Monday, July 31, 2006


In a message board topic on GameFAQs, a user called Matriculated2 wrote that "You can shout "get out of my country foreigner" and it won't be racist - it'll be common sense." I need hardly remind true blue Tories what an ignorant statement that is to make.
Matriculated2's words of 'wisdom' were soon countered by another user called Teppic, with a brilliant observation of the former mentioned individual.
"Your comments belittle you and show no real understanding. Its like you've been watching somthing richard and judy like and have been led to belive thats what a humorus opinion looks like."
We have really got to stop the likes of the BBC and Jo Salmon brainwashing feeble-minded individuals like Matriculated2.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Is it Fluffy Helen in disguise?

It seems that someone posted potty-mouthed comments about our beloved F├╝hrer and his family on Mars Hall and I am being made the scapegoat by the Left. Considering I was not online at the time in question, I would have to have supernatural powers to have authored these remarks.
If it makes you lefties happy, then yes, I did call Blair a jug-eared expletive. I also set fire to the Reichstag in February 1933, assassinated both Julius Caesar and JFK and betrayed Jesus to the Romans.
Happy now?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hug A Hoodie?

Is David Cameron still on drugs?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Never Imitate Kenta Kobashi When You Are Drunk

Taxi driver collared for injuring woman with wrestling move
YOKOHAMA -- A man who knocked a woman to the ground with a wrestling move on a street in Yokohama, leaving her with a broken bone, was arrested Monday, police said.
Arrested for inflicting injuries on the woman was Ryoichi Takashi, 55, a taxi driver from Yokohama's Naka-ku. He was reportedly drunk at the time, and told police he didn't remember having attacked the woman.
"I don't know why my arm is so sore," Takashi was quoted as telling police when he had become sober.
Investigators said Takashi attacked the 36-year-old woman with a lariat wrestling move as she passed him on a street in Yokohama at about 2:05 a.m. on Monday, wrapping his left arm around her neck and knocking her to the ground. The woman was left with serious injuries that included a broken bone in her lower back.
Takashi had been walking home at the time of the attack. A resident who witnessed the incident and alerted police said the assault had come without warning.
"It was sudden," the resident was quoted as saying. Police said the female victim had not met Takashi before.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Quotes of the Day 8.7.2006

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Myths From The Left: Thatcher, The Economy & Unemployment

The biggest stick the Left always uses against Baroness Thatcher and her governments are the unemployment figures between 1982 to 1986, which stood at over 3 million during the period. Baroness Thatcher stands accused by her extremely vocal and vicious critics of callously destroying the British coal and manufacturing industries with her uncompromising monetary policies. The truth however is far more complex and damning of the Left’s role in this chronicle than they would care to admit.
In her autobiography, The Downing Street Years, Baroness Thatcher attributed the rise in the unemployment figures to “past overmanning and inefficiency, strikes, technological change, changes in the pattern of world trade and the international recession” amongst other factors. It is clear to me that the rise in unemployment was in large part due to unsustainable levels of jobs artificially created by an interventionalist state within an already bloated public sector. Successive pre-Thatcherite governments created jobs purely for the sake of creating jobs in much the same vein as the Soviet Union. This combined with the inability of the state-owned industries to adapt working practices to both incorporate and exploit the benefits of new technology meant these industries’ produce were unable to compete with its (often private sector and international) rivals that had kept pace with these changes to reduced overheads.
This industrial stagnation and inefficiency was made worse by unsustainable wage increase demands from the trade unions that were well above the rate of inflation. These demands created a catch-22 situation whereby in order to pay for these wage increases, the cost of produce had to be increased, pushing inflation upwards. As inflation wiped out the real value of workers’ wages, the trade unions made further extravagant wage demands, pushing both costs and inflation up further still at a time when Britain’s international competitors were able to reduce costs while managing to increase wages at a sustainable rate in real teams thanks to the exploitation of new technologies and the implementation of more efficient working practices. In other words, both the nationalised industries and the British economy were living well beyond their means.
Thatcher knew that things could not continue as they were and that drastic action had to be taken to improve the heath of the economy. She also knew that to achieve this would be a painful process that would increase unemployment in the short-to-medium term in order to reduce overmanning, inefficiency and inflation. Such a course of action would and did leave her open to accusations from loony lefties of callously destroying Britain’s industrial base and ruining people’s lives for the sole benefit of the greedy, the strong and the powerful, but despite the black propaganda peddled about her, her policies and her motives, what Thatcher did was right, necessary and brave. Thatcher saved Britain from what Friedrich August von Hayek had termed the “fatal conceit” of socialism and for that, we should all be grateful.

Myths From The Left: Prologue

As some of you might be aware about, I am currently reading for a MA in Political Theory at Swansea University. I am in the process writing my dissertation thesis on Personality Power Politics: Continuity & Contrasts between the Thatcher & Blair Paradigms. I had always wanted to study a postgraduate course in the field of Politics and I was naturally delighted to have been given the opportunity to do so by Swansea University. I would like to thank not only the University (in particular Mr. Andy Lyden for his constant support and efforts on my behalf), but also my mother for her drive and self-scarifies to provide my siblings and I with every advantage in life that she was denied by her circumstances.
I have used this past academic year to immerse myself in the world of politics to better broaden my knowledge and understanding of the issues at stake within society. Those individuals have had most profound influences over the development of my worldview are the American former prowrestler-turned-conservative philosopher (Ultimate) Warrior, the late great British Conservative monetarist Nicholas Ridley, the libertarians Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of both the superlative South Park and Team America: World Police) and of course, Baroness Thatcher. The moderate liberal-left author and commentator Oliver Kamm also impressed me with his anti-totalitarian foreign and defence policy arguments. I have learnt a lot from these individuals and owe them all a huge intellectual debt of gratitude.
I also read a number of political blogs on both sides of the political divide. My favourite blogs are those of Mr. Kamm, the Cameronite Tim Roll-Pickering, the Christian socialist Paul Burgin and the socialist couple of Antonia Bance and Jo Salmon. I would like to thank Ms. Salmon in particular for inspiring me to create this blog you are reading. Ms. Salmon and I are former colleagues on the Student Union Council at the corrupt University of Wales Lampeter (before it became an anti-Semitic Stalinist save haven) and although we do not see eye-to-eye on most issues (some of Ms. Salmon’s views are truly repugnant), I do have enormous respect for her formidable personality and dedication to social and political causes. I doubt Ms. Salmon holds me in the same high regard, but that of little-to-no concern for yours truly as my central political priority is to do what is right, rather than build friendships (although have no personal objections against having friends within the world of politics).
The purpose of this Myths From The Left series is to address certain claims made by the likes of Mr. Burgin, Ms. Salmon and others on the Left about the nature of conservative social, economic and political philosophy. Many of these assumptions have since been accepted by significant number of people as being true without much question. I do not expect that my analyses will win many, if any plaudits or converts from the Left due to the amount of conditioning they have undergone in their lives, but I hope the rest of you, whether you are apolitical, suffering a crisis of social and political conscience or an undecided individual hovering between Left and Right, will be more responsive in the affirmative to my arguments.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No Rest For The Wicked

It has been a while since I last posted on this blog. I have been extremely busy searching for accommodation and seeking employment and as such, I have had very little spare time to do very much of anything. I did start work on writing a series of articles for this blog setting the record straight on certain issues that have been mentioned recently in the blogsphere, but I do not know if I will get to the time to complete this project I have set for myself to a satisfactory standard. I am also a quarter of the way through writing my postgraduate thesis, which imposes further restraints on my time. Nevertheless there are certain issues that have cropped up over the last few days that I am keen to cover on Conservative Mind and as such, I will attempt to make the time to deal to offer my insights.
Enjoy yourselves over the summer, but please spare a thought for poor old C4? I will be working hard over the next few months in order to secure a health future for myself.