Friday, July 13, 2007

Quotes of the Day 13.7.2007: Kill Me NOW!

"The EU started off by making it compulsory for Hitler Stalin and Churchill to be studied to the exclusion of all other national history in earlier centuries. The idea was that this would convince children that the amalgamation of the countries of Europe was essential for peace.In fact it has had the opposite effect in Britain, convincing most children that it is better to keep separate from Europe and all its woes.
This is now EU Policy mark 2. No national history to be taught at all.
My father always told me that Churchill was an extraordinary man. He was based in India in the dark early days of the war, and hearing Churchill's short radio broadcasts convinced him that the fight would be won. He said that Churchill's words at that time lifted his spirits and electrified people." - Tapestry on Iain Dale's Diary
Churchill used his contacts to change regiment and go and serve in the trenches as his own penance for gallipoli. Yes thats right he went to fight at the front after his cock-up.
can you imagine any of todays politicians showing such immense persoanl courage and integrity??" - an anonymous poster, also on Iain Dale's Diary
"Churchill wrote the history of the english speaking world and displayed courage in alll he did.
Brown put his name to a ghost written book called courage.
compare and contrast." - brown and yellow on Iain Dale's Diary

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