Monday, September 24, 2007

Elfyn Llwyd Is A Stalinist Dinosaur

Here is my most recent letter to the Western Mail newspaper:
SIR – Elfyn Llwyd showed his true authoritarian colours when he called for David Cameron to punish David Davies for expressing an opinion that Mr. Llwyd doesn’t share. It seems that this Stalinist dinosaur and his colleagues only believe in freedom of speech for those that agree with themselves. His assertion that Mr. Davies and Alun Cairns don’t regard their service in the Assembly as a privilege smacks of factual disassociation considering his own party’s One Wales coalition partners have treated Wales as their own private fiefdom for over seventy years. It is the opinion of a sizeable number of others and myself that the longer that we the Welsh persist with the cruel, failed and discredited social-political-economic ideology of socialism, the further Wales will fall behind the rest of the developed world. The attitudes of Mr. Llwyd and his supporters only vindicate Mr. Davies’ fears of Wales becoming a Neo-Soviet state.
C4' B.A. (Hons.)

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