Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Morality Tale On The Idiocy Of Political Correctness Starring Polly Toynbee

Polly: Books are racist because all of their pages are always white. I demand books with red, yellow, brown and black pages.
Publishing houses all comply with Toynbee's edicts out of fear for their reputations, but when the new books go on sale, Toynbee is in an even fouler mood.
Polly: RACISM! RACISM!!! These new books are RACIST because all of the text is printed in WHITE! This outrageous bigotry is PROOF of how book publishers believe that whites are always more important than our Afro-Caribbean and Asian comrades. I want all books to outlawed and their libraries to be burnt to the ground. They have no place in our modern multicultural society.
C4': Oh shut up you pedantic Nazi cunt before I live up to my name and blow us both up in an on-the-spot martyrdom-operation.
Polly: But.... the books, the BOOKS?!?!?
I carry out my suicide mission against Polly

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