Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Police uniform stripper for court

A male stripogram charged with wearing a police uniform and equipment in the street will be taken to court, the BBC Scotland news website can reveal.
The incident involving Stuart Kennedy, 24, happened in Aberdeen's Bon Accord Street on a Saturday night in March.
Two police officers took action and he was reported to the procurator fiscal.
Mr Kennedy will now face allegations of having offensive weapons - including batons - in a public place. The police uniform charge is not being pursued.
Mr Kennedy received a citation on Tuesday calling on him to answer the charges.
Principal fiscal depute Jim Craigen said: "I can confirm that Stuart Kennedy has been cited to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff Court in relation to three charges of possession of offensive weapons."
The genetics student at Aberdeen University is now due to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff Court later this month.
Source: BBC NEWS
What an abuse of our civil liberties and a waste of taypayers' money. This is bloody barmy!


fido said...

At least you could argue that there was an office actually out on the beat, maybe thats what they are getting upset about?

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