Friday, March 07, 2008

The Price Of Hypocrisy

I have just sent off this letter to two of my local rags:
My friends and I are extremely concerned about the judgement and philosophy of our MP Adam Price. While Mr. Price is to be commended for trying to impeach Tony Blair and for putting Carmarthenshire on the political map, we believe that he seems to be more concerned with developing his own media profile than doing the job he was elected to do and represent us, not himself at Westminster.
Many of Mr. Price’s constituents have found it strange and disappointing that it took him two years to publicly express his opposition to the controversial gas pipeline running though the constituency.
Mr. Price supports his party’s oxymoronic Europe policy, even though it runs contrary to Plaid’s long-term goal of an independent Wales. Does Mr. Price really believe that Welsh lives and issues would be better served in Brussels and Strasburg than they are at present (however imperfectly) in Westminster and Cardiff Bay? An ‘independent’ Wales within the EU isn’t independence at all! Plaid’s policy smacks of anti-English prejudice for it’s own sake rather than a stance based on a conscious, rational process of thought.
Perhaps most disturbingly of all, Mr. Price signed Early Day Motion 982 (February 20) in support of Fidel Castro’s tropical gulag in Cuba. Though Plaid’s leader in Westminster, Elfyn Llwyd’s support for this EDM came as no surprise to me, Mr. Price’s support for an EDM also signed in favour of by controversial figures such as George Galloway and Paul Flynn certain did. Does our MP really believe that liberty and human rights are less important than having supposedly “first-class free healthcare and education provision for the people” and “very good dentistry” as claimed by some other MPs?
Is Mr. Price aware of the plight of journalist Normando Hernández González who has been imprisoned by Castro and his thugs for ‘endangering national security’? Is Mr. Price aware that Mr. Hernández is in poor health, but been denied the right to take up a generous offer of asylum from the government of Costa Rica by his jailers? Is Mr. Price also aware that Cuba jails more journalists than any other nation bar China, with 59 presently in captivity? Would Mr. Price and his Plaid comrades like to see an independent Wales governed according to the Cuban model?!?
It’s ironic that a man that was recently named Gay Politician of the Year and according to his profile on the social networking website “Facebook”, claims to be a Libertarian should give his support for a regime that has outlawed homosexuality and imprisons, even executes gays in labour camps.
Adam Price is not a bad man, but he urgently needs to pay more attention to us, instead his own ego and Elfyn Llwyd, otherwise he may find himself on the dole after the next general election. May I suggest that Mr. Price focus his energies on fighting for a better deal from Carmarthenshire Council, who continue to treat Iori Jones, Trish Breckman, Eddie Roberts and all of us with casual contempt.
I must give credit to FIDO The Dog for some of the background information.

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