Friday, May 11, 2007

Top Cat Blasts New Junk Food Advertising Rules As 'Ludicrous'

MONMOUTH MP David Davies has described new rules being introduced to prevent advertising of junk food to children as ‘absolutely ludicrous’.
Under the new regulations from Ofcom, honey, raisins, Marmite, cheese and olive oil have been classified as junk food.
Interestingly, chicken nuggets, diet colas, white bread, oven chips and other products with little or no nutritional value are not subject to such condemnation.
"The Nutrient Profiling Model promoted by the Food Standards Agency and used by Ofcom classifies all food based on a 100g measure," said Mr Davies."
The NPM unfairly victimises many foods that legitimately form part of a healthy, balanced diet. It is common sense that foods such as chicken nuggets are going to be consumed in a far greater quantity than Marmite, for instance.
"The NPM also fails to distinguish between natural and processed sugars. Honey is high in natural sugar not processed sugar, but it is the quantity in 100g that makes it unhealthy as far as the FSA and Ofcom are concerned."
Mr Davies has called on Ofcom to review the use of the NPM in the banning of junk food promotion. He has also written to the Chief Executive of the Food Standards Agency to express his concern.
"These new rules are absolutely ludicrous," he said.
"Sadly, the Government seems to like making up regulations on the hoof and I will certainly look to raise this matter in the House of Commons."

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