Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quotes of the Day 23.8.2007

"Excellent e-bayer. Promt delivery, fast payment. Recommended A++++" - Nicholas Fforde on Boris Johnson
"Cranmer is not in favour of banning books; they should conquered with the pen. It is possible to break down and deconstruct all manner of nonsense and falsehood in reasoned discourse, and banning things tends only to exacerbate the martyr complex. Persuasion, not force, is the guiding light of Christianity, and the hope of civilization. It is love and passion which produce literature and debate, and through the application of the intellectual mind and the spiritual heart may truth be sought and found. We have not spent centuries overcoming fascism and tyranny, shining a beacon of liberty to the world, only to render ourselves no better than the fascism and tyranny we conquered." - His Grace on calls for Al-Qur’an to be banned in the Netherlands

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