Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We cannot be held to ransom by politically correct heath and safety nutters

So a married couple are under investigation for the heinous crime of smoking inside their own home. Do I oppose smoking and wish to see it banned in all public places? Yes, because non-smokers can still die from lung cancer due to passive smoking. Do I want smoking on private premises outlawed? No, because it causes no one any harm other than the smokers themselves.
This madness is the hallmark of Blair's Britain - a fascist surveillance state! If these lunatics want to oppress individual liberty, then I suggest we libertarian Conservative play them at their own game by reporting Jo Salmon to the police for smoking in her own home and preaching sex discrimination, or better still, perform a citizen's arrest on that bitch-witch Polly Toynbee for encouraging religious persecution. If we did those things, Toynbee and Salmon would soon change their tune.

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