Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Terry Kelly Lashes Out Again At His Many Critics

If the blogosphere had a national sport, it would probably be fisking that weasel of a man Terry Kelly. Some people may consider it cyber-bullying, but in light of his many remarks branding other bloggers racists and paedophiles for disagreeing with his views, he only brings it on himself. Here are just some of his most recent remarks:
"Remember Henry [Crun] you're not in S.A. [South Africa] now waving a whip at a cringing black child."
"I've never met a Nice South African"
When the talented Jackart accused El Tel of being "every bit as bigoted and hate-filled as those you affect to despise. It's just you hate Whitey and the Joos." The Fat Slob branded him an "angry racist" in reply.
Jim Lewis sums it all up perfectly:
"I hadn't realised until now what a pernicious racist you are Terry. Right up til this time, I'd treated you with humour. I saw you as misguided rather than vicious. That's changed now. That last comment was every bit as bad as saying to a Muslim, "You're not in Iraq now, beheading hostages."
You have whined non-stop about the way others have attacked your views. You've been called anti-semitic. I defended you on that charge. Not this time.
I hope anyone reading this who runs their own blog will spread the word. This man is no longer a sad little joke. He's a vile racist and ought to be exposed as such."
Mr. Lewis' comments mirror my own when I took him to tasking for supporting Palestinian terrorist killers, Al-Qaeda and Iran in their jihad against the U.S., Israel and the civilised world as a whole when I remarked that:
"El Tel's remarks do raise the question of whether he is one of the minority of fascist Jew-haters that believe that 9/11 attacks were carried out by a worldwide Zionist Mafia with the collusion of the neocons in Washington D.C. who run the federal government. If so, then Terry Kelly maybe far more sinister than his oaf-ish persona suggests - is he the Idi "Last King of Scotland" Amin of Renfrewshire?"
"For an elected British official to condone acts of terrorism and mass-murder against both Israel and the United States of America is disgraceful, disturbing, disgusting, horrifying and an insult to the victims of such attacks and their families. Terry Kelly should be ashamed of himself!"
"Remember folks, this is a creature that holds an elected position in local government who YOU pay for out of your own pockets. Terry Kelly has a history of racist, homophobic bullying against those who are not members of the Labour party or foreign socialist. This is a man who has also already been twice disciplined for misconduct in a public office for calling an SNP councillor a "village idiot" (oh, the irony of that remark) and threatening members of the electorate with violence by no less than the Standards Commission for Scotland.
This sad thing about this whole episode is that this cretinous moron was re-elected to his post YET AGAIN by the people of Renfrewshire on May 3 of THIS YEAR (although this was probably solely on the basis of the fact that El Tel was wearing a red rosette on polling day, rather than any innate ability or merit on his part). Are the Scottish electorate bigger fools than Terry Kelly?!?
Surely now though, there is enough evidence available in the public domain to get this arsehole legally removed from office, ala the then-Governor Gray Davis of California in 2003?

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