Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Here Wii Go!

On December 8, the Japanese company Nintendo releases its latest videogames system, called Wii, in Britain. While its rivals Sony and Microsoft have opted to release their latest machines (the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 respectively) with evermore-impressive visual capabilities, Nintendo prides itself on being innovative and has instead chosen to try to redefine the way that ‘Wii’ play games. This approach is symbolised by Wii’s much-touted remote control-style pad that Nintendo hopes will mirror the same success of the analogue control stick from one of Wii’s predecessors, the Nintendo 64. Yet there is another less published feature of Wii that is just as exciting to use.
The Mii Channel allows each gamer to create virtual avatars of themselves, real and fictional personalities from James Bond to Wii-lliam Hague. These avatars can then be used in some games such as Wii Sports that will be bundled with Wii itself. Wii Sports features tennis, golf, baseball, ten-pin bowling and most interestingly of all, boxing! For example, a gamer could create digital versions of Gordon Brown and David Cameron on the Mii Channel and then insert both of them into the boxing ring to recreate the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle fight with Brown in the role of George Foreman and Dave as Muhammad Ali.
The arrogant “Lord Gord” would use his big clunking fists to try to KO our plucky hero, but in spite of the pummelling he is dishing out to Dave, Brown only manages to wear himself out. Fatigued by his failure to finish off his opponent, Brown is caught off-guard by the resilient Dave’s devastating counterattack and is quickly floored by a lethal combination. When Brown is unable to pick himself up off the canvas before the end of the referee’s count, David Cameron is declared the winner!


Shotgun said...

I think Nintendo are on to a winner mainly because of the controller and of course the price.

Think of the games that are and have been the biggest successes recently and you will find it is fighting games like Halo...but controlling them is useless with a MS or Sony pad, and really the best way to control the crosshairs is by mouse, but the next best thing is the Wii pad and it will be a winner.

Besides that, I fucking hate Microsoft and the PS is just too expensive, even for rich fuckers like me.

C4' said...

I believe that Microsoft have already won this generation's console war, but considering the expense of the PS3 and the innovative features of Wii, Nintendo's chances of finishing the runners-up ahead of Sony are very strong.