Friday, July 20, 2007

Childline prepare for upset Harry Potter fans

Childline are preparing to be inundated with calls from distraught [Harry] Potter fans as the final book goes on sale at midnight tonight.
The phone counselling service has predicted that many young readers will be left feeling distraught if one or more of the key characters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is killed off.
The 24-hour hotline service has even drafted in extra volunteers to cope with the expected demand.
Senior ChildLine supervisor Kate Trench warned the long anticipated death of a key character could upset young readers.
"Death and loss of any kind can make children feel upset, angry and afraid. The story could bring back unhappy memories for children who have lost friends, relatives or pets," she said.
At the stroke of midnight Potter readers will be able to get their hands on the seventh and final instalment of JK Rowling's magical series.
Stores will stay open into the early hours to cope with the Potter frenzy.
Fans from all over Europe have been camping outside Waterstone's in London's Piccadilly for three days to be certain of getting their hands on a copy.
Potter followers will also be keen to pick up a bargain copy at Asda after the supermarket announced it would be selling the book for just £5 in what it describes as "the biggest book launch we've ever seen".
For pity's sake, IT'S ONLY A FICTIONAL BOOK, not a life-and-death struggle against fascism!

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