Friday, August 03, 2007

Quote of the Day 3.8.2007: General Jackart Rallies The Troops

"Sure. The British people are saying they'll vote for the one-eyed thief. The innate sense of fair play means they'll give him a chance. Sure they're giving the Tories a bit of a kicking of late, despite agreeing with most policies for the last decade. Sure they hate the EU, but still refuse to vote for UKIP. They're a capricious bunch of bastards, the electorate. But they usually get it right in the end.
What can we do in the face of Labour's destructive spite?
The answer is simply get your head down and plough on. Keep blogging. Keep repeating the message that low tax is best, that perhaps our surveillance society has gone a bit far, that the EU is a fucking disaster for this country, that the Environmental doom mongers are overstating their case a bit. Keep suggesting policies like flat tax and school vouchers which will one day become mainstream. It may seem like we're shouting in the wilderness, but we're not.
Having exhausted all alternatives - the British public will be forced to try some libertarian solutions, because they work. School vouchers are in the post. The NHS is on its last legs. Even civil liberties are starting to resonate with more and more of the public. People are noticing that they are no longer free. We need to keep making the case. After all, anything can be undone. There is one part of the unwritten constitution that will never change:
One Government cannot bind the hands of its successor." - Jackart

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