Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Iain Dale Has Heat With Me

He either didn't enjoy being linked with the former East German Stasi and or the story about about him having his head up Dave Cameron's backside (both of which were intended to be satirical jokes ala Private Eye).
Here is the score Mr. Dale, I trust no one and I don't carry water for other people because I prefer to think for myself. The fact that you are so touchy about my irreverence for authority figures in general (usually for good reason as history has taught us all time and time again) and my willingness to lampoon individuals and groups, whoever they are or what they may do, suggests you either take yourself faaaar too serious or that you might, might actually have something to hide.
I am an equal opportunities discriminator and I will not apologise to anyone for that, but rest assured Mr. Dale, although others and I believe that you might just be a little too sycophantic towards "Dave" the Blair-wannabe for the country's own good, I at least do have a great deal of respect and admiration for you both as a credible professional political pundit and presenter and more importantly, as a human being, even if by my own admission, I don't always show it.
Besides, if you think my comments about you are bad, you should have seen and heard some of unfair and hurtful things I have been subjected to in the past, both to my face and behind my back (particularly by the niece of former West Ham United manager, the late Ted Fenton).


Anonymous said...

Dale does now take himself too seriously. When I first came onto the blogging scene after many years on forums, an appalling description but never mind, I found him fresh, honest and only partly biased with but an eye on his preferred party...but now? He is as biased as any New Labour hack out there, and just as much a cunt as any fucking Labour mong who claim they only support Blair/Labour despite hating them because there is no other alternative. He has morphed into a true Cameron ring licking cunt, and it is distasteful to watch.

You are right, he must have something to hide or be guilty as charged.

In what way C4 did he express his displeasure at you? Don't forget C4, if you have any doubts as to whether he is a cunt or not, just look at this:


Hilarious how this dignified and upper class pundit take offence at what you say, but is happy to make himself lok a total cunt like this...LMAO!


Fidothedog said...

True enough Shotgun, reading him he is turning more and more into Toryparty online, rather than someone who can call IDS a daft fucker over his plans to up the tax on beer.