Monday, July 30, 2007

Terry Kelly: Unofficial Al-Qaeda Emir In Scotland

"Derka Derka, Muhammad Jihad!"
Shortly before he announced that he was off on his jollies to some unknown and God-forsaken place at the taxpayers' expense (though not his beloved Cuba apparently), I asked the infamous Renfrewshire Labour Councillor Terry Kelly for his opinion on the remarks made by the Palestinian terrorist group Fatah's London 'envoy' Manuel Hassassian on 18 Doughty Street.
For those of you who did not watch or forgot about Hassassian's appearance, he claimed that:
  1. Rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon are justified, even when innocent civilians are killed by them;
  2. The famous footage of Palestinians dancing for joy on the streets on 9/11 was faked by the Israelis;
  3. While the Taleban may have been a little excessive in their modus operandi, at least they kept order.
El Tel's reaction to these remarks were entirely predictable.

"Rocket attacks ? I don't know what he said but I doubt that anyone wants to see innocents killed. However I support the efforts of the Palestinians to strike back at their oppressors."

Has El Tel been so busy ripping-off English taxpayers, that he has not had the time to read or watch the news about the troubles in the Middle East or do his own research on this matter that he does not know about the countless statements made by Islamofascist lunatic terrorists all around the world who want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and finish off what Adolf Hitler started (not that they would ever admit to Ha-Shoah being a real historical atrocity in any case) with the those evil 'joooooooos'?!? I doubt it! It seems El Tel has a rather selective memory of world history (not to mention a blind spot for Jew-haters).

"This begs the question of course about whether you regard Israel as justified in killing innocent Palestinian's, much more efficiently as well, and far more of them."

So Israel is more guilty of crimes against humanity than the Palestinians, solely on the basis of efficiency and quantity? Obviously El Tel subscribes to the old maxim of one of his old socialist heroes, 'Uncle Joe' Stalin that 'one death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths is a statistic'. Murder is still murder regardless of who you are, whoever is killed, the efficiency or quantity of the killings and just as evil. 'he who kills another kills the world entire' - unless you're not Jewish in the eyes of El Tel, which is ironic considering the quote I have used in this sentence comes from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Can you feel the hypocrisy oozing from the every word of the man who claims to 'oppose Racism, Sexism, Sectarianism, Nationalism and any kind of discrimination'?

"9/11 celebrations ? I don't recall that 'famous' footage but I wouldn't be surprised at some Palestinians jumping for joy nor would I be surprised at the Israelis faking the film."

[Sarcasm]Yes Terry, I'm sure that the Israelis were able to arrange those scenes at such short notice.[/Sarcasm].

Seriously though, El Tel's remarks do raise the question of whether he is one of the minority of fascist Jew-haters that believe that 9/11 attacks were carried out by a worldwide Zionist Mafia with the collusion of the neocons in Washington D.C. who run the federal government. If so, then Terry Kelly maybe far more sinister than his oaf-ish persona suggests - is he the Idi "Last King of Scotland" Amin of Renfrewshire?

"Again this begs a question, do you think that the Palestinians were the only joyful dancers when that happened ? If you do you ought to get out more and you should start here in Britain."

This is perhaps the only truthful statement Comrade Kelly has made so far, since he himself was probably one of them - after a fashion if the fat baboon can even dance at all.

Those who took pleasure in 9/11 attacks probably only number about 2.6% of the entire world's population. Those 2.6% are more commonly termed as the 'lunatic fringe', and by his writings, it seems that Cllr Kelly is one of them. For an elected British official to condone acts of terrorism and mass-murder against both Israel and the United States of America is disgraceful, disturbing, disgusting, horrifying and an insult to the victims of such attacks and their families. Terry Kelly should be ashamed of himself!

"Taleban ? Absolutely, what's the odd amputation for stealing a loaf or a woman stoned to death for being raped when order is being kept, Italians still get nostalgic for well run railways and you could always leave your door open under the Reich couldn't you."

What a pathetic and puerile attempt at sarcasm from a man/blob who probably doesn't even know the meaning of that word. Still, it is always reassuring to know that the missing link between the animal and vegetable kingdoms affectionately dubbed "Cuntcillor Kelly" by the ever-entertaining swear blogger Shotgun feels that he can may light of the suffering of others (see Terry, THAT was sarcastic - well, except for the bit about Shotgun).

Remember folks, this is a creature that holds an elected position in local government who YOU pay for out of your own pockets. Terry Kelly has a history of racist, homophobic bullying against those who are not members of the Labour party or foreign socialist. This is a man who has also already been twice disciplined for misconduct in a public office for calling an SNP councillor a "village idiot" (oh, the irony of that remark) and threatening members of the electorate with violence by no less than the Standards Commission for Scotland.

This sad thing about this whole episode is that this cretinous moron was re-elected to his post YET AGAIN by the people of Renfrewshire on May 3 of THIS YEAR (although this was probably solely on the basis of the fact that El Tel was wearing a red rosette on polling day, rather than any innate ability or merit on his part). Are the Scottish electorate bigger fools than Terry Kelly?!?

Surely now though, there is enough evidence available in the public domain to get this arsehole legally removed from office, ala the then-Governor Gray Davis of California in 2003?


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