Saturday, December 23, 2006

For The Last Time....

David Irving is not a historian, he is a Jew-hating, holocaust denying fascist fantasist!

Friday, December 22, 2006

New Template

I hope you all like the new Habour template for this blog created by Douglas Bowman. I chose it to symbolise the clear blue water between myself and socialist bloggers such as Don Paskini and Paul Burgin.

Quotes of the Day 22.12.2006

"Every year there's some horrible Rom-Com I'm forced to endure by some female or other. I find this form repellent in the extreme, and after 2 hours of cloying niceness I go looking for a puppy to kick." - Jackart
"The general feeling among the writing staff is that [Paul] Heyman's departure was the best thing for Paul and the company." - on the opinions of the retarded WWE creative team
What an insult to Mr. Heyman! Who are those arrogant idiots to gauge what is in Mr. Heyman's best interests?
I am in a bad mood today and I feel like killing someone or something!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nintendo warning over bright lights

Nintendo has warned owners of its new console to avoid bright lights shining near televisions while they play.
It follows reports that fairy lights were causing problems with the Wii's remote control sensor.
The technology giant said direct lights could cause interference in "exceptional conditions".
Writing on a users' blog, one owner said: "The last couple of days my Wii has been acting weird in not picking up the Wiimote on the side of the Christmas tree and I could never figure out what was wrong.
"Well tonight, I turned off the Christmas tree and it fixed my problem."
The Wii sold out within 24 hours of hitting UK stores earlier this month.
In a statement, Nintendo said the console wasn't affected by lights under normal conditions.
It added: "In exceptional conditions where the Wii sensor bar is sat near a direct light source there may be some minor interference - this does not mean that there is any fault with your Wii.
"For the best performance of your Wii, avoid bright light sources behind or near the TV, shining towards the Wii remote or reflecting off the TV screen."

Offensive? Yes, but is THIS racist?!?

After the recent Bob Piper and Prague Tory saga over Bobby's Photoshop makeover of David Cameron as a minstrel, I found this contentious image on Theo Spark's blog of Kofi Annan. Yes it is offensive, but I do not believe it to be racist. However, it is understandable that even the most vocal opponent of French Trotskyite Political Correctness might feel that this image with its historical flavour is indeed racist.

I am Evil

Quote of the Day 21.12.2006

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quote of the Day 20.12.2006

"Why is it that Scottish & Welsh nationalists are Pro EU. How can it be better to be ruled from Brussels than from Westminster. If the Welsh and Scots feel that their voice is not heard in the UK how can it be heard in the EU with 7-8 times the population?" - Serf

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Quote of the Day 19.12.2006

"Mr [Lembit] Opik, the Lib Dem spokesman on Wales and Northern Ireland has been tipped by some as a future party leader." - Yahoo! News UK & Ireland
Don't make me laugh!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lembit Opik: The Original Mr. Write-off

After managing to curse his colleagues Charles Kennedy and Mark Oaten with his 'support' earlier this year, the Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire Lembit Opik has now ended the only good thing going for him, his relationship with ITV weather forecast presenter Sian Lloyd to begin another relationship with some 'singer' young enough to be his daughter. If it is any comfort to Ms. Lloyd, what Opik has done is the equivalent of trading in a Rolls Royce for a Trabant.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mad Mel Misses The Point

Mel Gibson has told his detractors: "Get the hell over it.
The Hollywood star, who issued a grovelling apology to the Jewish community in the summer after unleashing an anti-Semitic rant when he was arrested for drink-driving, said the way he had been treated since was "out of proportion".
He also defended his new movie Apocalypto against charges that it is excessively violent in its portrayal of the last days of the Mayan civilisation.
"How many people do you know get a DUI (driving under the influence) and are kicked around for six months?" Gibson told USA Today.
"It's out of proportion. I'm not saying I wasn't at fault.
"Hey, we're not perfect, we're all human, get over it.
"I've apologised, done the right thing, now get the hell over it. I'm a work in progress.
Apocalypto, which shocked critics with its depictions of beheadings and hearts being ripped from people's chests, defied predictions that Gibson's personal troubles would hamper its success to top the box office in its opening weekend.
On Thursday it picked up a Golden Globe nomination in the foreign language film category.
Gibson has missed the point. People are having a go at him not because he got a DUI. The public and media are angry because he made a number of anti-Jewish remarks and that despite his apologies, everyone does not believe that they were sincere. Not only that, his father is an infamous holocaust denier.

Quote of the Day 16.12.2006

"The sign of a civilised country is that it executes its drug dealers" - Peter Horton, of Ilfracombe, Devon, in a letter to the Daily Telegraph (quote courtesy of Iain Dale's Diary)
A rather amusing remark in my opinion.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Quotes of the Day 15.12.2006

"Let me put this bluntly. The government has backed down in the face of Saudi threats - it has acceded to blackmail. It argues that the decision has been made "in the wider public interest" yet it has basically prostrated the British nation at the feet of Saudi bribery and corruption. Shameful. Truly shameful." - Iain Dale
"It absolutely baffles me why the voters could not see this man for what he is. It was so obvious. He has evil written all over his face and eyes, and he did before he won his first term in office. There's an air of something unsettling about Tony Blair and there always was." - verity on Iain Dale's Diary
"The[y] [Labour] have no capacity for shame, especially Blair.
Lacking this moral compass he has an personality that is unfit to hold public office. The Labour party is unfit for office as it has not removed him despite these facts." - Man in a Shed on Iain Dale's Diary
"Remember kids, Sleaze and Telling Fibs is really wrong, unless it is in the 'Wider Public Interest'...
Remember, don't do as we do, Just do as we say..
Your Uncle Tony" - an anonymous poster on Iain Dale's Diary
"The cynical level of news management compounded with the questioning of a serving prime minister in relation to serious criminal offences, compounded with the governments disregard of the rule of law and parliamentary scrutiny profoundly ashames and sickens me. How can anyone vote Labour ever again?" - Anyone But Blair on Iain Dale's Diary

Wii have a problem: Nintendo recalls 3.2 mln wrist straps

TOKYO (AFP) - Nintendo has recalled 3.2 million wrist straps for its new Wii console after reports of enthusiastic users inadvertently sending the motion-sensing controller crashing into their TV screens.
Nintendo Co Ltd spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said Friday that the first version of the controller strap "turned out to be insufficient in its strength for some customers," so it would be replaced with a thicker one.
"The decision comes after reports that some users in the United States threw their controllers when playing with Wii sports software," he said.
By waving or swinging the controller, it can serve as a sword, tennis racket or car steering wheel in the games showing on screen.
But websites dubbed "Wii have a problem" and "Wii damage" have chronicled injuries and wreckage reportedly inflicted by Nintendo game controllers sent awry in the heat of play by wild swipes, loose grips or snapped wrist straps.
Wii controllers have been hurled or thrust into television and computer screens, according to online accounts. Among the reported casualties have been windows, glasses, dishes, stereos, walls and ceiling fans.
The official Wii website warns users to "hold the Wii Remote firmly and do not let go" when playing, while taking a moment to dry perspiring hands to prevent injury to people or damage to objects.
Nintendo, which launched the Wii in the United States last month and in Japan on Saturday, has been getting rave reviews for its new controller and games that shy away from blood-and-guts action.
But Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted last week that "even beyond our expectations people are becoming more and more excited playing with the Wii" following the reports of snapping wrist straps.
The Wii outsold the rival PlayStation 3 by more than double in the US in November, according to industry tracking group NPD, which estimates that Nintendo sold 476,140 of its Wii consoles against Sony's 196,580 PS3s.
Nintendo said that although it has not sold as many as 3.2 million Wii consoles some owners may have more than one controller to allow more than one player to compete at the same time.
Consoles shipped from early December already have the thicker strap.
Wii set itself apart from Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 consoles by designing a system that got players moving and encouraged family or friends to join in the activity.
Within weeks of Wii's debut in November, The American Chiropractic Association made the unusual move of publicly advising console enthusiasts to "stretch first, then play."
Nintendo also said Friday that it would recall 200,000 AC/DC power adaptors for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite portable game machines.
Nintendo said some adaptors supplied by Nagano Japan Radio Co Ltd (JRC) between January and October this year could generate excessive heat and possibly cause burn injury during charging.
Nintendo said to date, it has recorded nine such incidents of overheating. One such incident burned a hole in the body of the portable game machine but no injuries have been reported.
The Kyoto-based company said models with defective AC/DC adaptors were sold only in Japan.
Cumulative sales of Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite have so far reached 13 million units.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Quote of the Day 14.12.2006

"Politicians should stop trying to be cool and get on with running the country" - Cheryl Tweedy-Cole

Girls Aloud dismiss 'cool' Cameron

Girls Aloud have given Tory leader David Cameron the thumbs down.
Band member Cheryl Tweedy said Cameron should stop pretending to be "cool" and concentrate on policies.
Earlier this year, he claimed Cheryl was the most fanciable one in Girls Aloud.
But she told the New Statesman: "Politicians know we get listened to by more young fans than they do. That's why David Cameron said he fancied me. He was just trying to be cool. I bet he couldn't name a single song of ours. Do I fancy him? No! Politicians should stop trying to be cool and get on with running the country.
Cheryl also dished out some advice to Britain's political parties on how to make themselves more appealing to young voters.
"There should be adverts in the breaks during Coronation Street spelling it out in bullet points: This is what the Conservatives stand for. This is what Labour stands for.
"You know that basically Labour is the working class and the Conservatives are the really kind of upper class, and then everything else is... I have no idea," she explained.
But Cheryl is no fan of Prime Minister Tony Blair.
"We are too young to really remember the excitement of Labour getting into power. All we know is what's happening now, which is that Blair equals George Bush and the war in Iraq," she said.
Girls Aloud are not the first band to go political. The Spice Girls famously declared their support for Margaret Thatcher during an interview with The Spectator in 1996.
I wonder if Mrs. Ashley Cole has ever considered a career in comedy, as she does have the same talent as I for offending everyone (not that this is always a bad thing, because it makes for some great comic relief).

Game Boy Advance: A Retrospective

During 2000, Nintendo announced that it would release a true successor to the 8-bit Game Boy handheld console series called the Game Boy Advance that was unveiled later in the year at the Nintendo Space World show. While the Nintendo GameCube attracted the lion’s share of attention (and criticism for its Fisher Price-type aesthetics), the original Game Boy Advance was greeted with near-universal praise for its combination of stylish design, impressive Super NES equivalent graphics capabilities and 15 to 20 hours of battery life. When the portable was released the following year, it became an instant success, quickly acquiring a diverse library of quality titles from conversions of 16-bit Super NES classics such as Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past and Yoshi’s Island to original gems like Advance Wars, Golden Sun and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. The compact format’s fortunes were also greatly aided by the inclusion of backwards-compatibility with the software libraries of both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, which gave the Game Boy Advance instant access to an existing collection of over a thousand titles.
Although the Game Boy Advance series is commonly perceived as an array of portable Super NES consoles that also doubles up as a home for retro titles such as Manic Miner, Rayman Advance and Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis, it is also host to some terrific original software like Metroid Fusion, Spyro Season of Ice and the Sonic Advance trilogy. These original titles were often better than the best Super NES conversions because developers usually made more of an effort to make greater use of the Game Boy Advance’s technical capabilities as most of the Super NES translations were not only not as fully optimised for the portable as they could have been due to developer-laziness and built-in hardware limitations.
For what was conceived of as the handheld equivalent of the Super NES, the Game Boy Advance line is compromised by the omission of the Super NES controller’s X and Y face buttons. It was claimed that these two triggers were not included because Nintendo did not want to encourage third-party publishers and developers from converting Super NES titles to the Game Boy Advance family. However, considering that Nintendo themselves were responsible for most of the high profile Super NES translations and that the Super NES originals had usually used only four of the Super NES controller’s six buttons, it is more likely that the lack of triggers were due to cost cuts. While this decision rarely if ever rendered conversions of six button titles unplayable, some releases were still somewhat compromised such as Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper. The Game Boy Advance systems’ audio processor is also rather inferior to its Super NES Sony-developed counterpart, though it is still a capable instrument.
The initial Game Boy Advance also somewhat suffered from Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges awkwardly protruding out of the cartridge slot away from players and the absence of any internal lighting as it is at times difficult to see what is on the machine’s wide colour screen with even decent external lighting conditions. These problems were rectified by the release of the Game Boy Advance SP during 2003. Though it lacks the aesthetic elegance of both the original Game Boy Advance and the later-released Game Boy micro, the Game Boy Advance SP did include internal front lighting (a second-generation Game Boy Advance SP with improved internal lighting behind the visual display was released two years later) with 8-bit Game Boy series cartridges discreetly protruding towards gamers. This was achieved by using an internal lithium ion battery instead of traditional AA batteries (with beneficial side effect of saving owners the expense of regularly purchasing replacement standard batteries) at the cost of the internal lighting reducing playing time to just over ten hours when switched on (the battery life increases to eighteen hours when the lighting is off).
The final portable incarnation of the Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy micro, was released during 2005. Although this edition of the Game Boy Advance has the finest aesthetic design of the production line and adjustable light settings, the system failed to reproduce the commercial success of its predecessors because consumers owned one of or both the previous versions of the format and preferred instead to purchase either a variant of the Nintendo DS or Sony’s PSP. It also did not help that the Game Boy micro is incompatible with all Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles.
The biggest reason for the Game Boy Advance franchise’s success was of course the software library. A console stands or falls by whether it has a varied collection of quality titles and the Game Boy Advance was no exception. The portable has at least one classic game across almost every genre from the usual suspects to more obscure releases such as the critically acclaimed conversion of the popular PC CD-ROM and PlayStation title Broken Sword The Shadow of the Templars. Another key feature of the Game Boy Advance’s popularity was its ability to host simultaneous four-player games such as Bomberman Tournament, ChuChu Rocket and Mario Kart Super Circuit with just a single cartridge. The Game Boy Advance collection could also be connected to the Nintendo GameCube to access special features in certain titles and a couple of e-reader scanners were released that could upload basic games from cards, but these accessories were rather limited in there execution. A more successful Game Boy Advance-related peripheral was the Game Boy Player for the Nintendo GameCube, which could operate Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges through the television-based console as the Super Game Boy series allowed with the original Game Boy’s titles on the Super NES.
The Game Boy Advance franchise is one of the greatest consoles in videogame history with something for everyone to enjoy. It has old and original classics that cater towards the tastes of both the most casual and the most of dedicated of gamers alike, whether young or old.

Sony Are Rip-Off Merchants

£100 for a video games console (PlayStation 2) released six years ago? What makes it worse is that most PS2 systems sold breakdown in less than eighteen months.

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

Since we have entered the Christmas season, I am feeling unusually gracious at the moment and as such for the rest of the festivities, I will attempt to refrain for having a go at the usual suspects (Blair, Galloway, Watters etc.), unless provoked!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quote of the Day 13.12.2006

"The nasty Mr [Nick] Griffin and some of his unsavoury [British National Party] henchmen that we have seen on our televisions is not too much of a problem. We can see what they are. But the nice Mr Griffin and his unfailingly polite acqaintancies who convey their 'messages' around rural Wales are highly bloody dangerous." - Glyn Davies AM

Don Paskini's race to the bottom of the toilet

Not being one to let Cllr Terry Kerry and "Fluffy" Helen Watters beat him to the blogging wooden spoon, the mush-brained Labour spin doctor Don Paskini has posted his latest thoughts on Iain Duncan Smith and his Breakdown Britain report. As you will see for yourself, Master Paskini is still in the process of being potty-trained, thus accounting for his vile remarks.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Message From Councillor Rowdy Bobby Piper

The iQaeda
by Osama
The 100 Megaton iQaeda is the designer gift to die for this Christmas, but don't just take my word for it:
"I wouldn't be seen dead without it!" - Cllr Terry Kelly
"Thanks to Osama, I've died and gone to heaven!" - George Galloway MP
"Its da bomb!" - President George W. Bush
"It blew me away!" - Prime Minister Tony Blair
"BOOM BOOM!!! It really does shakes the room!" - Basil Brush
The 100MT iQaeda is available now from all good mosques, labour movement comrades and BBC Worldwide for the low, low price of just your life.
because life is random

Quote of the Day 12.12.2006

"I put my arms around a hoodie when I was on the parliamentary police scheme, that was to hold him until the officer came to put the cuffs on. That's the only time that they should receive a hug of any sort" - "Top Cat" David T. C. Davies, Conservative MP and AM for Monmouth responding to a Labour challenge over Tory leader David Cameron's policy (quote courtesy of Iain Dale's Diary).

She's Alive!

Rest easy folks, everyone's favourite muesli-crunching politically correct Oxford socialist Jo Salmon is still alive and blogging. Apparently she is still attending to some pressing matters at the moment. If you have not yet read her blog Jo's Journal, I urge you to do so. Marvel at the high quality production values of her blog, pity her for her deluded attachment to Bennite ideology (although considering that Tony Benn is a former aristocrat, he might actually be too right-wing for Ms. Salmon's personal taste) and denounce her for her support for Adolf Hitler's* employment policies.
*That's the original Hitler, not the reincarnated one currently squatting in 10 Downing Street.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Quote of the Day 11.12.2006

"Flaying leftists with the superior force of Conservatism" - Istanbul Tory on his interests

"TV's okay, but you just can't beat live entertainment!"

While I was at work with Tenovus this past Saturday, a man walked into the shop and asked my colleague Gail where were the Christmas cards displayed. Gail pointed him in the right direction and told him that the shop was selling English, Welsh and bilingual cards. When he heard this, the customer protested to Gail that "I'm straight"! How Gail managed to keep a straight face after that remark, I will never know!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Be Offensive, Tell The Truth!

Between 2002 and 2005, I had the misfortune of studying History at the University of Wales, Lampeter. Despite its origins as a theological college that trained students for the clergy, the institution has now degenerated into the proverbial wretched hive of scum and villainy. A classic, though surprising mild (by the degraded standards of the university) incident occurred midway through the second-term of my first year at Lampeter. On this occasion, the chairman of the students’ union was reprimand by one of the sabbatical officers (who is a prominent Labour party activist) for creating a PowerPoint presentation with the offensive images of a traditional nuclear family. According to the sabbatical, the images in question discriminated against homosexual couples. Why? Were there derogatory references or images against homosexuals? Was there any content that incited discrimination or violence against homosexuals? None whatsoever! When I commented to her that her complaint was “madness”, she barked at me, accusing me of a using a derogatory term about those with mental health issues before threatening to have security remove me from the premises. Thanks to the poisonous and counterproductive culture of political correctness, not only has common sense been usurped by wilful ignorance and stupidity, it is also offensive to tell the truth because some others might not or do not believe it!
However, there is nothing new about people taking offence to the truth. Thousands of years before the advent of political correctness, a carpenter from Nazareth caused great and regular offence in the Holy Land with his outrageous claims and remarks. This carpenter caused a huge scandal by having the temerity to claim that he was the son of God and that no one else could gain access to the Almighty expect through him. What arrogance! How presumptuous! How dare he upset the cosy self-righteous consensus of those around him! If someone did that today, that individual would be sectioned. For telling the truth, the carpenter was slandered, threatened, exiled, arrested, tortured and eventually murdered, all because he offended others by just telling the truth. Was this carpenter a bad person? Not in my opinion or the opinion of 1.9 billion others because he was a good man who gave his life for the ultimate truth, that God loves us, God cannot tolerate injustice, but still wants to rescue us from ourselves by sacrificing his only son exactly because he loves us and no other sacrifice can reconcile this contradiction. Being offensive can sometimes be a good thing because it challenges our preconceptions and compels us to think about what is the truth. Those in positions of authority, past, present and future fear the truth because it threatens their power over others. This one common thread unites the Pharisees and Sadducees with the politically correct students’ union bigwig.
There can be no authority, no freedom and no justice without truth and where there is truth, there must also be offence. This is why we remember and love a simple carpenter called Jesus.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quote of the Day 7.12.2006

"I've been classified as the greatest wrestler of all-time, but the truth is, there were thousands of wrestlers that were better than me. I'm not a good wrestler. But I had a look, and I talked a certain way, and timing-wise, I was very lucky." - Hulk Hogan

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Loved By Few, Hated By Many, Respected By All

About a week ago, the blogger Shotgun introduced me to the very weird world of a Scottish Labour councillor called Terry Kelly. Councillor Kelly (or Cuntcillor Kelly as Shotgun calls him) is a very entertaining blogger.... for all the wrong reasons!
Councillor Kelly, like all good socialists (?), is a brainless hypocrite, an imbecile, a liar and a Jew-hater. The man is an embarrassment to himself and Labour, which is why I pity him!
I will give Councillor Kelly some credit though for showing me at least a measure of respect in his replies to my comments. Unlike some others who have made remarks about him on his blog, the worst statement Councillor Kelly has made about me is that I am an "anonymous coward", which rather odd considering that I have nothing to hide. Councillor Kelly at least has some intelligence to realise that it is not in his best interests to hunt what can kill him!

Quote of the Day 6.12.2006

"now seeing what ecw has come to i can finally understand what all you people are raving about, this is like instead of beating a dead horse, taking a human, cutting open the dead horse, and walking around with a dead horse corpse on pretending you are a horse." - BrandonMan: 360 Fanboy about the new ECW on the Forums


To claim that I am disgusted at the way World Wrestling Entertainment has treated Paul Heyman would be a gross understatement. I am fuming!
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie and Kevin Dunn made the decision to dismiss Mr. Heyman because of "slumping television ratings and a disgruntled talent roster" for the company's Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) brand. Let me make one thing clear, Mr. Heyman is not responsible for the poor state ECW is in because he was not allowed to take full responsibility for the brand. If he had, ECW would have been in a much better shape. The real reason ECW is in such a crisis is because the McMahons and Dunn do not understand what made the original ECW promotion so great. These three have messed around with the concept so much, that the brand is no longer special and unique to watch. However, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, these imbeciles decided to make Mr. Heyman a scapegoat for the brand's problems, especially since it is an open secret that Stephanie hates Mr. Heyman and her father's decision to resurrect ECW as WWE's third brand earlier this year.
Fuck you Vince McMahon, I hope you get AIDS you senile old pervert!
Fuck you Stephanie McMahon, I hope drop dead before you father does because your brother Shane and your husband Triple H could do a far better job of running WWE than you, bitch!
Fuck you Kevin Dunn, I hope you get dismissed yourself in the very near future!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Quote of the Day 4.12.2006

"Socialism or death! I choose Death" - Istanbul Tory on the re-election of the Jew-hating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Friday, December 01, 2006

Quote of the Day 1.12.2006

"I'm soooooooooo scared of Big Blogger!" - myself mocking calls for political blogging to be regulated because it has upset a few Blairites

What is the common link between these three people?

If you know the answer, would you please post it in the comments section of this post?

Reasons Why Fluffy Helen Is Evil Part Eight

"I’m not a stalker, I swear."
Liar, liar, knickers on fire!