Friday, July 20, 2007

Quote of the Day 20.7.2007

"Even if callmedave were to win at the GE which I doubt, it wil not do the Tories any good because he would be a weak version of Ted Heath! He would Inherit an economy in meltdown and the Unions would cripple his reforms (if he makes any) from the get go! The pursuit of power for the sake of power alone will not solve anything! Surely any true Tory can see that it is far better to wait for the economic meltdown and social unrest that WILL follow and if that means giving Gordon Brown another term then so be it! The electorate has to be shown the FULL price of 10yrs of socialist rule! They have to have their noses rubbed in the mess before the full truth of what Bliar & McBrown has done to the UK is understood. Meanwhile the Tories must throw out all the leftwing/liberals and concentrate on what they are trusted for and that is rightwing principles of the free market and personal freedom from the "soviet" state suffocation of our national identity!
Gordon Brown has made his economic bed now let him lie in it!" - English Democrat on Iain Dale's Diary

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