Friday, July 20, 2007

Cameron Must GO NOW!

Dave is a devious, duplicitous cretin and the people of Britain and the Conservatives are now starting to reject him, his fuck-bubby Gideon and their evil Nazi neo-Blairite ideology. Surely that vile cunt must realise that the only honourable course of action left open to him now is his overdue resignation as Tory leader? I hope Dave will do the right thing because if he will not go of his own accord, then it is the duty of ALL true-blue Conservatives to force him out. I call upon EVERY Tory blogger (including Iain Dale) to rise up against Cameron and make each and every remaining day of his leadership a living hell for him until he does finally go.


Newmania said...

Balls .

tyger said...

Do you self-harm?

C4' said...

Do you self-harm?

Only mentally!