Thursday, August 09, 2007

Abu Usamah: A Liar, A Hypocrite & A Genoicidal Misogynist Islamofascist Cunt!!!

It is not often that good old C4' is tricked by people, but he was on the night of Wednesday February 21, 2006 when he attended a lecture held inside the Swansea University campus. The guest speaker that night was a certain Abu Usamah, an African-American who 'reverted' to Islam in the mid-to-late 1980s. That night, Mr. Usamah was very measured in his speech about Islam (some of which I missed because I was fatigued after auditioning for Big Brother in Cardiff during most of the day). I was given no reason to suspect from Mr. Usamah that he was in anyway a religious nutcase - until today!
I have only just seen Channel Four's Dispatches documentary Undercover Mosque (via The Lone Voice blog) and I could not believe what I was hearing from the very distinctive voice of Abu Usamah himself. What he was preaching to his congregation about non-Muslims, George W. Bush, Usama Bin Laden, women, individual liberty and homosexuals was completely the opposite demeanour to the one he presented in Swansea. As Archbishop Cranmer would say, the Abu Usamah that I saw in Swansea was 'a spiritual fraud'; a mask designed to fool the ignorant and the moderates (I was certainly ignorant of Usamah's true nature). The true nature of Abu Usamah is eerily similar to that of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Adolf Hitler in that all of them say one thing to fool the ignorant masses, the another thing, true agenda to the zealots that they have created and helped to sustain.
If I had known then what I now know about Abu Usamah, I would have killed him (and I really mean psychically killed him, not metaphorical as a parent or football might mean when they use the word 'kill') and if I am ever again in the presence of the wicked and evil man, I am going to send him to his precious 72 virgins. If someone had acted early enough and assassinated Adolf Hitler before it was too late, the world might have been a safer, more peaceful place to live in and there certainly would have been no genocide of European Jews.
If anyone reading ever finds themselves in the company of Abu Usamah, I urge you to kill him before he and his followers get the chance to kill you as part of their evil genocidal worldwide Islamofascist jihad against the West and Non-Muslims.

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