Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fisking Terry Kelly

Once again, our old friend Cuntcillor Terry "Six Bellies" Kelly comes out with some more trash on his blog. Here are some of the 'highlights' of his most recent post:
"Hilary [Clinton] and the other democrat hopeful Barack Obama both support the death penalty, and Iraq, in the USA they are left wingers, [John] Edwards, a third so called left wing democratic candidate recently spent 800 dollars on his hair cut, that's normal according to left wing senator Edwards, seriously."
Firstly, Barack Obama has consistently opposed military intervention in Iraq before, during and after the 2003 conflict. Secondly, didn't a certain Scottish hero of El Tel's recently spend £100 on a haircut at a celebrity salon before giving a speech denouncing the cult of celebrity in politics? Oh dear Terry, you should have been more careful in doing your research before yet again making a fool of yourself with that tripe you wrote.
"There were famous rich players on show who didn't enhance their reputation in any way, with the honourable exception of Didier Drogba who is quite simply a force of nature. IMO if you sat down a panel of experts and asked them to come up with a perfect centre forward, Didier would emerge, big, strong, brave, fast, skillful and a mentality which does not allow failure, he gave the fans their money's worth."
Drogba didn't contribute much to the match other than his admittedly wonderful goal, whereas Rooney made some fine, devastating runs at the heart of the Chelski defence; runs that had he had had better support up front from his teammates and manager would have resulted in United scoring at least twice in the second half. Although I don't have an complaints about the result (bar the performances of both teams, especially in the first half), United did played the better football of the two teams, but Chelski, like all great teams did enough when it mattered most to win and I applaud them for that!

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