Monday, January 15, 2007

Has working for WWE turned Arn Anderson into a retard?

CM Punk's loss to Hardcore Holly at the 1/9 ECW show was of course, the end of his undefeated streak. Punk is currently in the doghouse and this was punishment for it. However, it is currently unknown at the moment in regards to what Punk did to deserve to be in the doghouse in the first place.
It was well known backstge that Punk disagreed with the layout for the Extreme Elimination Chamber match the Dec. To Dismember. Arn Anderson, who was the co-producer of the match along with Michael Hayes made the following remark: "After 14 years of being WWE television Holly is the bigger star."
ECW writer Dave Lagana's original plan for the 1/9 match was for Punk to be on the verge of beating Holly with the Vice, but Holly would to struggle to the ropes and win with the feet on the ropes finish for a fluke pin. However, at the agent meeting before the show, the whole room turned on Punk. Anderson said that Holly should make Punk pay his dues. Also, some of the agents believe that he's "Heyman's guy", and that's he's not really very good and his being over is a fluke that was created by Heyman. Once again, Anderson said that Punk should pay his dues before they push him and there was no need for Holly to have to cheat to beat him because he's 'the real WWE Superstar'. The idea for the clean finish in the match came from Finlay.
Also, there were people backstage getting off on Holly chopping CM Punk hard during the match.

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