Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quote of the Day 14.8.2007

"Politicians like high turnouts because it gives a sense of legitimacy to their abuses of power.
A Labour politician (in a nutshell) is somebody who makes a living saying “I am going to help the poor” and once elected gives himself 100,000 to spend on upgrading his office.
The chief value of democracy is that allows you to take away politicians power when their arrogance and greed becomes so blatant people begin to notice.
Which raises the question why they are the Labour Party currently ahead in the polls? Well as one of the Labour sock puppets explained the other day, it is your client base innit.
You justify re-distributing ever increasing amounts of the money from wage serfs by expanding your client base - yes all those lazy, arrogant, pension hungry, public sector worker have to be paid – and then remind them that they would not have a job if they had to compete in a free market with those who work harder and are more competent.
Of course the numbers do not quite add up (in the long run the economy will collapse” and so it has to be accompanied by a propaganda campaign telling you how well the government is performing, and that anybody who dares does not have the correct thoughts ought to be punished in some way - indeed you might even put some legislation in place to make sure.
It is hardly a new strategy. Socialism is just a variation of an ancient theme – great for politicians, good for their clients, and a source of great satisfaction for the terminally resentful, but bad for everybody else." - Chris Goodman on Iain Dale's Diary

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