Friday, August 24, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: I Am A Paedophile (According To Terry Kelly)

Oh dear, poor Terry has made himself out to be a far bigger fool than he already is.
On his infamous and piss-poor blog, El Tel claimed that he "didn't call you or anyone mentally ill - I have never tried to impede terrywatch in any way"
I replied to his outrageous lies by reminding him of how he inferred that the blogger Right for Scotland might be a paedophile in one of his comments earlier this year and how he had called for Terry Watch to be banned.
On the latter point, El Tel was forced to concede that he "might have called for it to be banned", but not before this astonishing outburst in reply to his remarks to RfS:
ROFLMAO!!! Poor Terry, he hasn't got a clue at all. While this blog DOES link to RfS's blog, RfS doesn't (yet) link back to Conservative Mind. Even if he did, does being a rightwing libertarian with a blog linking to another rightwing libertarian's blog automatically make them a paedophile? Does El Tel even know what a paedophile is? Do RfS or I link to any child porn websites? No! Do we both like Chris Langham? Hell No!!!
By all rights, I should be deeply offended by Cllr Kelly's remarks, but this is Terry Kelly who I am writing about. He's a joke, a complete and utter moron. I pity this poor, strange sod, and thus I do not feel any hatred towards him! Whenever I feel down, all I need to do to cheer myself up is to either read his blog or Terry Watch. Such is the healing power of laughter!!!

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