Thursday, January 31, 2008

Capello Drops Beckham

Fabio Capello has told David Beckham that he will not be part of his first England squad, which is being named this afternoon.
The England manager telephoned the midfielder last night and broke the news to Beckham - who is just one appearance short of becoming the fifth man to earn 100 England caps - but assured him he could be part of his plans for the future.
It is understood that Capello told the 32-year-old he wanted his players to be match-fit, and that naming Beckham in his squad to face Switzerland next week would be unfair on those who have been playing in matches week-in, week-out.
Beckham is very disappointed by the news, especially as he has been training with Arsenal during his holiday - Major League Soccer's close season - to get fit for Capello's first game in charge, the friendly against Switzerland at Wembley on Wednesday.
He has however been encouraged by his talk with Capello about the future.
In the phonecall, Capello told Beckham he was still part of his plans and that there was no reason why he will not pick him again as long as he is fit enough and playing well enough for the Los Angeles Galaxy.
It is also understood that Capello had no issue with Beckham going to Brazil and Africa this week.
Capello had been urged to give Beckham his 100th cap against Switzerland, if only to reward the player for his 10 years of service, but it is clear the Italian is refusing to indulge in any sentimentality.
Capello does know what Beckham can offer to a side - he was manager of Real Madrid last season and restored the England midfielder to the team after he was initially left out when he announced he was moving to America.
Beckham responded with a run of form that helped inspire Real to win the Spanish league.
He may be a fascist, but even Capello realises that Beckham is crap!

R.I.P - Jeremy Beadle MBE (April 12, 1948 - January 30, 2008)

Watch out God, somewhere in heaven, Beadle's About

Monday, January 28, 2008

I Am SIR C4'!

Another life-long ambition of mine was realised today, both in the most unorthodox way imaginable and far sooner than I had hoped. A dear friend of mine on Facebook invited my to accept an application for a Knighthood, which I obviously took up. Henceforth, I hearby decree that I am to be styled as Sir C4', and don't any of you forget that!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quote of the Day 26.1.2008

"After every dark night there is a bright day" - Bobby Lashley

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quote of the Day 24.11.2008

Peter Hain Resigns To "Spend More Time On Remand"!

Bobby Lashley Quits WWE

The Emma-lousie Fenton of professional wrestling Bobby Lashley has quit World Wrestling Entertainment. Despite his problems in communicating using the English language (is anyone a "bathturd"), greenness in the squared circle and effeminate voice, Lashley was one of my guilty pleasures and I appreciate his hard-hitting style of wrestling (so long as he was carried by a decent opponent during his matches). The former U.S. Army Sergeant and World Military Games Silver Medallist now plans to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Someone give me a machine gun.... ?

State-Approved Thuggery

You couldn't make this up if you tried!!!

Congratulations Chavo!

Congratulations to Chavo Guerrero (the nephew of the legendary, late great former World Wrestling Entertainment Champion Eddie Guerrero) on becoming the new EXTREME Championship Wrestling World Champion. He may have won it with a TNA-style main event screw job against the great defending champion CM Punk, but I don't care! Chavo is a great wrestler and I'm glad that WWE is finally giving him the recognition that he deserves for his years of hard work and sacrifice. Like his deceased uncle, Chavo is a performer who has the innate ability to connect with wrestling fans both as a fan favourite and a rule-breaker.

Quote of the Day 23.1.2008

Thoughts & Prayers

My thoughts and prayers go out to three individuals and their families at this present time. The first is obviously the film actor Heath Ledger. The second is young Jessica Knight, who was viciously and repeatedly stabbed on her way home. The third individual is an old acquaintance of mine called Stephen Tandy, who is critically ill in the University of Wales Hospital Cardiff with extensive injuries after the Transit van he and two colleagues were driving to work in came off the road on the A40 near Broad Oak just over a week ago.
May the Good Lord be with them and their relatives during these difficult times.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Quote of the Day 21.1.2008

"FREEM N MOXY FROM AMURKA BY GEORGE W." - our old and incoherent 'friend', Cllr Terry Kelly, before goes off on another racist rant about 'AmurKKKa' and Israel

McStalin Goes Back To 1976

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund should set up an early warning system to prevent crises like the global credit crunch, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday.
Proposing sweeping changes to international institutions, Brown called for rapid response teams of police and experts to be set up that could be sent quickly to trouble spots to restore order and begin rebuilding after conflicts.
And he called for the creation of a multi-billion-dollar global climate change fund within the World Bank to finance environmentally sustainable development in the poorest countries.
Brown believes that the rapid spread of the credit crisis last year after problems with U.S. sub-prime mortgages points to failings in global financial supervision that must be fixed.
"With financial markets and flows transformed by globalisation, I propose that -- acting with the same independence as a central bank -- the IMF should focus on surveillance of the global economic and financial system and thus prevent crises, not just resolve them," he said in excerpts of a speech he will deliver to business executives in New Delhi.
The IMF, working with the Financial Stability Forum -- a group of central banks, regulators and international bodies -- "should be at the heart of an early warning system for financial turbulence affecting the global economy," he said.
The credit crunch claimed a high-profile casualty when mortgage lender Northern Rock suffered the country's first bank run in more than a century last year.
Northern Rock has borrowed about 26 billion pounds from the Bank of England, creating a huge political headache for Brown.
"The IMF and World Bank ... have to change to become properly equipped for a world where national problems can quickly become global -- and contagion can move as swiftly as the fastest communication," said Brown, who ends a four-day trip to India and China later on Monday.
Brown meets the leaders of France, Germany and Italy as well as European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in London on January 29 to discuss how to respond to the crisis.
Brown said he supported India's bid for a permanent place, with other countries, on an expanded U.N. Security Council.
Officials would not say however how many permanent members they believed a reformed Security Council could have.
Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States have been veto-bearing permanent members of the council since the United Nations was created in 1945. But they face growing pressure for reform with Brazil, Germany, India and Japan all demanding permanent seats.
Brown said another problem was that there was no mechanism for quickly sending in experts, police and judges to get states back on their feet when peacekeepers intervened in a conflict.
"We must do more to ensure rapid reconstruction on the ground once conflicts are over," he said.
"I propose that we constitute rapid response standby teams of judges, police, trainers and other civilian experts who can work on the ground to help put countries on the road to economic recovery and political stability," he said.
He called for a new U.N. crisis prevention and recovery fund to provide immediate support for reconstruction in such cases.
This all seems very familiar....

Cruel, Callous & Corrupt Hypocrites

So our lords and masters are ordering our brave war veterans to pay back their pensions while our greedy and corrupt MPs prepare to vote for themselves an inflation-busting 10% increase of their own wages and pensions. These MPs' are also running ridiculous amounts of taxpayers' money on 'expenses' while ordering other public sector workers to expect a below-inflation salary increase of 1.9-2.5%. When this lot 'retire', they are awarded peerages for their shameless greed and corruption or are chosen by their equally slimy colleagues to join the Evilpean Union gravy boat as commissioners where they are free to commit even worse acts of corruption with taxpayers' money and get away with it.
What a fucking shower of total, shameless cunts! The original Guido Fawkes (circa 1605) had the right idea!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quote of the Day 18.1.2008

"The usual terminology of political language is stupid. What is 'left' and what is 'right'? Why should Hitler be 'right' and Stalin, his temporary friend, be 'left'? Who is 'reactionary' and who is 'progressive'? Reaction against an unwise policy is not to be condemned. And progress towards chaos is not to be commended. Nothing should find acceptance just because it is new, radical, and fashionable. 'Orthodoxy' is not an evil if the doctrine on which the 'orthodox' stand is sound. Who is anti-labor, those who want to lower labor to the Russian level, or those who want for labor the capitalistic standard of the United States? Who is 'nationalist,' those who want to bring their nation under the heel of the Nazis, or those who want to preserve its independence?" - Ludwig von Mises; Interventionism, An Economic Analysis (1940)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Quote of the Day 14.1.2008: Terry & Tommy - Best Friends Forever

The recent antics of Scotland's most infamous local councillor have reminded of a quote made by everyone's favourite pictorial blogger Theo Spark
"A good friend will come bail you out of jail.... but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn.... We Fucked Up""

Friday, January 11, 2008

Quote of the Day: What's The Difference Between Tony Blair & A Mafia Don

"One (a) portrays himself as a man of the people and guardian of the community, but extorts large amounts of money from businesses and individuals under the guise of protecting them against future perils whilst actually accumulating vast wealth for himself and his family, (b) is indirectly implicated in the deaths of many people to promote his interests although he is never present at the killings, and (c) assuages his conscience with a superficial adherence to the Catholic church.
The other is an Italian thug." - a joke on Iain Dale's Diary

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quotes of the Day 9.1.2008: "I'm not a racist, but....!"

You know something Tel, most sexists are married with daughters, but that doesn't stop them from discriminating against females. What a lame excuse Tel!
"UNITED NATS ? AYE RIGHT. UNITED IN FREAR." - Cllr Terry Kelly (again)
The fact that an elected official and the election agent of the Scottish Labour leader in the Scottish Parliament cannot spell 'fear' sums up both the total incompetence of the Labour party north of the boarder and the failure of Scottish education system to teach the Scottish elite the basics properly.

Terry The Sexist Pig

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quotes of the Day 8.1.2008

"The irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and provocative have a right to be heard." - Lord Justice Sedley on 23.7.1999
"What has become of my homeland, the land my forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the world when one of their children is forced into the position of facing years in prison for standing up for what is right and just within British society…Who have I killed, who have I threatened to kill? No one, all I have done is written about my reality on a computer screen, and now I face going to prison in my own country for standing up for myself and others.
How dare those power hungry fools seek to silence me or anyone else like me from speaking the truth for the sake of our children, grandchildren and the future of our homeland, who do they think they are, they are nothing more than mere men like the rest of us, just in positions of power over us that they totally abuse against us, look at the treason that has happened within Brussels by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, handing over the Sovereignty of our Nation into foreign hands - Treason is the only word for it yet no one is arresting them, no they are arresting me for writing a few words of truth on a blog…
I did not wake up one morning and think I hate Moslems and start my blog, I do not have a racist disposition as this blog is not a race issue it is a Religious issue, I had my life threatened and this blog is the result…Today it is me and my blog and tomorrow it is you and your blog." - The blogging martyr Lionheart

Kurt Angle Doesn't Suck

It's True! It's Damn True!

Kurt Angle VS Kendo Kashin Part 2

What happened to your kneepads Kurt?

Kurt Angle VS Kendo Kashin Part 1

This match took place on 20.12.2007 for the Inoki Genome Federation (IGF)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kurt Angle VS Yuji Nagata Part 3

This match was for Angle's International Wrestling Grand Prix (IWGP) 3rd Belt Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle VS Yuji Nagata Part 2

This match took place yesterday at the New Japan Pro-Wrestling supershow "Wrestle Kingdom II In Tokyo"

Kurt Angle VS Yuji Nagata Part 1

An early contender for Prowrestling Match of 2008.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008

Christmas was a quiet, but decent time for yours truly. I'm only now catching up on reading the posts of other political blogs over the festive period and two blogs stand out in particular.
The first of these is FIDO The Dog's blog The Lone Voice thanks to FIDO's tireless efforts to expose the daily raping of this country by the Nulab/EU/Islamofascist/Political Correctness Brigade. The other is of course The Blob Called Terry. Our 'favourite' comrade has added females to his lengthy list of enemies of the people, as well as resuming his tirades against the disabled, Right For Scotland and Henry Crun. He even had time to confuse me the missing blogger Shotgun.