Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quotes of the Day 25.7.2007: More Cameron Bashing & The Wisdom Of A Gin-Soaked Tory Drunkard

"Iain [Dale]
I think Cameron is now damaged beyond repair. 'A week is a long time ......' On your return you will find a completly differant attitude to Cameron. He has lost it, the support for him has gone.
He has shown to be completly lacking in judgement, He dispises his party members and is now trying to go where the party will not. All he is is a green leftie with a guilt about his wealth and background and privileged upbringing. Despite his lack of tie and call me Dave I find him aloof and arrogant.
He has failed." - Johnny Norfolk on Iain Dale's Diary
"All it takes for the Left to triumph is for good people to say nothing!" - Oliver "Reed" William Owen

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