Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2007 Conservative Mind Blog Awards

To celebrate this blog's second anniversary in a couple of months time, I have decided to have my own blog awards to both honour (and in some cases shame) my fellow bloggers. The list of winners is enclosed below:
The Tom Baker Award For The Blogger Most Similar To Anthony Ainley: Iain Dale
The Edmund Blackadder Award For The Blogger Least Likely To Be A Real Historical Figure: Archbishop Cranmer
The Kerry Katonia Award For The Blogger Most Likely To Be Sectioned Under The 1983 Mental Health Act By A Bunny Boiler Who Is After Their Family: Guido Fawkes
The Michael Jackson/Private Eye Award For The Blogger Most Misunderstood & Libelled: Devil’s Kitchen
The Jabba The Hutt Award For Best Blogger [Non-Homo Sapiens Sapiens]: Councillor Terry Kelly
The Duke Of Edinburgh Award For The Blogger Most Likely To Inadvertently Cause An International Incident: Rachel North
The William Hague Award For The Master Debater Of The Blogosphere: C4’
The Richard Nixon/Tony Bliar Award For Blog Fiction: David Lambert
The Jack Nicholson Lifetime Achievement Award: Theo Spark
The Alistair Darling Rebate Award For The Most Boring Blogger: Paul Burgin
The Chuck Norris Award For The Blogger Most Able To Achieve World Peace Through Superior Firepower: Shotgun

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