Monday, July 09, 2007

Double Standards That Play Into The Hands Of The BNP

Here is one for the "you couldn't make it up" file. The Channel Four bigwigs have given the vile, antisocial, man-hating cunt Charley (an Afro-Caribbean) on Big Brother a warning about using the word nigger, yet weeks earlier, the channel booted fellow housemate Emily Parr (a Caucasian) off the show for using the same word (and according to the young Ms. Parr, Charley herself was also using the word during the incident). It is this sort of politically correct double standard that not only pisses me and the majority of the country off, but plays into the hands of Nazi cunts such as BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, whose ambition in life is to gas every Jew, Muslim and ethnic minority to death.
The last ten years have taught us that can't fight the fascism of the BNP, New Labour and Islamic militants with the fascism of Unite Against Fascism, RESPECT, Polly Toynbee and now Channel Four, yet there are still far too many faceless Lefties who refuse to face up to reality.
Ironically enough, Channel Four themselves will be showing the Richard Littlejohn documentary The War On Britain's Jews at 9pm tonight. During this documentary, Mr. Littlejohn makes a compelling argument about how an unholy alliance between Islamofascists such as "Captain Hook" Abu Hamza and the Left is fueling an increase of racist activities against the Jewish people under the disingenuous guise of anti-Zionism and criticism of the State of Israel. If you can, I strongly recommend that you watch this programme as I have witnessed at first-hand discrimination against Jews at university and I myself was persecuted by my first university, it's Students' Union and the racists themselves for speaking out against such attitudes.


The Green Arrow said...

You know I had forgot how funny you were. Then I saw the bad language and it all came flooding back.

Keep up the good work your doing a great job for us.

Oh. And giving us a good laugh at the same time.

C4' said...

Shut up nutcase!

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I was on a tube on the Piccadilly Line heading towards Finsbury Park. Two Muslim men took a look at me and said "we should kill you, you fucking Jew."

Ironically enough a very large gay man was sitting across from me heard it and he made them know they would have to go through him.

The irony, of course, is that I am not Jewish.

glad thereafter said...

I'll give you a better double standard.

Cameron and the entire parliamentary party are committed ethnic nationalists when it concerns the Jewish people, yet committed anti nationalists when it comes to the British peoples.

Objective definitions of 'racism' and 'nazism' are curiously hard to come by. Curiously.