Saturday, August 25, 2007

Leave Of Absence

C4' will be taking a leave of absence until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest. The Mean Wreckin' Machine will be on retreat in Coventry before a return visit to Cardiff Bay for another interview with a man I publicly criticised almost a year ago over the way he treated the family member of one of their colleagues who just happens to be a mutual friend of both Bob Piper (I think?) and myself (no Shotgun, he's not a union official - thank god). This interview set arranged at least a week before the Cairns debacle (though a debacle only in the sense that I didn't get the job). I like Cardiff, it's a great city (it's certainly better than Swansea and Birmingham) and I already have a good friend who lives there and works for who I soon hope to be my employer.

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Fidothedog said...

Cardiff is a cool place, although parts of it are like a building site thanks to all the redevelopment of late!