Monday, January 29, 2007

Quote of the Day 29.1.2007

"I'm a libertarian. My view is this: The state is the worst possible parent, and almost any family is better than what is laughably called "care" of Local authorities. Therefore, suitable Gay couples should be allowed, nay encouraged to adopt, as should all other couples.
Adoption agencies will use their experience to vet those couples to ensure suitablility for so great a responsibility according to their own criteria. That is their job. In the case of religious organisations, these criteria are, in part based on the droolings of two-thousand year old paranoid schitzophrenics. For some reason, society still finds this acceptable.
Because the Governemnt is legislating where it's not wanted - personal concience - there is a conflict. Catholic agencies want to refuse to allow homosexuals to adopt because God doesn't like Gays if they act on their inclinations and stick their willies in another man's bum. Such agencies should be allowed to do so, so long as they are not the monopoly provider of kiddies.
So if you're a Gay couple wanting a sprog, don't go to the Catholic church, because they've been pretty consistent on your sexual orientation for centuries. They'll tell you to bugger off. Instead go to the local authority who'll be delighted to see you. It's called compromise. The Catholic church no longer demands that everyone obey Rome. Gay rights activists should stop creating problems by demanding those who disagree be banned, and the Government should stop bloody legislating." - Jackart

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