Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Fascist tendencies of the Liberal Democrats

In a rare piece of good posting, Labour spin-doctor Don Paskini has posted about how the Burnley Liberal Democrats have supported the election of British National Party (BNP) Councillor Sharon Wilkinson to the board of Padiham Life, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Small Towns Initiative and is backed by the North West Regional Development Association with the sum of £1m. The "Fib Dims" supported the decision despite claiming that they are "the party that people should vote for to keep the BNP out".
It is not just "Fuzzy" Helen Watters and Baroness Tonge that have fascist leanings in the party's rank-and-file membership!


Darren said...

I would remind you that we are in the middle of by-elections in Burnley. I am the Election Agent for the two wards. Your posting here is FALSE as was the original posting. There is a story there, sure, but categorically, the Burnley Liberal Democrats did NOT support the election of a BNP councillor to an outside body. Please remove this post immediately.

Cllr Darren Reynolds, 07973 174148.

C4' said...

I challenge you to prove your claims. Until, I stand by this post and I am sure Mr. Paskini will stand by his post too.

Most of you Fib Dims are liars and hypocrites.