Friday, January 05, 2007

Youngster Dies Plugging In Game Boy

A seven-year-old British boy has reportedly been electrocuted in his hotel room in Thailand while using his Game Boy. Connor O'Keefe is thought to have been killed when he plugged the handheld games console into the power socket at the Sunset Beach Resort in Phuket. He was found by his parents - David Skinner, 49 and Kathleen Curry, 45 - slumped on the floor of the room, according to local reports.
Local police and hotel management believe the youngster had plugged in his Game Boy while he was still wet after swimming in the hotel pool.
The combination of water and electricity led to an electric shock which proved fatal, they said.
But the boy's mother said he was aware of the dangers of electricity and was "definitely" not wet when he was electrocuted.
Police who have been investigating the death believe it was a tragic accident and the hotel was not to blame.
It is thought Connor's parents have now returned to the UK with his body.

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