Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quote of the Day 31.7.2007

"God, for want of a better word, is Good. He loves DC but shuns Gordon Brown, who obviously tells lies and is certainly not quite our sort of person.
So, on election day, (coming soon to a school or community centre near you) God will blind the minds of Labour voters, and make them forget it's voting day. Then, a lot of people in very nice cars, say Polos and Golfs, will transport Cameroonies to the polling station, with the promise of a stiff G&T and membership of the Groucho (or a line of the finest charlie) if they vote "the right way"
C4 - it's a work of Genius. Only God could have thought that one up.
I can just see Labour voters staggering around the next morning moaning and being incontinent with despair.
(Is David Davis in the loop on this one?)" Wrinkled Weasel - on Iain Dale's Diary

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