Monday, January 23, 2006

No Justice 4 Fathers

Recently, Matt O’Connor, the founder of the fathers’ rights protest pressure group Fathers4Justice (F4J) disbanded the organisation after allegations were made that militants attached to it plotted to kidnap Der Furher Adolf Blair’s youngest son Leo. As a result of the actions of a minority, decent honourable fathers have lost their collective voice, setting back the wider civil liberties movement by several years if not decades.
Mr. O’Connor’s own comments in the wake of this episode have certainly not helped when he claimed that fathers in general were less mature than mothers. While it is true that there are a higher proportion of deadbeat fathers than bad mothers, those individuals are still only a minority. To say that Mr. O’Connor’s remarks were a false stereotypical generalisation does not fully take into account the dangerous implications it raises. Apart from playing into the hands of most adherents of the ignorant, hypocritical chauvinistic Feminist movement (the claims from some feminists that they are not man-haters are as credible as David Irving’s assertion that the holocaust is a myth), it paves the way for other movements to be disbanded, even ideas and faiths to be abandoned and suppressed. Should the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s have been disbanded because of the activities of a few fringe militants that had lost perspective? Should Islam be wiped off the face of the planet because the actions of the so-called ‘Muslim’ Osama Bin Laden and his followers? Should women have abandoned campaigning for the right to vote and equality because the criminal acts of a minority?
Certainly not!
For all its faults, F4J provided an essential public service in highlighting that about 50% of contact orders are ignored by mothers and rarely (if ever) enforced by the courts. On the whole F4J’s stunts are no different from those used by Greenpeace, but the former are perceived to be an easier touch than the latter judging by the amount of legal, political, media and feminist black propaganda and persecution utilised against the group. Despite these setbacks though, the fight against parental inequality will continue (and hopefully those superheroic theatrics too). Bank on it!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Friday, January 20, 2006

Galloway Eats More Humble Pie

BB celebs reeling after vote twist
The atmosphere in the Celebrity Big Brother house is grim after Wednesday's shock nominations.
Rula Lenska was left stunned at the betrayal by Respect MP George Galloway, who chose her despite being her closest friend in the house.
As a punishment for discussing previous nominations, George and Preston were called to the Diary Room and forced to choose three housemates who would automatically face the public vote.
They chose Traci Bingham, Rula and Maggot - unaware their comments were being shown to the rest of the group via the plasma screen. Both nominated Traci, while Preston chose Maggot.
George nominated Rula, explaining: "Mine would be Rula on the basis that she's trying too hard, in fact, she said that she was now going out to win.
"I never said I was out to win!" a furious Rula shouted at the screen.
Preston and George were left close to tears when they discovered everyone had heard their Diary Room comments. The pair had to spend the next hour trying to appease the nominees, who were all visibly upset. Redhead Rula spent the day giving George the silent treatment.
My heart bleeds for the stupid lapdog!

Quote of the Day 20.1.2006

Queen could punish BB MP under law
George Galloway could be punished by the Queen for entering the Celebrity Big Brother house under an ancient unearthed law.
Anyone absenting themselves from Parliament can be "amerced" - arbitrarily punished - under the 1382 Summons to Parliament Act.
The anti-war Respect MP faces that threat if the Queen decided he has not "reasonably and honestly" excused himself.
Former Labour colleagues would be only too pleased to see the 14th Century law used against him.
His antics on the show, including impersonating a cat, have already been raised at Westminster where MPs questioned how he was signing Commons motions while taking part in the contest.
Speaker Michael Martin, who confessed to watching the show, cleared him of wrong-doing after it was discovered the motions were posted before he went in.
Now opponents want the 1382 Act, which is still on the statute book, used against the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.
Martin Salter, Labour MP for Reading West, urged Her Majesty to act.
"Should Galloway be prosecuted under this ancient law I trust that the Queen would deliver an appropriate punishment," he said.
"In my view Galloway should be sent back to the Big Brother house for the rest of his life with the instruction to perform deeming impressions of every animal that walks the earth."
Personally, I was going to suggest that Galloway should be hung, drawn and quartered, but the highlighted quote is a more fitting punishment for Saddam's lapdog.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quote of the Day 19.1.2006

There are no wise people, only wisdom!

Men Enjoy Others' Misfortune More Than Women

Men enjoy others' misfortune more than women -study
LONDON (Reuters) - Germans have a word for it -- schadenfreude -- and when it comes to getting pleasure from someone else's misfortune, men seem to enjoy it more than women.
Such is the conclusion reached by scientists at University College London in what they say is the first neuroscientific evidence of schadenfreude.
Using brain-imaging techniques, they compared how men and women reacted when watching other people suffer pain.
If the sufferer was someone they liked, areas of the brain linked to empathy and pain were activated in both sexes.
Women had a similar response if they disliked the person experiencing the pain but men showed a surge in the reward areas of the brain.
"The women had a diminished empathic response," said Dr Klaas Enoo Stephan, a co-author of the report. "But it was still there, whereas in the men it was completely absent," he added in an interview.
The scientists, who reported their findings in the journal Nature, said the research shows that empathic responses in men are shaped by the perceived fairness of others.
"Empathic responses to other people are not automatic, as has been assumed in the past, but depend on the emotional link to the person who is observed suffering," Stephan said.
In the two-part study, 32 men and women volunteers played a game in which they exchanged money with four other people who were actors playing a part.
The actors were either fair characters, who returned equal amounts of cash that have been given to them, or unfair people who gave little or no money back to the volunteers.
In the second part of the experiment, the volunteers were placed in magnetic imaging brain scanners as they watched the actors receiving a mild electric shock, similar to a bee sting.
The scientists measured reactions of the volunteers in areas of the brain associated with pain and empathy and reward while the actors experienced pain.
The responses shown in the brain images were backed up with questionnaires filled in by the volunteers. Men admitted to having a much higher desire for revenge than women and derived satisfaction from seeing the unfair person being punished.
"We will need to confirm these gender differences in larger studies because it is possible the experimental design favoured men as there was a physical rather than psychological or financial threat involved," said Dr Tania Singer, who led the study.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quotes of the Day 18.1.2006

"In short, we need to campaign for capitalism. To promote profit. To fight for free trade. To remind, indeed to educate our citizens about the facts of economic life." - David Cameron, 8.11.2005

"I don't believe in 'isms'. Words like communism, socialism, capitalism and republicanism all conjure up one image in my mind: extremism." - David Cameron, 1.1.2006

Does Cameron have solid convictions about anything, and if so, what are they?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Galloway Is A Pussy

It looks like the man with more lives than a Hindu cat maybe about to finally commit political suicide.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The REAL Wrestling God

For those who have not heard the news yet, RAW Superstar Kurt Angle invaded Smack Down and captured the vacant World Heavyweight Championship in a 20-man Battle Royal. Congratulations to the 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist, he earned it due to his epics with Shawn Michaels last year!

Forget Hulk Hogan and John Bradshaw Layfield, Angle is the real god of professional wrestling. It's true, it's damn true!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Sentiments Exactly

BB's Galloway voters in MP protest
Rebel MP George Galloway has been accused of betraying his Muslim constituents for appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.
The Respect Party politician came under fire from a dozen local residents who staged a protest outside his office in east London.
They said he had abandoned his responsibilities in Bethnal Green and Bow and demanded he give back his MP's pay for the time he is in the house.
A Muslim voter, who wanted to be known only as Ali, said Mr Galloway was setting a bad example to Muslim children.
The community worker said: "I have spoken to a number of people at Friday prayers who voted for him who are very disappointed.
"They are disappointed that he's gone on the TV with a Page 3 model and a Baywatch woman. What sign is that giving to the Muslim community?. It's not what the Muslim community wants from their MP.
Michael Keith, leader of the Labour-led Tower Hamlets council, added: "We think the public should know that our MP is not here. He's not doing his job in Parliament and he's not doing his job in this community.
The group held up banners with slogans including "Get back to work Galloway", "Where's our MP?" and "Give your MP's salary back".

Friday, January 06, 2006

George Galloway & Celebrity Big Brother

“I am not too surprised about it, as Mr Galloway is a C-list politician with an A-list ego.” - Jim Fitzpatrick, Minister for London

Blair, Howard & Jiāng: The Retiring Axis of Evil

Ever wonder what the future holds for Tony Blair and his Australian counterpart John Howard after they leave office? Chances are that their retirements will parallel that of the former Chinese President Jiāng Zémín.
For 15 years Jiāng ruled China with an iron fist, suppressing religion, defaming, persecuting, imprisoning and murdering Falun Gong practitioners, political dissidents, human rights activists and ethnic minorities. Jiāng ‘retired’ from all his official state and Communist Party posts between 2002 and 2005. In ‘retirement’, Jiāng’s authority and prestige as a party grandee has been severely diminished by his successor Hu Jintao and Hu’s allies.
The career of the ‘Shanghai Snake’ is mirrored by those of the ‘Cheshire Cat’ and ‘Howard The Duck’. Just as Hangman Jiāng did, Blair and Howard are systematically targeting the Muslim minorities of their respective nations for persecution on the pretext of fighting the war against terrorism; treating other minorities such as the Aborigine and Jewish communities with latent contempt while demonising and detaining genuine refugees in what are nothing more than modern-day concentration camps. Blair, as Jiāng did, presides over a socialist-turned-fascist (if you believe there is any real difference between both fascism and socialism) organisation that remains socialist in name only, engages in corrupt practices, cronyism and subverts the rule of law when it suits him. As Tony Benn aptly put it in his memoirs, Blair behaves as if he is a medieval monarch with a divine right to rule.
When Blair and Howard do finally retire, they will eventually be seen as the vile and prejudiced autocrats that they are just as Jiāng is discreetly being exposed as within China itself. Unfortunately, their corrupt and evil legacies will live on for the foreseeable future and like Jiāng, will never be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.