Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cunt of the Year

There were many contenders for this 'award'. There were the usual suspects such as Blair, Brown, Prescott, Harman, Toynbee, Terry Kelly, Bob Piper, Cameron, Osborne, Boris Johnson, Jade Goody, John Reid, Nick Griffin, Al Gore, Kim Jong-Il, Hu Jintao, Antonia Bance and Jo Salmon. There were also some new contenders to the fray such Neil Harding, Ban Ki-Moon, Joseph Zuma, Chris Paul, Jackie Smith, Alister Darling, Kevin Rudd and even Iain Dale. However, there was one man whose unique talent for cuntery stood head and shoulders above all the other jackarses on the planet. 2007's Cunt of the Year title goes to that treacherous Eco-Nazi, Europhilie, Islamofascist appeasing and Blairite knob jockey David Miliband aka Batshit aka Milicunt aka Mini-Blair.

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Fidothedog said...

Agreed he has to win the cunt of the year award, hell I am sure that he will be in the running for next years cunt of the year.