Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Loath David Beckham

I've just sent this letter to the Western Mail newspaper:
SIR – Keith Towler undermined his own argument when he cited David Beckham as a suitable role model for children ahead of eminently more qualified, homegrown heroes such as Joe Calzage and Ryan Giggs. The former is a vain, over-paid and over-rated under-achiever who not only revels in his own ignorance, but also has still not denied that he has been unfaithful to his equally loathsome wife.
The latter two are not only talented and often underrated; they are also hard grafters who have earned their honours and riches through dedication and personal sacrifice despite persistent recurring injuries. Their private lives are also to be commended for rarely being the subject of controversy.
Calzage and Giggs are welcome throwbacks to the noble, honourable sporting heroes of old, whereas Beckham, along with Tony Blair, David Cameron and Jade Goody, is a personification of the triumph of style over substance in today’s Britain.

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