she had promised.
Politicians developed their own language with which to communicate their glorious visions of a country under their inspired and altruistic leadership. This language came to be known as 'Bollocks' and was also widely used by people in the media and by estate agents." - Craig Charles on politics

Friday, June 22, 2007

When You're Evil

Paul Burgin posted this video on his Mars Hill blog a while ago and I loved it so much, I thought I would post it on this blog.

Moron To Make Adolf Blair A Middle-East Peace Envoy?!?

Truly we are now living in the End Times!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quote of the Day 21.6.2007: A Man Of Honour Snubs Adolf Blair The Cunt!

"I have been chosen by an organisation headed by a Prime Minister who I find morally corrupt. Who has been involved in organised lying.... ....To accept this MBE as an honour would mean to me that I would have to accept the Prime Minister as someone capable of giving an honour i.e. an honourable man, which I cannot find it in my heart to do.... ....This in no way reflects on my opinion of the Queen whom I respect and would be honoured to have as a customer." - Joseph Corre on rejecting an MBE from Adolf Blair

Lingerie company chief rejects MBE

The co-founder of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has rejected his MBE because he finds Tony Blair "morally corrupt".
Joseph Corre was awarded the title for his services to the fashion industry in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.
But he knocked back the MBE on Wednesday, saying he could not accept the Prime Minister as "someone capable of giving an honour".
Mr Corre - the son of fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood - said he had initially been "flattered" to have his Agent Provocateur work recognised by the establishment.
"However after some serious reflection I have decided that I cannot accept it," Mr Corre, 39, said in a statement.
"I have been chosen by an organisation headed by a Prime Minister who I find morally corrupt. Who has been involved in organised lying, to the point where thousands of people including children! have suffered death, detention and torture in Afghanistan and Iraq."
Mr Corre's wife and Agent Provocateur co-founder Serena Rees is "delighted" with her own MBE and will not be rejecting it, a spokeswoman for the chain said.
The couple opened their first store in Soho in London in December 1994. The chain has since expanded to 30 shops worldwide.
"To accept this MBE as an honour would mean to me that I would have to accept the Prime Minister as someone capable of giving an honour i.e. an honourable man, which I cannot find it in my heart to do," Mr Corre's statement added.
"This in no way reflects on my opinion of the Queen whom I respect and would be honoured to have as a customer."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shining Wizard Frenzy!!!

No wonder Keiji Muto's knees are in such poor condition.

An Eddie Guerrero Tribute

We still miss you!

The BBC Is EVIL!!!


Cuntarse Attacks His Critics!

"Let them Eton Cake!"

Squirrel goes on rampage in Germany

BERLIN (Reuters) - An aggressive squirrel attacked and injured three people in a German town before a 72-year-old pensioner dispatched the rampaging animal with his crutch.
The squirrel first ran into a house in the southern town of Passau, leapt from behind on a 70-year-old woman, and sank its teeth into her hand, a local police spokesman said on Thursday.
With the squirrel still hanging from her hand, the woman ran onto the street in panic, where she managed to shake it off.
The animal then entered a building site and jumped on a construction worker, injuring him on the hand and arm, before he managed to fight it off with a measuring pole.
"After that, the squirrel went into the 72-year-old man's garden and massively attacked him on the arms, hand and thigh," the spokesman said. "Then he killed it with his crutch."
The spokesman said experts thought the attack may have been linked to the mating season or because the squirrel was ill.
I always thought that Hazel Blears was nuts! The prospect of finishing last in Labour's deputy leadership election must have finally pushed her over the edge.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Johann Hari: Homonazi, Jew-Hater & Cunt

The Master Reborn


Quote of the Day 19.6.2007

I've Invented A New Word!

Cuntry: A nation state sabotaged from within by socialists (also know as 'traitors' and 'cunts')

Will Someone Please KILL This Cunt-Faced Tosser?!?

This imbecile wants the Conservatives to be the leading force in 'progressive' politics. Someone obviously forgot to inform David Cameron (or should that be David Cuntarse) that the words 'progress' and 'progressive' have been hijacked by socialists and turned into shameful euphemisms that represent the complete opposite. How dare these communist cunts (or just commicunts) use such terms to brainwash us into embracing their regressive and degenerate ideology and how dare Cuntarse try to supplant our traditional libertarian heritage with such filth. Cuntarse and his curious fuck-bubby and personal 'pharmacist' Boy George the Ox-bore are the Tory Party's worst double-act since Senile Harold The Cuckold and Queer Ted The Traitor and if these two poof-junkies think their 'intellectual' drug-induced socialist policies as so great, then why don't these heirs to Fuhrer Blair go join the National Socialist Labour Party. I'm sure that Adolf would welcome them with open arms in his volk as his successors instead of that econazi David Sillyband's Aunt Sally/Uncle Joe Stalin!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kurt Angle Regains The Title He Never Lost!

After being stripped of the brand-new TNA World Heavyweight Championship, my favourite professional wrestler Kurt Angle regained the gold last night when he won the King of the Mountain Match to become a two-time TNA World Champion. It is also Angle's eighth reign of as a prowrestling World Heavyweight Champion and except him to remain the champion until TNA's flagship pay-per-view Bound For Glory in October when he is likely to drop the belt to Samoa Joe.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Congratulations To Shimon Peres

Congratulations to the great Israeli statesman Shimon Peres on becoming the President-elect of Israel. The last couple of years have been troubling for Israel (when is it ever easy for Israel?), but I believe that in that great nation's time of need, Mr. Peres will be a valuable asset to Israel just as he has been in other times of crisis for his fellow Israelis. God has a purpose for Mr. Peres and his presidency may ultimately be the fulfillment of his fate.

Quote of the Day 16.6.2007

"If what you mean by Zionist, someone who believes that the Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel and a right to their country then yes I am a Zionist and I’m proud of the fact that Conservative politicians down the ages have played a huge role in helping to bring this about." - David Cameron

Friday, June 15, 2007

Terry Kelly Rewrites History

Yes, lets overthrow the democratically-elected and American-backed government and restore the Baathist tyranny that oppressed, tortured and killed it's own citizens, invaded it's neighbours, stole their oil, fired SCUD missiles at a neutral third-party just because it was predominantly Jewish and then caused an environmental disaster in the Persian Gulf Sea when it couldn't get it's own way.
El Tel needs to lie down before he hurts his fragile little mind.

A Powerful Attack On The Nature Of Islam

I don't agree with everything it claims, nor do I wish to tar all Muslims with the same brush. However the time for reform and house-clearing within the religion has come. I urged ALL decent Muslims to act against the nutcases before Nick Griffin and his BNP cronies cause an anti-Islamic holocaust.

Galloway beaten in sectarian attack

Police are investigating claims that George Galloway, the Respect MP, was kicked and taunted during a sectarian attack. The politician said the incident happened at Glasgow Airport on Sunday, after he was threatened on a flight from London.
He believes a group of men returning from an Orange Walk in London targeted him because he is a Celtic supporter.
Mr Galloway, who was travelling to give a talk at the Royal Concert Hall, said: "There was one guy I would describe as a ringleader who said, 'I don't like your radio talk, I don't like your newspaper talk, I have a religious duty to knock you down' "
He added that he was taunted during the British Midland flight, and was kicked on both ankles and jostled in the baggage reclaim area. Police are examining videos.
Mr Galloway said his "terrifying" experience began during the flight, adding: "I had a feeling of dread. I hurried off the plane and got to the luggage carousel as quickly as possible and prayed my bag would come first but, of course, it didn't. The group came up behind me and they were straight in with the sectarian insults and threats. I felt one man kick me on one ankle and I was then kicked on the other ankle."
Strathclyde Police confirmed that a complaint had been received from the MP.

Quote of the Day 15.6.2007

"Anonymous = working assumption that you Read the Guardian, bugger small boys, vote Labour or harbour some such other filthy perversion." - Jackart

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Obesity 'a child protection issue'

Obesity has played a part in at least 20 child protection cases across the UK in the last year, a study has found.
Paediatricians across the UK contacted by the BBC said at least 20 care orders were given for children where obesity was a factor.
The figure was revealed when the broadcaster asked 50 consultant paediatricians around the UK if they believe childhood obesity can ever be a child protection issue.
One doctor spoke of a 10-year-old girl who could walk only a few yards with a stick.
He believed her parents were "killing her slowly" with a diet of chips and high fat food, the BBC said.
Some doctors now believe extreme cases of overfeeding a young child should be seen as a form of abuse or neglect, according to the report.
A group of doctors in Rotherham are calling for obesity in under 12s to be designated an act of neglect and for action against those parents, the BBC said.
They are set to call for the move at the British Medical Association's annual meeting later this month.
Rotherham GP Dr Matt Capehorn put forward the motion as a result of his own experience of running an obesity clinic.
He told the BBC: "My colleagues and I were concerned because we noticed a discrepancy in the way society, the medical profession and the courts treat an obese child compared with a malnourished child. There is outrage if a child is skin and bone but it only happens in extreme cases with obese children."
Haven't these health and safety fascists got anything better to do with their time and taxpayers money instead of persecuting a child and their family's lifestyle choices? May I also just point out that this contemptible attitude towards people's lifestyle choices is a form of class discrimination since the most obese and unfit children and members of society do come from the poorer sections of our nation who can only afford, processed, packaged and fatty foods.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quote of the Day 13.6.2007

"I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is!" - Two-time Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Ton Hanks as Forrest Gump from the film of the same name.
Beautiful, great, brilliant, awesome quote. It is the way Hanks acts when he says it that makes the quotes so good. If you get the chance, watch this film!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vince McMahon BOMBED!!!

Quote of the Day 12.6.2007

"When asked "Jesus or Barabbas?", the liberal retreats to form a committee" - Carl Schmitt
Great quote, as it reminds me of Monty Python's Life Of Brian

Inflation slows, but market still bets on higher rates

LONDON (AFP) - Inflation slowed to its weakest pace for seven months in May, as lower domestic energy prices sparked the second monthly drop in a row.
But analysts said the news was overshadowed by comments from Bank of England governor Mervyn King, who made a speech late Monday warning that the central bank may once more be forced to hike interest rates.
Last week the BoE's Monetary Policy Committee had frozen interest rates at a six-year high of 5.50 percent as it took stock of a quarter-point increase in May that was aimed at keeping a lid on inflation.
On Tuesday, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that 12-month inflation slowed to 2.5 percent in May, which was the weakest inflation reading since October 2006, and compared with 2.8 percent in April.
However, King warned of capacity pressures, pricing intentions and inflation expectations and said that "if these indicators remain elevated, the Monetary Policy Committee may need to take further action."
Most experts think the central bank will tighten monetary policy again in the coming months, despite the recent modest slowdown to inflation after it had breached the BoE's comfort zone in March.
"The Bank of England governor effectively neutered the good news contained in this month's release, directing market attention firmly to the medium-term and highlighting concerns over the outlook," said Investec analyst David Page.
He added: "The governor's speech appears to cement our view that rates are likely to rise again and we continue to look to 5.75 percent in July."
The ONS said Tuesday that the main downward pressure on 12-month inflation in May came from average gas and electricity bills, which continued to drop this year but rose a year ago.
There were also downward effects in May from food, non-alcoholic beverages and clothing.
On a monthly basis, the Consumer Price Index rose by 0.3 percent in May from April. Both the annual and monthly readings were in line with market expectations.
"Consumer price inflation moderated slightly more than expected in May, which is obviously welcome news for the Bank of England, but the bank is by no means out of the inflation woods yet and another interest rate hike remains very much on the cards by August at the latest," Global Insight analyst Howard Archer said.
He added that there was a "very real possibility" that rates could reach 6.00 percent by the end of the year, citing the central bank's recent concerns on the upside risks to inflation.
The Bank of England's rate hike in May was the fourth increase in nine months and came after inflation had hit a decade-high level of 3.1 percent in March.
The bank indicated in a report last month that rates would have to reach 5.75 percent if inflation were to remain on-target. The bank is charged with keeping inflation within a 1.0-percent band either side of 2.0-percent.
An encouraging development, but this does not change the fact that Gordon Brown's frivolous, old-style tax-and-spend economic policies have returned us to the status of a stop-go economy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Blair To Become A Roman Catholic

More proof that that Nazi Adolf Blair is the Antichrist of The Book Of Revelations!

Quotes of the Day 11.6.2007: Blair's Nazi Britain

Jackart's post on A Very British Dude about the new documentary film exposing the satanic heart of Adolf Blair and the National Socialist Labour Party, Taking Liberties is an absolute goldmine of cutting comments:
"I'm not sure the audience of Guardianistas in London's Curzon Cinema who sat down to watch Taking Liberties on Sunday felt the revulsion I did when I saw the trailer for The war on Democracy, a film which apparently sees no irony in lauding a man who has just passed an enabling law, has closed down most opposition media and is busy arming militias. John Pilger clearly is a cunt of Michael Moore proportions."
"We all know that St. Tony of Albion's police state is awful. To readers of this blog, that the Labour party has completed it century-held mission to destroy Britain comes as no surprise, but the film makes clear that Tony Blair's enabling law is a wide ranging, Orwellian piece of legislation making it a criminal offence to speak in anything other than totally subservient tones to anyone wearing a hi-vis vest."
"But ye gods! The Fucking war. Whilst mention was made of a range of subjects from the Natwest 3 to the Countryside Alliance, Most of the protests were about the war: Self-righteous whining lefties whittering about firms selling computer parts for bombs and such like. Nice, middle-class people being roughly treated by the police, who are shown, entirely fairly, as bullying, officious and corrupt, not the public's friend of Peelian immagination. Running through the film though was the assumption that all of the old bill's abusive new powers are exacerbated by the "illegal" (ffs) war in Iraq, and the wider war on terror. I am really fed up up with the endless criticism of Blair's international adventurism as "illegal". It isn't. It has poisoned the debate about civil liberties because opposition to Blair has coalesced around a pointless, subversive-inspired lost cause (Stop the War) which spends more time protesting about American abuses of people who hate us in dusty third-world toilets, rather than the more numerous though less serious abuses of British people by British police and the fundamental destruction of the rights of the British Subject. The war has distracted us from the fence posts of a totalitarian state being put in place. The War Against Terror (T.W.A.T), though is not the root cause of the assault on liberty.
This is merely the excuse.
The destruction of our liberties is a direct function of the welfare state. The massive extension of state powers since 1945 requires that the people be monitored, controlled, and corralled into state sanctioned behaviour. It's inevitable that the information be collected, files maintained. The Labour party is a socialist organisation and it needs to monitor, control and coerce to build a "progressive" state. How will they know from whom to take and to whom to give if they don't know everything about everyone? 9/11 gave them the opportunity that they have never had before to fuck us (for our own good, naturally) and take our liberties, something they've been itching to do since Attlee's failed attempt to create some form of democratic communism. Socialism, in any form requires oppression."
"Destroy the welfare state, give people back their courage and self-reliance and the public support for the assault on our liberties will vanish."

Student debt at record levels

Student debt is reported to have risen above £3 billion for the first time following the introduction of top-up tuition fees.
Figures to be released by the Student Loans Company later this week are expected to show the debt of current students is three times the 1997 level.
The news comes as the Office for Fair Access says the system of student bursaries needs to be overhauled.
The bursaries are supposed to help disadvantaged youngsters go to university, but campaigners argue that bursaries are not working and the money could be better spent on outreach and summer schools.
The system, designed with poorer students in mind, was part of the Government's get out of jail card when it introduced £3,000 tuition fees for universities.
They were part of a package of measures offered by Tony Blair to buy off more than 100 rebel MPs.
His plans for variable tuition fees scraped through the House of Commons by just five votes, as 72 Labour MPs voted against the Government.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I, Like CM Punk, Am Straight Edge

The song is the "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour

Galloway Is A B'Stard!

It been too long since I have had a go at Gormless George Galloway, so lets see what he has been up to recently.... Oh dear....
George Galloway last night branded the thrust of a controversial report "a complete and utter lie". The document claims a £1.5m campaign, founded by the MP, received large amounts of money from "improper transactions" under the discredited UN oil-for-food programme.
The leader of the Respect Party also accused the Charity Commission - which conducted the investigation into the Mariam Appeal - of blacken- ing his name by suggesting he "may have known" some of the money flowing into the political campaign was allegedly tainted.
"It's a smear," declared Ron McKay, Mr Galloway's spokesman, who said the former Glasgow MP treated the commission "with contempt". He told The Herald: "It's a complete and utter lie. There's no evidence against George. They never even spoke to him."
The commission's report refers repeatedly to the MP's denial of any wrongdoing but notes how it is "concerned, having considered the totality of the evidence before it, that Mr Galloway may also have known of the connection between the appeal and the programme".
When asked if this was leaving a question-mark over the MP's integrity, a spokeswoman for the commission told The Herald: "Our concern is public trust in charities. I'm sorry not to answer the question directly. Based on all the evidence we've seen, we are concerned George Galloway may have known."
The commission says it is satisfied funds received by the appeal were spent for humanitarian purposes. But it adds that, in accepting the money, the appeal's five trustees, who included the back bencher, were "not sufficiently vigilant and did not properly discharge their legal duties regarding these donations".
The Mariam Appeal was founded in 1998 by the MP to provide medicines along with medical equipment and assistance to the people of Iraq and to arrange for medical treatment for Iraqi children outside Iraq.
The commission investigated the appeal in 2003 and concluded that the trustees had been unaware they had created a charity but had spent donations for their intended humanitarian purposes. However, following reports in 2005 from the UN and the US Senate alleging that tainted money had flowed from the oil-for-food programme to the appeal, the commission began a second inquiry.
Much of the latest report centres on Fawad Zureikat, a Jordanian businessman, the appeal's first chairman and a friend of Mr Galloway.
It says he donated a large part of the £1.47m given to the fund, some £448,000, noting: "As Mr Zureikat made his donations to the appeal from commissions and other payments derived from the programme, the commission has concluded these donations came from improper sources."
The report also points out that Mr Zureikat, who has previously denied any wrongdoing, did not respond to requests for information, nor did Dr Aminah Abu-Zayyad, a former scientist in Glasgow and Mr Galloway's ex-wife.
The commission says it does not have any powers of criminal prosecution and will not be taking further action.
In March, The Herald revealed Mr Galloway would not face a criminal investigation by Scotland Yard into allegations he broke UN sanctions by allegedly taking oil money from Saddam Hussein, a claim he has denied.
The Metropolitan Police, after liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service, dropped any idea of investigating claims of corruption against the 52-year-old MP, or anyone else.
While the Serious Fraud Office is expanding its probe into alleged fraud concerning humanitarian aid contracts to take in oil contracts, it has made clear Mr Galloway will not figure in investigations.
In 2005, Mr Galloway testified before the US Senate and denied oil-for-food allegations, saying: "I have never seen a barrel of oil, never bought one, never sold one, and neither has anyone on my behalf."

Friday, June 08, 2007

I HATE These Niggers

Oswald Morsley
Heinrich Himmler

This Gangsta Rap Group Is Racist!

They call themselves Niggaz wit Attitude! They are racist against themselves and should be sent to the Death Camp of Tolerance near South Park in the state of Colorado!!!

Bob Piper Asks A Stupid Question

How about trying to reason with socialists such as Terry Kelly and Bob Piper himself?

Quote of the Day 8.7.2007

"Gordon Brown's future legacy will be to become the first British Prime Minister to have inherited a recession of his own making." - C4'

The N-word

I will never again use the word 'nationalise' on this blog.... Oh shit, I've just used that word....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vince McMahon: Clueless Idiot? Yes! Racist? No!

How ironic that Booker T should complain about Vince McMoron calling John Cena a nigger when Booker himself called Hulk Hogan a nigger eight years earlier

A Nigger Calls A Cacasian Male A Nigger!


The reason Booker T called Hulk Hogan a nigger is because traded in the pure and wholesome red and yellow colours of his attire for the rule breaker black and white of the new World order (nWo).

Booker's reaction to his own statement is hilarious! How on earth did his brother Stevie Ray manage to keep a straight face?!?

Oh Dear, Big Brother Loses It's Nerve Over The Word 'Nigger'!

So Emily has been evicted from the Big Brother house for using a slang term based on the Latin word for 'black', negro even though it wasn't aimed against anyone of Afro-Caribbean origin. I may not care for the women personally, but I believe Emily was hard done by because of fears about another media and political firestorm over 'racism' on the show. The word nigger is not racist in itself just like the swastika is not a racist symbol on it's own terms. A word, any word only causes offensive if it is used in a negative and derogatory manner; should we just ban language and symbols altogether?!?
Even if the word nigger had been used to deliberately offend Afro-Caribbeans, the best way to combat this abuse of free expression is to fight back with free expression itself. Complaining about the word nigger is really rather childish and such sentiments belong with children on school playgrounds, not mature and adult societies.
Does anyone else find it ironic that Channel 4 are prepared to show a programme with photographs of Princess Diana's death despite complaints from her sons, friends and the Conservatives, yet evict someone from Big Brother for saying "nigger"? Double standards indeed!!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Kenta Kobashi

The song is "What it is to burn" by Finch

For Pity's Sake - They're Now Complaining About An NHS SURPLUS!!!

There seems to be no pleasing some people (if you consider lefties to be "people" instead of parasites). A £510 million surplus following on from an £800 million deficit the previous year is cause to REJOICE at one of the NHS's best years ever!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gordon Brown To Sack Peter Hain From The Cabinet

Quote of the Day 5.6.2007: Iain Dale - Stasi Spy?!?

Where he was no doubt recruited by those commie bastards to spy for the former GDR!
I've outed you Dale, come out of the Cold War closet

You Know This Country Has Gone To The Dogs When....

.... the overrated, overpaid and underachieving David "She-male" Beckham is in line for a knighthood and that cunt Hazel "Chipmunk" Blears approves of such a plan. The honours system has been brought into disrepute by the fucking fascist Nulabs.
Fuck Beckham, fuck his annoying talentless wife, fuck Blears, fuck New Labour and fuck that great satanic cunt himself, Adolf Blair!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Liverpool Fans The Worst

A damning Uefa report branding Liverpool fans the worst in Europe is to be presented to sports minister Richard Caborn.
European football's governing body says there have been more incidents involving Reds supporters than any others.
The report is based on the findings of undercover police agents over the last four years.
It paints a damning picture of Liverpool fans' behaviour at last month's Champions League final in Athens, which Milan won 2-1.
There were violent scenes outside the stadium and inside after many fans gained access with forged tickets - and in some cases no tickets at all.
Uefa spokesman William Gaillard said: "The incidents involving Liverpool fans have been well known to us before the trouble at the Champions League final.
"That was just the latest example. What other set of fans steal tickets from their fellow supporters or out of the hands of children?
"We know what happened in Athens, and Liverpool fans were the cause of most of the trouble there."
He went on: "There have been 25 incidents involving Liverpool fans away from home since 2003 and these are in the report - most teams' supporters do not cause any trouble at all."
Gaillard added: "You must ask yourself why at the same match, with the same conditions, there was no trouble with the Milan fans - only the Liverpool fans."
Liverpool have sent their own report to UEFA complaining about lax security measures at the final.
The city's Lord Mayor Paul Clark has also hit back in the Liverpool Daily Post.
He said: "UEFA appear to be trying to avoid the blame for the disorganisation of the final.
"To make matters worse, instead of looking at their own faults UEFA are blaming the people of Liverpool."
I hate bloody Scourers too!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Is It Acceptable For Public Servants To Be Rude To Members Of The Public?

The Standards Commission for Scotland clearly didn't think so when they suspended the infamous Labour Councillor Terry Kelly for calling an SNP member and fellow councillor a "village idiot" during a council meeting. Perhaps their English counterparts would also agree with this assessment if they looked into the conduct of another Labour Councillor, Bob Piper of Sandwell?
I don't mind being called a git by anyone, never mind an elected representative, but I'm hardly likely going to overlook an elected representative's opinions in favour of media censorship in foreign lands, hatred of the Jewish people and the State of Israel and their support for murdering Irish and Palestinian terrorists.

Quote of the Day 2.6.2007

"I wanted to put cooking and food as my main interest, but then I thought people would think 'Shut-up you fat bitch,' " - Laura from Big Brother 8

Friday, June 01, 2007

Quote of the Day 1.6.2007

"Shelly "Ariel" Martinez's release was a bit of a surprise to most since she was on television weekly. The main reason given for her release was that the people making the decisions didn't think she had "the right look," which is kind of a nice way of saying that she wasn't pretty enough in the eyes of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon.
McMahon was negative on using her from the start because she didn't have the typical model look that he likes. However, Paul Heyman sold him on her because she did a good job playing her gimmick while she was in Ohio Valley Wresling. When Heyman left, she lost her biggest supporter, although she managed to stick around for several more months. Also, Vince doesn't understand "goth" characters, so that didn't help her cause."
If McMoron doesn't understand goth characters, then just who did create the most famous goth character in prowrestling history, The Undertaker? My guess that it was the man who portrays the Phenom himself, Mark Calloway!

Bob Piper Supports Censorship